Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ferry Building Bonanza - Menu For Hope 2

The Wonderful Things You Could Win:
Fatted Calf Voucher | St Benoit Yoghurts | Cowgirl Creamery Voucher | Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants Tasting | Marin Sun Farms Voucher | Purity Organic Juices | Dinner at Tres Agaves

photograph picture Menu for Hope 2 In case you missed my post yesterday, let me tell you that food bloggers all over the world have joined together to raise funds for Earthquake relief in Pakistan. The world has suffered so many disasters over the last six months it almost comes as no surprise that this tragedy is not getting as much support as it needs from the West. We hope to encourage the people who enjoy our food blogs to make a small donation to Unicef and aid our efforts to raise money for this stricken area.

To tempt your donations further there are prizes up for grabs. Today I am featuring Prize #3, The Ferry Building Bonanza. It occurred to me, when I was trying to think of what gift I could offer up, that maybe I could ask some of my favourite Bay Area vendors to help me out. I wasn't prepared for the eagerness and generosity with which they all responded and gave to this great cause. Please join me as I guide you through this amazing selection of goodies, some of my favourite things, that could all be yours with a donation...

photograph picture Fatted Calf CrepinettesWhen I visit the Ferry Building on a Saturday for the Farmer's Market, The Fatted Calf is always my first port of call. Some people can't wake up until they have had a coffee, but my own Saturday won't truly begin until I know I can get my hands on one of Taylor and Toponia's sausages or some of their bacon. Fred was almost considering moving back to France just so he could indulge in his passion for charcuterie until he discovered that The Fatted Calf make an extremely fine Saucisson Sec that is more than good enough to keep him in the Bay Area. The Fatted Calf will kindly donate a $50 voucher to spend on meaty goods to the winner of our grand prize.

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photograph picture St Benoit Yoghurt Next stop might be St Benoit for a few of their wonderful, creamiest of creamy yoghurts. Their yogurts are made in small batches on a farm in Bodega on the Sonoma coast. The creamy, jersey milk travels less than 2 miles from the farm to the kitchen, and is immediately turned into yogurt. Saint Benoît support 'sustainability' and they use recyclable, returnable containers, an idea that I love, as much as I love the yoghurt itself. St Benoit are offering a dozen yoghurts to be picked up at the Ferry building Market in January 2006. Arrive before midday to guarantee that their full range of flavours will be available.

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photograph picture fpwm If Fred is with me on a trip to The Ferry Building, you can be certain we will stop for refreshment at The Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants. It's a great place to try wines by the glass or even by the flight. They change their menu often. We love to sit right next to the bar where we can chatter with the staff. They are all very knowledgeable and keen to answer any of our questions about wine. Last time we were there we met a lively gentleman who bought us a glass of wine. We then found out it was his 60th birthday so we sent some champagne right back at him. Can you tell? It's a fun place to hang out. If you win this prize, you'll soon know why. The prize, a wine tasting in the wine bar for four people at a total value of $150 will be hosted by one of the manager/sommeliers. It includes four different wines and a cheese box. The winners will just need to call ahead to reserve a time when it's not insanely busy in the bar.

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photograph picture cowgirl cheese I just can't help it. I can't go the Ferry Building without spending a good deal of my wages at the Cowgirl Creamery. I always mean to go there for just one thing, but easily get tempted by their exciting range of artisanal cheeses. I buy their creme fraiche, their Strauss milk, their mozzarella in the summer time, parmigiana reggiano, goat cheeses, raw English cheeses from Neals yard, local cheeses, Comte and Gruyere. You name it, I try it and then I buy it. They even stock burrata sometimes. The lucky winner of this prize will get a $50 voucher to spend at the Cowgirl Creamery store.
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photograph picture marin sun farms meat I eat many more of their absolutely delicious eggs at home than I eat meat, but if I want a nice steak as a treat, then chances are you will find me at the Marin Sun Farm's market stall looking for a juicy cut. If you are not yet familiar with grass-fed beef, as opposed to the more familiar grain fed varieties, now is the time to try it and see what it tastes like. The voucher donated by Marin Sun Farms will let you do just that.
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photograph picture tres agaves san francisco After all that shopping at San Francisco's Farmers Market and Ferry Building, I think you will deserve a bit of a break. Not far from the Embarcadero, close to the Ballpark, Tres Agaves, a high end Tequila bar serving Jaliscan food has recently just opened. It's loud, it's noisy, it's huge and it's full of people who know how to have good fun and enjoy themselves. What's more, they are serving some of the most interesting Mexican food in the City. Everything we tried on our recent visit was delicious, particularly the slow-roasted Pork carnitas, the spit-roasted chicken and the grilled corn. Our winner and 5 guests will be able to share a great meal, family style, courtesy of Tres Agaves. Oh - and of course, don't forget to try the Tequila!

photograph picture purity organic juice Sober up, back at home with a mixed case of Purity Organic Juices that will be delivered to your door in the Bay Area. At Purity Organic™ their mission is to contribute to the viability of organic family farms, and to make great organic juices widely available at an attractive price. Checkout the flavours that our lucky winner will be trying, here.

For the chance to win this fabulous prize, please donate to Unicef by clicking on the following button. You will have one entry for every $5 you give. Important - If you would like to win this particular prize, please be sure to specify "Ferry Building Bonanza" in the comments section when you make your donation. Please return to this site tomorrow and Thursday to find out more about the other prizes on offer.

Thank you for your generosity.

PS. You may have noticed - this is a prize that should only be entered for by Bay Area residents. Come back tomorrow to find out more about my Bay Area Cookbook prize that can be shipped to Becks & Posh readers anywhere in the world.

Archive Alert! On this day in 2004 Valhrona from Village Imports .

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Ferry Building Bonanza - Menu For Hope 2


  • At 13/12/05 08:41, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Holy sh*t, Sam, you have fully outdone yourself.

    You are missing your calling in the fundraising business!

    Rock on, girlfriend. I can't WAIT to see what else you have up your sleeve!

  • At 13/12/05 12:37, Blogger Pim said…

    Thanks Sam. You *really* have outdone yourself, not to mention all the rest of us!!

    That is super cool.



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