Sunday, July 12, 2009

Raising a Toast,

To a lady on the Australian Coast

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Today, in an event organised by Jennifer, I am honouring my friend, Barbara, of Winos and Foodies. Barbara recently completed a gruelling 6 months of Chemotherapy and so today several of Barbara's friends around the globe, including Bron who invited me to take part, are celebrating the end of her treatment by raising a glass of bubbles, to her. Until a few months ago Champagne was my favourite drink, but as Barbara knows, I have chosen to cut back on the alcohol recently, so instead I raised a glass of Sparkling water sweetened with a floral Elderflower Syrup that I picked up locally at Rainbow Grocery.

Cheers, Barbara, love from San Francisco, as always...

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Raising a Toast,


  • At 12/7/09 16:28, Blogger Bron said…

    Super, I love elderflower cordial.
    Many cheers and hugs to you too Sam

  • At 12/7/09 18:21, Blogger Barbara said…

    Sparkling water and Elderberry syrup sounds delicious Sam. After 8 months sans wine I did enjoy my glass of champagne yesterday. Thank you for celebrating with me. Love from Oz.

  • At 12/7/09 23:50, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Wonderful news that Barbara has come to the end of her treatment.

  • At 13/7/09 07:58, Blogger Jen Yu said…

    Leave it to you to toast in such a gorgeously classy, creative, and local way :) I love it. You are awesome, Sam. Thank you and many hugs to you.

  • At 13/7/09 08:18, Blogger Jennywenny said…

    I'm a massive fan of elderflowers. I picked up some cartons of elderflower juice from IKEA the last time I was there although your stuff looks much more classy. Cheers!

  • At 13/7/09 13:18, Blogger Merisi said…

    Good luck to your friend Barbara! :-)

    I love Darbo's Elderflower Syrup!
    Did you know that Darbo is an Austrian company, run by the same family for what are now three generations? Besides producing excellent jams, sirups and the like, their TV commercials are of the kind you really want to watch! Here is a particularly cute tongue-in-cheek one, the Coin-Operated Boy.

    (No, I don't work for Darbo, but I definitely have a few glasses of their jams in my fridge!) ;-)

  • At 13/7/09 13:27, Blogger Merisi said…

    I found a better link to Darbo's witty commercials, at the company's website.
    Enjoy! ;-)

  • At 15/7/09 03:55, Anonymous keiko said…

    Thank you for this lovely post, Sam - I'm so glad too! Wish I could send you a bottle of homemade elderflower cordial - when will you be back next? kxx

  • At 22/7/09 08:00, Blogger Manger La Ville said…

    Ederflower syrup is so delicious. I get one that is already mixed in to carbonated water. It is so good. I think it would make some interesting desserts.

  • At 9/9/09 11:31, Anonymous Jennifer Locke Whetham said…

    Champers is my favorite libation as well, but I am trying to cut back too, so this website is a welcome and exciting surprise!

    I plan to try sparkling water with elderflower syrup as soon as possible.

    Your ideas are giving me inspiration, Sam! Thank you!

    Cheers to you, Sam. And thanks again.




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