Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Odds of Winning a Menu for Hope Prize on the US West Coast

photograph picture Menu for Hope 3 Bidding on the Menu for Hope ends at 6pm PST sharp on Friday 22nd December 2006. Exactly two days before the deadline I took a snapshot of all the donations and with the very generous help of my wonderful mum, who helped count up the bids by hand, I created this post which, for each of the US West Coast prizes, shows the odds of winning*, per ticket already bought, 48 hours before the bidding was due to close. For those of you who are still undecided, I hope this list is going to help you make up your mind choosing which prizes you'd love to purchase a raffle ticket for and help us raise even more money for the United Nations World Food Programme. Thank you all for your ongoing support and don't forget to get your bids in before the deadline.

NO BIDS YET - UW41: Unique T-Shirt, Eggbeater

100% - UW07: Wine & Olive Oil, Fifth Flavour

100% - UW20: Homemade Sonoma Hamper, Life is a Banquet

100% - UW40: Chronicle Books Collection, Tea & Cookies

100% - UW14: Taste of Hawaii, Ma'ona

50% - UW30: traditional Andhra sweets called Sunnundalu, Mahanandi

50% - UW42: a signed copy of Tartine, Eggbeater

50% - UW45: Cradle of Flavor, Rasa Malaysia

33.3% - UW21: California Wine Country painting, Life is a Banquet

33.3% - UW26: Cookin' at the Costello, Hedonia

33.3% - UW30: Mamouls - rosewater flavored cookies, Mahanandi

25% - UW05: A Taste of Australia, Matt Bites

25% - UW47: Famous Street Food of Penang, Rasa Malaysia

25% - UW50: BIN 8945 Wine Bar and Bistro dinner, Chez Pim

20% - UW12: 1 year sub to all 18 Edible Communities, Edible Nation

20% - UW22: A Taste of Humboldt County, Christine Cooks

20% - UW23: 3 cookbooks from 10 Speed Press, The Bunrabs

16.6% - UW13: Mocha Me Happy, Cooking With Amy

16.6% - UW46: Cradle of Flavor, Rasa Malaysia

14.3% - UW44: Cooking Classes, Eggbeater

12.5% - UW15: Arabesque & Gift Voucher, Erin's Kitchen

12.5% - UW16: Impromptu Wine Bar Dinner, Gluten Free Girl

12.5% - UW49: A basket of goodies from Soif, Chez Pim

11.11% - UW04: a package to help aspiring food writers, Blog Appetit

11.11% - UW11: Coffee Lover's Package, Cook & Eat

11.11% - UW24: Rare Star Wars Memorabilia, Becks & Posh

10% - UW34: Armchair Food Tour of the Bay Area, Married With Dinner

9.1% - UW33: Cooking at home with Pedatha, Mahanandi

9.1% - UW39: one swingin’ cocktail kit,

8.3% - UW27: Rancho Gordo Products, Steve Sando

8.3% - UW28: Signed San Francisco Chefs, Food Musings

8.3% - UW43: $200 Aziza Voucher, Eggbeater

7.7% - UW25: Blogher 2007 Conference Pass, Blogher

7.7% - UW37: Signed copy The French Laundry Cookbook, I Heart Farms

7.15% - UW38: A Persian Pantry, Gastronomie

5.9% - UW06: Homemade chocolate coconut macaroons, Orangette

5.9% - UW48: Distill with Lance at Hangar One Vodka, Gastronomie

5.26% - UW03: Tea With Harold McGee, Chez Pim

5% - UW09: Pangea Organics, 101 Cookbooks

5% - UW19: Signed Alice Waters Plate, Kungfoodie

4.2% - UW31: Gift basket, French food delicacies, Simply Recipes

3.6% - UW32: twenty 100ml bottles premium artisan olive oil, Simply Recipes

2.86% - UW02: Coffee with Thomas Keller, Chez Pim

2.63% - UW17: Delfina Dinner with... ...The Restaurant Whore

1.82% - UW35: A Chef in Your Own Home In Praise of Sardines

1.75% - UW10: Photography Lesson & Signed Cookbook, 101 Cookbooks

1.61% - UW08: TASTE3 Full Conference Pass, 101 Cookbooks

1.49% - UW36: Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco Gourmet

0.64% - UW01: Dinner for two at Manresa, Chez Pim

*Please forgive any minor inaccuracies in the counting, it was all done by hand and mistakes might well have been made. We like to think we created a representative list and faults, if there are any, are due only to human error and not to maliciousness. Since bidding has continued since we created this post, please be aware that these odds will constantly be changing between now and the end of the campaign. Thank you for your understanding.

- Please check with the individual donors for any shipping restrictions.

This will be my last post promoting Menu for Hope 3. From now on it's up to you and your bids. Thank you for your patience, thank you for bearing with me and putting up with my lack of regular posts over the past two weeks and most of all, thank you for your generous and kind support.

If you would like to do something further to help, you are encouraged to pass details of the campaign on to your colleagues, friends, work and other electronic message boards. It would be really great to get people from outside our food blogging community to bid as well.

PS In addition to the US West Coast prizes I have been tempting you with, there are equally alluring roundups of fabulous foodie prizes that can be found in Asia & the Pacific, in Europe, in Canada, in New York and in Central USA, as well as the fine wine prizes detailed here.

- Check this list for internationally shippable prizes only.

- Check with Chez Pim for all global prizes in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Menu for Hope?
Where does the money go?
How much do the raffle tickets cost?
What are all those UW letters and numbers about?
So, how do I bid on a Prize?
When does the bidding end?
When will the winners be announced?
Will my prize be shipped to me?
Where can I read about prizes from areas outside the West Coast USA?
I don't live on the West Coast, can I still bid for these prizes?
Can I claim tax back when I make my donation?
How long do I have to make up my mind about which of all these amazing prizes I should bid for?
Is there any way I can donate a prize too?

The Odds of Winning a Menu for Hope Prize on the US West Coast


  • At 21/12/06 09:25, Blogger Pim said…

    Wow, this is amazing Sam. How long did it take you? I was looking through the list yesterday and it gave me a headache. No idea how you did this. Great!


  • At 21/12/06 09:47, Blogger Elise said…

    Sam, you outdid yourself again. Thank you and your mum for pulling together the very list about which we were all curious.

  • At 21/12/06 10:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You mostly are a rockstar goddess.

    And your mum, too.

  • At 21/12/06 10:28, Blogger FJKramer said…

    I wanted you to know that I did more research and my prize -- food writer's book package -- has been changed to be available throughout the world.


  • At 21/12/06 10:43, Blogger Erin S. said…

    Let me echo Pim, Elise and Fatemah--you are fabulous. Thanks so much for all the hard work you've put into this!

  • At 21/12/06 11:24, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This just may be the post that will put the total donations at $50,000. Great work, Sam! Thanks to your mum also.
    Can $10,000 be raised in one day? I think so!

  • At 21/12/06 11:44, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know how busy you are and I can't believe you found the time to do this. I echo everyone else's comments and bow before you (and your mum).

  • At 21/12/06 12:54, Blogger Jennifer Maiser said…

    thank you thank you thank you for doing this. i was trying to do it in my head, and it was just not working. i am one person who knows what a pain it is to put this odds thing together. thanks!

  • At 21/12/06 14:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am impressed. This would have taken me forever to do and I would have needed a stiff drink by the time I was through!

  • At 21/12/06 15:39, Blogger Sam said…

    aaaah - you are all saying such things which means one thing - you all surely must know the pain I've been through!

    My mum counted pages one to seven and then I counted 8 and 9, (which took me about an hour, I think mum took a few hours (3?) I believe), then I built up the post. For me I started at 7.30pm and finished at 1.10am the next morning with an hour break for dinner. So betwwen us this is about an 7-8 hour post in the making.

    I estimate I have spent well in excess of 100 hours working on Menu for Hope in total.

    I havent had much time to drink whilst doing all this Menu for Hope promotion over the past 2 weeks, but tonight I totally plan on drinking chmpagne or sparkling wine. So there. For once I can safely say I think I deserve it.

    thanks for all your kind appreciations.

  • At 22/12/06 06:38, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Wowsers...that is quite a list...I think I should change my entry ;)

  • At 23/12/06 02:01, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    let me just second some emotions and call you an outright goddess. or superstar, whatever your preferance.

    {and of course your Mum too!!!!}


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