Friday, January 20, 2006

Could I have Some Fresh Coconut Juice Please?

photograph picture image of fiji friday logoThank You!

photograph picture of suva market fresh coconut stall

These pictures were taken at Suva's Market, the largest in the retail produce market in the South Pacific. Suva is the capital of Fiji. The coconuts were so cheap, they were almost giving them away.

photograph picture of suva market fresh coconut stall, sam drinks the coconut juice

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Daily weight loss, weightwatchers and diet notes:
photograph picture of zuni chicken salad i made at tante marie cooking scoolMy Second day on Weightwatchers was a little more tricky. On Thursday Nights I attend Tante Marie Cooking School where we cook a mass of delicious mediterranean food and then consume it. The dishes we make are irresistable, like the classic Zuni Chicken Salad that I created last night. I only consumed 7 out of 22 of my points during the day, leaving me 15 for the evening. When it came to dinner time, I used the WW method for coping with buffets: Take a little of everything, but make sure nothing on your plate is touching. This is a good way to refrain from taking too much. I had eight spoonfuls of food on my plate and I guestimated their value at an average 3 points each, total 24 points. Then I had a small dessert which I guessed at 6 points. Instead of drinking wine as usual, I stuck to water. Total damage 30 points. Obviously 30 is double my 15 available points. What is she doing, you are wondering? Well, WW gives you 35 extra points a week to use on treats. So, now I have used 15 of them and still have 20 left.

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Could I have Some Fresh Coconut Juice Please?


  • At 20/1/06 10:59, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh dear! Being on a cookey course and weightwatcher is not two things I would like to combine!!
    Good luck!

  • At 20/1/06 13:40, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    Yum! : )

    P.S. I've already told one friend who is on WW about your online 'project', and she was thrilled to hear about it. You've got a great combination, Sam--a desire to lose weight with this program that so many other people are on, the self control to do it, and the culinary know how to make it taste delicious. Ra Ra Ra! Gooooo Sam! : )

  • At 20/1/06 18:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I also am considering going back to WW too, and am excited to hear about your wondering if you are going to meetings, or are doing the online format? Such tradeoffs for both...

  • At 21/1/06 09:43, Blogger Admin said…

    My Weekend linking post is On.. Have named it Culinlinkus

  • At 21/1/06 10:14, Blogger Sam said…

    Gastrochick - agreed, i was nervous before class, but it went better than I thought, and I told everyone in the class and we were all wooping with laughter about it, giggling as we made up points values for everything.

    Farmgirl - thanks for your support FG - I have to keep off of your cookies for a while (sorry!)

    Rachel - I am doing the online version only. I did the meetings last time, but really it is the etools that have me hooked - they are so fun to use and fascinating!

    Thanks for the link Anthony.


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