Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Win a $60 Amazon Voucher - Entry Details

We are now accepting entries into our recent Quiz Competition. Please carefully follow the rules for entering shown at the bottom of the post.

First, here is a reminder of the questions with links to the original post which will contain further clues to the answers. There is a runners-up prize too, so be sure to enter, even if you cant get all the answers:

picture Question 1:
What is the name of the place where this picture was taken?

picture Question 2:
Who is this weeks featured local blogger?

picture Question 3:
Which Country?
Which Store?
Which location?

picture Question 4:
Name the Country?
Name the City?
Name the famous Restaurant?

picture Question 5:
Which bottle of rosé did we drink, name?

picture Question 6:
Name the Country where you'll find this vineyard?
What kind of wine is it?
Who reportedly chose it to toast in the millenium, her own golden wedding and her mother's 100th birthday?

picture Question 7:
Who do I blame for telling me how to start a blog and sending me down this crazy blogging path?
Which restaurant did I visit for my first ever review?
Which seven languages did we use to toast each other during our dinner?

picture Question 8:
Who is this week's featured local blogger?
What is the name of his blog?

How to enter:
Send an email to becks dot posh at gmail dot com with May 2005 Quiz Entry in the subject header.
Number your Answers 1 through 8, putting each part of each answer on a separate line.
Second, write the word Tiebreaker, then the number that is your guestimate to the following question...
The tiebreaker question is: How many hours and minutes (to the nearest quarter of an hour) of overtime did I work during the week ending May 15th. This guess should be the number of hours above and beyond my regular 45 hour week.

First Prize: A $60 Amazon Voucher to spend on the food related book of your choice for the overall winner.
Runner-Up: A once-read copy of Ruth Reichl's Garlic & Sapphires to the person who is closest to guessing the tiebreaker, regardless of how many questions they answer correctly.
In event of a draw, another tie-breaker will be set.

Closing Date:
Please send your email to me, to arrive by Midnight PST on Sunday May 22nd 2005. No entries will be accepted after this date.

As long as there is no tie, the winners names will be announced by May 30th 2005. The answers will provided thereafter. Only one prize per person. In the event the first prize winner is also the closest with the tiebreaker, out of all the entries, then the runners up prize will go to the next closest guesser.

Good luck!!!
Win a $60 Amazon Voucher - Entry Details


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