Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Food Books From The Bay - Menu For Hope

A Prize Anyone in the World Can Enjoy :
The Tante Marie Cooking School Book | The French Laundry Cookbook | Chocolate Obsession | The Zuni Cafe Cookbook

photograph picture Menu for Hope 2 It occurred to me that the food vendor and restaurant gifts I am offering as prizes in the Menu for Hope wouldn't travel far. Because I have readers all over the globe, I wanted to tempt donations from them too, by featuring a selection of delicious food books that can be won by anybody with a mailbox.

photograph picture tante marieMary Risley, the amazing founder of Tante Marie, a private cooking school in San Francisco already does a huge amount of work for good causes. She founded Food Runners, an organisation that takes surplus food from businesses and feeds it to the hungry, here in San Francisco. That didn't stop Mary from generously meeting my request for prizes. First up is her cooking book - a selection of 250 recipes - which I am sure you will love. Visit this site again tomorrow to see what other goodies Mary has up her sleeve.

Posts that reference Tante Marie: Guess Who? | Risotto | Something Fishy

photograph picture french laundry cookbook The rest of the book prizes have been donated by me.
I chose to include The French Laundry Cookbook, not because I have been there (I haven't), but because it is one of those huge books I love to leaf through when I am day dreaming about food. I don't cook from it often, but when I do, the results are stunning. Last Christmas I made a take on Keller's Salmon Cornets, filling them with Ahi instead. One of my favourite recipes in the book (meaning it is also the easiset) is Sally Schmitt's Cranberry Kuchen, which everyone always devours with gusto! In the right hands, this book can create some unforgettable meals...

photograph picture chocolate obsession One of my weekly treats is to pick up a chocolate from Michael Recchiuti at his Ferry Building location. When I recently visited Europe I even took 25 boxes of his treats to give as gifts. There are many food bloggers the world over who are now aware of his talents! I have only just got hold of Michael's brand new, glossy book myself and although I haven't tried out any of the recipes yet, I am so looking forward to, especially the burnt caramel pot de creme...

photograph picture zuni cafe cookbook Talking of Burnt Caramel Pot de Creme, the best dessert I tried last year in San Francisco, bar none, was exactly such a thing, at Zuni Cafe. Now I have to admit - I don't actually own this recipe book - I don't need to! If I need a fix of Judy Rodgers cooking I can just go to her restaurant. But for those of you who have more than a couple of miles between you and her classic New California cooking then the book is the next best thing. If you win this prize, then soon you can be making her famous Zuni Roast Chicken with Bread Salad too.

For the chance to win this fabulous prize, please donate to Unicef by clicking on the following button. You will have one entry for every $5 you give. Important - If you would like to win this particular prize, please be sure to specify "Bay Area Food Books" in the comments section when you make your donation. Please return to this site tomorrow and Thursday to find out more about the third and final prize I have on offer.

Thank you for your generosity.

PS. Come back tomorrow to find out more about my final Bay Area Hopper prize. Check yesterday's post if you want more details about the Ferry Building Bonanza prize.

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Food Books From The Bay - Menu For Hope


  • At 14/12/05 10:13, Blogger Kalyn Denny said…

    Sam, I am so going to bid on some of these books. (I may even end up being glad I wasn't creative enough to come up with a prize myself.)

    Just FYI the Forbidden City is a kind of walled compound in Beijing where I believe the Chinese emperors lived away from the peasants. I've been there, not inside the compound, but I've seen the walls when I was visiting Beijing. Maybe I will do a little Google research and see what else I can find out the Forbidden City and edit it into the post. Thanks for asking.


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