Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lovely Jubbly Bubbly

The announcement of Wine Blogging Wednesday #25:


fill this empty champagne glass for wine blogging wednesday edition number 25
Fill up your Flutes...

Can you believe that Wine Blogging Wednesday, an online, worldwide, community wine appreciation event started by Lenndevours more than two years ago has not, until now, covered my favourite type of wine, Champagne? Let's correct this anomoly right away, shall we?

How it Works:

Choose a bottle of Champagne within your budget. That's Champagne, folks, not sparkling wine. Champagne comes only from the Champagne region of France.

Open, taste, drink your Champagne. Take notes, reflecting upon the colour, the type of bubbles, the nose the taste.

If you are extra adventurous, try pairing your champagne with some food and see how that works too. By no means is this a requirement of the challenge, just a suggestion for if you feel so inclined. [Thanks to Andrew from Spittoon who prepared some champagne pairing notes to help us with this task.]

Write a post for your blog, detailing your champagne experience and sharing any other champagne stories you would like to admit to. Provide any background information on the vineyard, the producers and the region your chosen fizz comes from, if you can find it. How much did it cost you? Was it worth the cost? Anything else? Publishing date will be Wednesday 13th September, 2006 and the roundup will appear on this blog sometime thereafter.

To be included in the roundup, send an email to french.fizz AT gmail DOT com on Wednesday 13th September 2006 with the following information:
- your post url
- your name or preferred identity
- your blog name
- your location

Not a wine expert?
No worries, neither am I. This event is open to abdsolutely every one who likes to indulge in a glass of Champers. Exploring your feelings about wine in this way is a great way to increase your confidence and expand your knowledge of wine.

An Extra Thought: I am hoping to find a champagne from a smaller, lesser known producer. Extra Brownie Points to any other bloggers who introduce us to champagnes other than the "grand marques" or "big names".

PS. I am raising a glass to my dad in England today, Happy Birthday, Dad! Don't be suprised to hear a champagne cork popping in Bristol this evening.

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Lovely Jubbly Bubbly


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