Friday, March 31, 2006

Foodography 4 is announced

Green! Foodography
Celebrate the beginning of Spring, the rains have made vegetation vibrant and green, so it's time to give it your best shot. Get out those cameras and celebrate the most luscious of colours...

photograph picture collage green foods

Today marks the launch of the fourth round of mine and Andrew's food/wine photography club challenge, Foodography, for food bloggers and food lovers. This month's theme gives you the opportunity to snap anything and everything food in shades from drab olive to bright Chartreuse.

Participants are invited to join our special Foodography 4 Flickr Group where photographs on the Green theme will be collected over the next six weeks for an automized roundup.

Here are the guidelines:

- Only pictures with a food related green theme should be added to Foodography: we will remove those that are not.

- You can't cheat like I did in the collage above, only pictures taken specifically for this Foodography challenge will be accepted. Any images taken or loaded to Flickr before April 1st 2006 will be deleted.

- Only three Foodography entries per person please. Edit your entries before you submit and choose to showcase just your three favourites on the subject. The challenge is open til mid May so there is plenty of time to experiment and play with the theme before uploading your top three images.

Foodography is generally open to constructive critique, to help us improve our food and drink photography skills.

- If you do not wish your Foodography entry to receive a critique enter NO CRITIQUE in the description. Otherwise, by default, you should expect critique from fellow members.

- If you are looking for Foodography critique, please initiate discussion about your own entry by adding your critique, to your submission. Outline what you like about your picture, what you were trying to achieve, what you think works and where you think there are areas for improvement.

- The Foodography challenge is to take a picture on a theme, not to pick one from an archive.

- Foodography was created for food bloggers but anyone who is into the idea is welcome to join in.

Have fun!

Previously on Foodography:
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Foodography 2 - Dairy
Foodography 3 - Tools of the Trade (open to submissions for another 2 weeks)

PS I would like to apologize to my regular readers for my lack of posting recently. Unfortunately my work hours have sky rocketed and I am currently working six day weeks and evening overtime which leaves me sparse time for anything else, let alone blogging. For anyone who is interested, I am still losing weight, albeit slowly. We are going away this weekend, our first whole 2 days off work together this year. Yes you heard correctly. After that we won't be coming up for air again until June. In the meantime, I promise to try and dip into Becks & Posh every now again with a foodie update for you all. I hope to collect some good dining material over the next couple of days. And whatever happens, I won't miss What's For Pud. I have already started some successful experiments with homemade jaffa Cakes. So, until some time in June, when I hope to return to more regular blogging, I thank you for your patience...

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Foodography 4 is announced


  • At 31/3/06 09:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is just super cool. Green is one of my favorite colours! I look forward to participating! Vive le printemps et les mini- jupes ;-)!

  • At 31/3/06 12:22, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Lovely. A much-needed theme, in fact, as we continue to sputter through miserable winter weather in the Bay Area. I already jumped the gun on this one, coincidentally, with my photo on my blog yesterday! :D
    Sam, I miss your posts terribly. Sorry you're so swacked with work. Have a nice mini-vacances.

  • At 31/3/06 13:57, Blogger Guy said…

    Hey Sam,

    Don't worry about the posts, we'll suffer along. Season's change and so does our ability to lay it down a regular basis.
    Glad to hear about the weight, but wasn't convinced you needed to lose much if anything in the first place! The Meathenge staff send you and Fred good health and fun.

    On this "Flickr" thing. I've seen the word, but never been. Is this another free site I have wade through? I've never found any need for more than what I have already. Does flipper have a dumping station wherein I can toss my entry in and run away and hide?


  • At 1/4/06 05:01, Blogger Melissa CookingDiva said…

    Hola Sam! Foodography #4 sounds great...I love green. I will also try to add some shots to the tools pool :)

    Enjoy your mini vacations!
    Many hugs,

  • At 1/4/06 11:24, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What a wonderfully wonderful idea and I look forward to participating. Merci!

  • At 3/4/06 07:18, Blogger Sam said…

    Bea - I kind of guessed already it would be one of your faves - mine too. Actually - when I was a kid it was my favourite colour, but now I am older I am big into pink and orange too.

    Cookie - they said it isnt going to stop raining til April 13th! Where am I supposed to get natural light for my pics?? I saw your picture, it was very pretty indeed.

    Biggles - Flickr - can be free ot you can pay for it - take your pic.
    Go for the free version then it'll be easy to run and hide. WOuld love to have you join us.

    Melissa - looking forward to your entry! Sam

    Emily - so glad you like it. Hope you have fun.


  • At 7/4/06 00:54, Blogger il maiale ubriaco said…

    Hi there. first time on this blog...I think it's great. Nice pictures and good idea celebrating spring with some green shots. I will have to try that and post u something good.

    If any of you speak alittle bit of italian, please allow me to invite you to my blog. Products, traditions and tales from the glorious south Italy (Naples).




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