Sunday, July 30, 2006

Changes in Packaging

Subtle or Screaming it at You?

2006 blogathon 24 hours of blogging to raise money for food runners in san francisco on july 29th 2006
For the longest time I had been cursing every time I opened a pack of King Arthur Flour. Until recently the paper packaging was sealed with glue so strong, that for every bag you opened, the paper would tear, the kitchen would be dusted with flour, the pack would not refold neatly again and you would never be able to pour flour out of the bag because of the raggedy edges you had created on opening. I even had a special plastic bag, whose sole purpose it was to hold the newly opened King Arthur Flour bag, to prevent spillage. Then one day, I opened a bag of KA flour and the problem had gone away. The pack opened easily without any rips or tears. it wasn't a fluke, it's been happening ever since. Magic!

2006 blogathon 24 hours of blogging to raise money for food runners in san francisco on july 29th 2006

Marmite's design changes are not so simple. In theory it seems like a good idea to be able to squeeze Marmite from a container that sits on its lid. But hey! Marmite? Please note that it has taken 40 years for me to perfect the art of dipping the knife in the marmite pot for exactly the right of marmite to spread on a piece of toast. It's taken me a long time to get used to the plastic (instead of metal lids). What are you trying to do to me with this new-fangled marmite pot?

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2006 blogathon 24 hours of blogging to raise money for food runners in san francisco on july 29th 2006

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Changes in Packaging


  • At 30/7/06 04:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have been meaning to ask you how you found the new marmite pot-now I know. I think its a gimic that won't catch on. The supermarket shelves still stock mostly old glass jar style so no need to worry. I take it you are keeping awake with toast and marmite!!

  • At 30/7/06 04:56, Blogger Beccy said…

    I agree, I know exactly how much marmite to put on my knife for a perfect slice of toast. The kids on the other hand have yet to perfect this so it will be a while before I let them make marmite toast for me! I don't remember the metal lids, I must be too young!

  • At 30/7/06 05:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hee heeeeeeeee! Sam, I work in the packaging industry. You would be stunned at the man-hours and dollars that go into figuring out things like better glue for King Arthur and squeezy bottles for Marmite, which, I agree, are not totally necessary (that's for the Marmite bottles, not the new glue for KA -- I'm as pleased about that as you are). :)

    We're almost done! Woohoooooooo!

  • At 30/7/06 15:37, Blogger kitchenmage said…

    The worst part is that you know someone (like our dear Bakerina) had to come up with a plan for the marmite package and there was a committee to decide about the label; and those people should be fired because it looks like the product is called "SQUEEZE ME"...idiots!


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