Thursday, May 20, 2004

Eggs at the SF Ferry Market Plaza

Campaign for Eggs

I wrote to the journalist who wrote the Ferry Building article I linked to in my previous post to let her know that none of the stores there sell eggs. I was suggesting we start a campaign for the sale of eggs there. She agreed. It's no good trying to do your weekly shop at the Ferry Building if you have to go all the way to Wholefoods afterwards just to buy half a dozen eggs.

here is the email Karola Crabb, the journalist wrote me:

You are right - I don't recall seeing eggs, except outside on Saturday.
Can't remember the name, but in back - on the pier - there was a stand
that sells eggs. I'll forward your message to the people who do
publicity for the market and who work closely with CUESA. - k

Eggs at the SF Ferry Market Plaza


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