Monday, March 13, 2006

Doctor's Note

When did you have your last smear,
My dear,
It's been almost a year?

photograph picture DESCRIBE PICTURE HERE
"L'essence de Levure"

Dear Doctor, I spake
The last time I ate,
I had a smear on the side of my plate.

PS. Foodography round three on the subject Tools of the Trade is well under way and round two on a dairy theme is just about wrapping up. If you are interested in taking pictures of food then definitely check them both out!

Archive Alert! On this day in 2005: Mario's Bohemian Cigar Bar

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Doctor's Note


  • At 13/3/06 09:57, Blogger Catherine said…

    Hi Sam,

    The foodography pics are awesome!

  • At 13/3/06 12:09, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What is it Sam??

  • At 13/3/06 12:28, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    Oh Sam, smear poetry!!

    First Ham 69 now this... you're having a fun week :)

    thanks for the laugh

  • At 13/3/06 15:10, Blogger Pille said…

    I agree with mcauliflower- you seem to be in a very naughty mood, Sam!

  • At 13/3/06 16:02, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    That smear thing! First noticed it on Ideas in Food.
    I guess I don't get out enough.
    (Uh, by the way, are you a huge admirer of A. A. Milne? Thought so.)

  • At 13/3/06 17:55, Blogger Greg said…

    I kinda like the lox schmear with my bagel.

  • At 14/3/06 07:52, Blogger Sam said…

    Catherine - thanks - I hope you have a chance to join in too

    Bea - it's a err joke?
    It was a study in smear.
    It is marmite biscuit, marmite smear, egg white whipped with marmite & cheese ends. Yo didn't expect me to eat it did you :) ?

    McCauliflower. I am so glad that at least one person in the world gets me. That would be you. Hope that fact doesnt frighten you away.

    Pille - Maybe it has something to do witht he time of the month?

    Cookie - I first noticed the smear (apart from on my plate several times) on The Delicious Life. check out that post (scroll down the page a bit)

    Greg - glad you appreciate it!!


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