Monday, May 24, 2004

Flavours of Tunisia

Sunday May 23rd 2004

P, the manager of Cafe Bastille on Belden Lane, by chance of fate is also our neighbour. This makes us conveniently close enough for impromptu dinner party invitations. He and his roomate, A, the sophistically suave young real estate agent, called us up on Sunday and asked us over for dinner. Other guests included R (who appears to be 'dating' A) and S, a manager of two hotels in downtown, who was appointed chef for the evening. S is a Tunisian raised in Paris who decided to revisit his roots when making Sunday's meal. A large bowl of steaming couscous was served with a huge potful of some kind of tender chicken stew with vegetables and chickpeas in a thin spicy gravy. The meal was fulfilling and comforting with just the perfect balance of spices. My first taste of Tunisian food hopefully won't be my last.
Flavours of Tunisia


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