Saturday, May 13, 2006

Beard Papa Cream Puffs in San Francisco

Beard Papa's: 99 Yerba Buena Lane, Between 3rd and 4th Streets off Mission

It's like McDonalds for Dessert...

photograph picture beard papa cream puffs in their san francisco location

The opening of Beard Papa's in San Francisco has been much hyped. How else can you explain a 30+ minute line at the opening time of 10.00am in the morning on a Saturday? A very slow wait for some sweet fast food ensued. At one point I had to even rush and move my car to a different meter! Luckily Del was with me to keep a spot in the queue and snap some cool pictures for me whilst I was manoevering our chariot.

So what exactly do they taste like? A crunchy puffy shell filled with melted vanilla ice cream is how I would describe them. The texture is perfectly balanced, the flavour is less so. Bear in mind, it's a production-line dessert which, if taken at face value, will give you a few minutes of fun! Messy to eat - be sure to take a napkin!

PS. Becks & Posh is two years old today!

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And on this day in 2004: Sushi Groove South, San Francisco.

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Beard Papa Cream Puffs in San Francisco


  • At 13/5/06 14:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yum, street food at its best.
    Happy Birthday! Wouldn't we wish to all be that young!

  • At 13/5/06 15:30, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    I bet this Beard Papa craze will have the staying power of the Tamagotchi fad.
    Still. I want one!

  • At 13/5/06 17:19, Blogger Ced said…

    You call that sexy little thing a chariot?

    Happy B-day! Many more years of blogging to Becks and to Posh.

    Gotta go to B-P, but from my sampling in NYC, where we were the only one during our 20mn stay in there, there is no point waiting in line. It will settle down.

  • At 13/5/06 17:54, Blogger Delphine said…

    Joyeux blogversaire Sam!

    Now you know why I never bought a nice camera like yours, all my pictures are blured!

    Like you said about the puff : nice texture, but the taste was very fastfood like.

  • At 13/5/06 18:12, Blogger Tea said…

    Happy Birthday Sam and B&P! I wish you many, many more to come.

    I'm not holding my breath for a BP cream puff. I had so many bad cream puffs while in Japan that it's turned me off them entirely.

  • At 14/5/06 02:05, Blogger Culinary Hag said…

    Happy Birthday! Wow what an achievement!

    May you have many more birthdays to come!!

    Love your blog!

  • At 14/5/06 07:25, Blogger Greg said…

    Cream Puffs and eclairs Oh MY!

  • At 14/5/06 08:16, Blogger Sam said…

    bea - I dunno? I mean I am not sure I liked lots of the best foods at the age of two ;)

    cookiecrumb - i don'tt hink it is worth a special journey

    ced - definitely not worth lining up for.

    del - merci - i am sorry next time I wil make sure I will have the lens with the stabilizer on it, the macro is a bit more tricky not to wobble - my photos are aften blurry - you just dont get to see those!

    Tea - I prefer a nice French style ecalir or choux pastry myself.

    Andrew - I am with you. At the moment they only sell these vanilla cream puffs but other flavours are coming soon, and some cheese cake slices and a chocolate cake I think.

    Culinary Hag - why thank you. COngrats on your mention in Olive magazine by the way!

    Greg - now where do they make the best eclairs in san francisco?

  • At 14/5/06 23:26, Blogger David said…

    30 minutes? You can make 'em in less time than that. including an anniversary croquembouche for you...bonne deuxieme anniversaire, mon chérie

  • At 15/5/06 10:34, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    Happy, Happy Birthday to your fabulous blog! Congratulations--wishing you many more joyous years of thinking non-stop about B&P. : )

  • At 15/5/06 20:14, Blogger Sam said…

    David - too true and since I am on a bit of a choux streak shouldnt be any problem

    famrgirl - thank you so very much.

  • At 17/5/06 06:50, Blogger San Francisco Photos said…

    I actually stopped by a day before and they gave me two cream puffs. They were quite yummy!! I'm most likely stopping for more soon.

  • At 30/5/06 14:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It was good, but not so good that I would line up to have it. I've had better-- Delanghe Patisserie on Fillmore for example.


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