Friday, February 10, 2006

A Classic Fijian Dish

photograph picture image of fiji friday logoCan you Guess What it is?

photograph picture Fijian Food

Four different versions of the same Fijian Classic.
- Do you know what is it called?
- What do you think is it made from?
- Which of the four pictures above was my favourite?

Clockwise from top left:
Bad Dog Cafe | Suva | Viti Levu | Fiji
Vilisites | Korolevu | Viti Levu | Fiji
Oasis Cafe | Pacific Harbour | Viti Levu | Fiji
Bula Re | Savusavu | Vanua Levu | Fiji

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A Classic Fijian Dish


  • At 10/2/06 08:59, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Could it be "kokoda"? Made with fish, limes, coconut cream, onion, chilli, tomatoes and green pepper. Picture on the bottom right.

  • At 10/2/06 09:29, Blogger . said…

    I agree Neil: fijian kokoda!

    All these dishes look lovely, but I'd pick the bottom left version: creamy, salty, slightly spicy with garlic toast... hmmm...

  • At 10/2/06 18:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yes, looks like that dish we had in Tahiti...mahi mahi marinated in lime and coconut.

    I want some, now!

  • At 11/2/06 05:13, Blogger fjl said…

    Wow gorgeous hyper pro blog. I am very impressed. I'll add you to my blog and see how we go, I was looking for a cookery one x

  • At 11/2/06 08:04, Blogger Sam said…

    Kokoda, of course is correct -

    but my favourite was the top left - Bad Dog Cafe as it was slightly lighter without so much coconut cream.

    The fish they traditionally use is wahu, I think, which they described as 'mackerel' but I am uncertain about this and need to do some research as to what we might call this fish ourselves.
    The Bad dog cafe one (the trendy version) was made with Fresh Yellow Fin tuna instead.

    FJL - thanks for stopping by - I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.



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