Saturday, July 29, 2006

You Question Me

Which US city, one you've never visited, would you most like to eat your way through?

Hours and hours ago, at the start of my Blogathon day, I asked readers to send me their questions, Now I have a few brief minutes to answer one of them. This question was posed by Jennifer.

2006 blogathon 24 hours of blogging to raise money for food runners in san francisco on july 29th 2006

Jennifer, I think it would have to be Chicago. I was lucky enough to have been to New York last month, for the first time, else that would have undoubtedly have been my number one choice. I am lucky to have been to Las Vegas many times. I am also very lucky to have been to New Orleans twice. Both times I travelled from the UK, where I used to live, to make the visit. Unfortunately I haven't been back since I lived in the US, though I would love to. Why would I like to go to Chicago? The number one draw is Alinea, but there are many other good things I have heard about eating out in Chicago, too. One day, maybe...

Second choice would be Portland, I have already been to Seattle and loved it!

PS - talking of travelling - I am back out on the road again now, first to meet my birthday friend for drinks, and then to hook up with Amy for late night San Francisco bites...

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You Question Me


  • At 29/7/06 21:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I haven't been to Chicago, either, but I can definitely vouch for Portland. It's very much its own city, and there is some phenomenal food happening up there... It's also just a 1 hour 15 minute flight from SFO!

  • At 29/7/06 21:42, Blogger Joy said…

    Call me if you and Amy need some company! Hang in there!

  • At 30/7/06 06:30, Blogger I need orange said…

    I was in Chicago last week. WELL worth a visit! I had lunch in the House of Blues hotel (excellent outsider art decor in the lobby), and I'm blocking the name of the restaurant, but it had "36" in the name. The food was very good.

    I had dinner at Catch 35, and had some really nice Chilean Sea Bass.

    ('Twasn't I who chose the restaurants; I visited two different Chicagoland friends who made the choices!)


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