Friday, October 28, 2005

Piccalilli, Chutney & Preserves

More time off Work is what she deserves?

photograph picture of preserves stall at Cheddar Farmers Market, England

And so it happens. We go from working crazy hours to having nothing to do and being given unplanned time off. What better time to catch up with family and friends in Europe? Especially as air fares are so low in November and we don't have to worry about paying for hotels. Halloween will spent be near Dublin with the kids. Then its off to Bristol to see my mum and dad. If we are lucky, I think we might get to go to Thornbury Castle again. In London, we will be catching up with old friends down the pub in Soho (followed by a curry, of course). New friends feature strongly on the itenarary too and if everything goes according to plan we should make quite a few of those too on this trip. After lunch with the British Food Bloggers, we'll be heading to my old hood, Greenwich. The timing is absolutely perfect because I will get to spend the 400th anniversary of one of my favourite British Celebrations of the year. I am excited about that, believe me.

From London, it's off to Paris, where we hope to make even more new friends. Other than that, it's up to Fred. I am not sure where will end up, although I am certain a trip to Le Sancerre goes without saying. I'll try and squeeze in one or two blogs before we start our travels on Sunday, then after that we'll be intermittently publishing food stories, on the road, as and when WiFi connections allow.

photograph picture of spelt bread at Cheddar Farmers Market, England
These photographs were taken at Cheddar Farmer's Market, on my last trip to the UK, in March.

Archive Alert! On this Friday last year we went to our first ever food bloggers meet up at Vino Venue where I met Amy, Alaina, Alder, Fatemeh, Heidi and Derrick for the first time and Pim for the second time.

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Piccalilli, Chutney & Preserves


  • At 28/10/05 08:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Will you get to the Borough Market while you are in London? I'm sure you've been before, but it's fun to grab one of the simple chorizo sandwiches (if you can bear the queue) and check out the scene.

    Have a great trip Sam,

    Your pal,


  • At 28/10/05 09:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bon voyage, Sam and Fred! I am envious. First Fiji, now this! I look forward to reading about your adventures in the UK and France (just as you read about my Spanish tour over the summer).

  • At 28/10/05 11:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wow...i am so jealous that you and fred can just pick up and jet off to europe like that, you jetsetters, you! :)

    have fun!

  • At 28/10/05 11:32, Blogger Rose said…

    I am glad you are getting the rest that you need (working on sundays, wow!). Enjoy your wonderful vacation and I look forward to your future posts.

    Have a great time!

  • At 28/10/05 12:53, Blogger Owen said…

    Have a great trip! I get the reverse since my Mum is coming out for Christmas! (Always a good excuse to get out and about more...)

  • At 28/10/05 13:10, Blogger Jennifer said…

    Fun, fun, fun! And how lucky that you and Fred have time off at the same time... Have a fabulous trip! Can't wait to read all about it when you return.

  • At 28/10/05 14:36, Blogger Ced said…

    I've got to check them cheap fares too, still have some pto lying around somewhere. Have fun!

  • At 29/10/05 04:52, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Have a great trip! I take it you're not planning to make a pit-stop in Bonnie Scotland... :(

  • At 29/10/05 09:31, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    Wishing you a safe, fun, and absolutely delicious time!

    P.S. That bread looks incredible.

  • At 29/10/05 10:04, Blogger Sam said…

    Chubby - no borough market for us this time. We will be passing through that area on the train but will have or luggage in tow so it won't be worth struggling through the busy market with. I used to live in Borough on the late 80s when the market was still 'real' and not full of trendies and foodies.

    Brett - thanks. It's going to be a bit crazy - not a real vacation in the sense fiji was. Plus it wasnt really a choice to have time of so soon - more forced upon us - but we have to look upon it as an opportunity and run with it.

    Sarah - it's good having so many family and friends there so we dont have to worry about paying for accommodation.

    Rose - I think I will get the rest part in a couple of weeks when we return home!

    Owen - is your mum going to bring lots of british food goodies??

    Jennifer - yes that is one advantage of working at the same company. the timing often doesn't work out when we are on different shows, but this time it did.

    Ced - do you need us to bring you anything (small and cheap??)

    Melissa - I wish - but we only have 4 days in the UK and that's a tight enough squeeze as it is! Sorry you wont be at the Brit Bloggers pub lunch.

    Farmgirl - yes - you really should try making the spelt bread. It's really yummy toasted with butter and marmite. I know you have some marmite, so no excuses!

  • At 31/10/05 07:13, Blogger Joy said…

    Safe travels -- you will be missed!


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