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Petite Patisserie - An Organic Bakery - 18th street - Potrero Hill - San Francisco

* I am sad to report Petite Patisserie closed at the beginning of 2008*

photograph picture of petite patisserie organic pastry shop and baker 1415 18th street san francisco

*Review UPDATE* February 2007:
Sharing my deep love for Petite Patisserie's sticky little walnut tarts. Read all about them here.

*Review UPDATE* October 2006: I had the opportunity to try a selection of brioche and pastries my friend brought round to my house as part of our brunch last Sunday. Although we had already had our fill of potato pancakes, bacon and roasted tomatoes, the allure of Petite Patisserie's baked goods could not be resisted. The little frangipane and fruit tarts were all perfect. Tender, crumbly, light pastry and fillings of seasonal organic fruits. They couldn't be more delicious if they tried. And, unlike others' monster pastries, they are the a manageable size for one person to indulge in without feeling too guilty. Eat your heart out Boulette's Larder and Citizen Cake. Your pastries may look more picture perfect, but Petite Patisserie wins the taste test hands down. Scrumptious. And those brioche? What can I say? Even when they are not straight out of the oven, their buttery lightness shines through. I could eat them all day long.

Here is the original review...

The gentrification of Potrero Hill continues with the opening of a little organic bakery, Petite Patisserie, on the busy section of 18th Street. Sadly, the bakery doesn't sell bread, just pastries and cakes. I walked Bo the French Bull dog up there to check it out this morning.

I met a lady outside the patisseries eating her breakfast and asked her what she had tried. The brioche", she replied, "It's delicious, light as air". That sounded like a good recommendation to me and so I ordered one for myself and a plain croissant for Fred. The pastry chef was preparing beautiful-looking peach galettes at the window counter. The bakery is an intimate space and the staff couldn't be more eager or friendly towards their inquisitive, local customers.

The brioche were straight from the oven and still warm which must, surely, be the best way to eat them. I nibbled on it as I made my way back down the hill. Indeed it was fluffy, buttery and absolutely delicious. After every bite my mouth started watering until I tore off another piece to satisfy the yearning of my tastebuds.

The Frenchman is a harsh critic when it comes to croissants, and Petite Patisserie should take comfort in the fact he has nary a good thing to say about any croissant in America. He found their version too salty, too buttery and too dense for his taste. Personally, I liked the fact the croissants were employing so much butter in the dough, but agree that they were indeed salty. Additionally I would, like Fred, have preferred a much flakier and less dense pastry. It's early days, and after speaking to the staff, I am certain they will be working to improve on their products according to customer reaction. But I sure hope they don't change a thing about those delightful brioches...

= 1 visit. This review was a First Impression.

PS Today, in The San Francisco Chronicle, read about how online Amateur reviews [are] changing [the] approach of small businesses

Petite Patisserie: 1415 18th Street - San Francisco - CA 94107 (415) 821 9378

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Petite Patisserie - An Organic Bakery - 18th street - Potrero Hill - San Francisco


  • At 3/9/06 22:14, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Did you meet the pastry chef? She was my teacher at Tante Marie's! I'm planning to make a visit to her store soon!

  • At 3/9/06 22:20, Blogger Sam said…

    well - i think she was in the store making the peach galettes ths morning. I met her sister the evening before when I went in to enquire about opening times. Having tasted your own wonderful desserts and having read your blog, I have very high hopes for the bakery endeavours of anyone who was your teacher.

    what oh what is going to happen to my waistline?.

  • At 3/9/06 23:38, Blogger David said…

    Too much butter?

    And how, in heaven's name, do you expect me to make a wedding cake without lots of butter?

  • At 4/9/06 04:32, Blogger *fanny* said…

    Hi Sam, i can't help but fall in love with that patisserie because of its name. How cute is that?

    By the way, the two dogs your sitting are SO like puppies. Im' sure you're having a good time with them.


  • At 4/9/06 08:11, Blogger Sam said…

    David - but if you and I get married, Fred won't have much say and then we needn't have anything else other than butter in our wedding cake if we so wish...

    Fanny - it is incredibly cute. I for one, hope it does really well.

    Also, since Anita has told me it was her teacher from Tante Marie who has opened the bakery I am a little bit sad especially since as a teacher she has been very highly recommended to me on several occasions by different people and I hoped to take one of her classes one of these days. I am assuming this new endeavour will put a stop to her teaching. I don't know - we'll see..

  • At 4/9/06 11:05, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    Sam, perhaps this is just the kitchen to approach for some actual hands-on in the hot room... (looks like they might need computer help-- I see a barter on the horizon.)

    Rachel is great! Thank you so much for reporting on PP. Might you have the address & #? Late last night/this morning I was trying to find info online but could not. Yeah for something to link to!

    and wait a second, did I hear wedding?

  • At 4/9/06 11:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    18th street # 1415
    I thought the number in the photo and the address in the header would be enough for people to work it out. But was probably being a bit too cryptic sorry.
    will add it it in to the post.

    maybe you could take over her classes????

    did you see i did include a link to their webpage ? but it is not up to date: petite patisserie.

    And about the wedding - if pastry chef David L and myself get married (he proposed last year), perhaps you could be our Page Buoy?


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