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Tartine - Coronado - San Diego - CA

Tartine 1106 First Street, Coronado, CA 92118 619-435-4323

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When you disembark from the ferry that takes you from Downtown San Diego to Coronado you are immediately confronted a mass of restaurants and cafes. Despite our hunger, Fred and I chose to ignore their easy charms and bide our time before deciding where to eat. We sauntered along the Bayside and then up Orange Avenue. We didn't get very far before we spotted a little cafe called Tartine tucked away to the left, with awnings and outdoor seating. It is not difficult to explain the appeal of the word Tartine to a Frenchman, or me for that matter, so our decision about where to eat lunch was made.

photograph picture of the Mimosa. Filed under Cafe Review, San Diego, Tartine, Coronado Tartine was created in the fall of 2001 by three local women whose dream was to bring a taste of Europe to the Island Community. The setting and presentation is certainly full of charm. When the mimosa I had asked for arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the delivery. My own dinky little bottle of sparkling wine was accompanied by a generous carafe of freshly squeezed orange juice so that I could mix my drinks (there was enough for at least two glasses) to my own specification. This was a fun distraction that put me in a good mood for the rest of the meal.

photograph picture of the charcuterie plate. Filed under Cafe Review, San Diego, Tartine, Coronado From the All Day Menu Fred could not resist the Tartine Charcuterie Plate, proscuitto, duck liver pâté, brie, saucisson sec, cornichons, olives and grain mustard served with baguette $14.95. There was really enough meaty goodness on this plate to serve two people. The portions were generous, especially the pate which could almost have been a meal in itself. Fred described his lunch as average American charcuterie meaning (with the exception of The Fatted Calf) it's about as good as he has experienced in the US. He emphasises, that although Amercian-made charcuterie tastes nowhere near the same as it does in France, he has grown accustomed to what is available here and Fred was therefore satisfied with his plate. Accompanying bread, served with a cool pat of creamy butter was good.

photograph picture of the eggplant panini plate. Filed under Cafe Review, San Diego, Tartine, Coronado I don't know about you, but I love grilled eggplant. The thought of oily, skin-blackened aubergine is fairly irresistable so I chose Tartine's Grilled Eggplant Panini grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers and goat cheese grilled in a panini roll $7.75. Unfortunately, the kind of sandwich I'd envisioned did not materialize. It was just ok. The panini looked great on the outside, but on the inside it was mushy. They had chosen to use the mildest, blandest goat cheese possible. The vegetables were all watery instead of rich and grilled-tasting. This sandwich needed a hefty dose of salt and pepper to make it even palatable.

photograph picture of the cutlery presentation. Filed under Cafe Review, San Diego, Tartine, Coronado I hesitate to make such a negative judgement about Tartine. It was, afterall, a one time visit. Customers on a neighbouring table were raving about the soup they had chosen. The staff are really thoughtful and friendly. The ambience is perfect for a little neighbourhood spot. The cakes on display looked very pretty. The menu had a lot of appeal. Maybe I just chose the wrong thing. Judging by the other, tacky-looking places to eat we encountered on our afternoon walk across the Island of Coronado, we imagine that Tartine is truly a haven in this touristy part of town where an aroma of stinky fried-food is more the norm as you saunter through the more populated areas.

Do you love Tartine? Have you had a different experience to us there? Do you favour a different panini? How do you like Tartine's cakes? Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

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After lunch we wandered across the island to the beach. This is the view from the terrace of the famous Hotel Coronado, a great place to sit and people-watch.

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    Tartine - Coronado - San Diego - CA


    • At 22/6/05 08:18, Blogger eat stuff said…

      Oh my..
      now I know ur copying.... wait, u were at this first I must be copying you, damm.

      I always choose bbq eggplant too!

      This is getting serious, what ever will we do?

      anyluck with the WW recipes?

    • At 22/6/05 12:39, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said…

      Do you mind if I pimp your blog on my blog?

    • At 30/8/05 13:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I eat at Tartine a couple times a week. The review you gave did not do it justice--however, I have not tried the eggplant panini. I have tried many, many other options, and all are so delicious! You really should have had a dessert, because they are to die for! The scones are the best I've had anywhere. My kids love the "chocolate loaf" (a chocolate bread). Please try it again, because it really is good!

    • At 19/10/06 17:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I am truly offended! With all your travels and worldliness your opinion of Tartine and our island proves you are a fraud! Tartine is incredible, and yes, you should have tried more before posting such as you did. And in my 30 years on this gorgeous island I have never smelled, how did you put it? "an aroma of stinky fried food" You're snobbery is uneducated, to say the least.

    • At 30/12/06 22:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Tartine sucks. I live in Coronado and, having been there more than once, I have to say I really don't like it. Only the rich, snobby locals ("anonymous" must be one of these) like the place. Bino's, on the other side of the island, is far, far better if you want "European atmosphere" and good food; it's much more authentic. Next time, try Bino's. Trust me.

    • At 6/8/07 16:49, Blogger kellypea said…

      I enjoyed your review. I've not eaten at Tartine, but as a San Diego resident, have eaten at a few places around Coronado. Nothing knocks my socks off but the locale which is lovely.

      Although I do enjoy grilled eggplant, I've not come across too many places who are able to serve it without it being somewhat soggy, and cold and this always turns me off.

      The anonymous comment was quite typical, btw... I guess the person missed all the other comments you made which were quite favorable. Go figure.

    • At 30/11/07 09:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Thanks for your considerate and thoughtful tone--rare and appealing in a critic. My husband and I and our two boys have been eating at Tartine regularly for the last four years, and we love it. I suppose that's partly because we like to gaze into the dessert case throughout the meal, discussing what we should share, but the service, the ambiance, the proximity to the water, and the food also lure us back. The menu now includes pommes frites with aoli and that's what I recommend. If you're a carnivore, try them with the flank steak.

    • At 15/12/07 07:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      It's not flank steak, but flat iron steak and I agree, the frites are to die for. Tartine is the closest I have found to a European style cafe/bistro in a long time. If you have not had the dinner specials by Chef Will your have missed the best value for money in Coronado. They are from fresh seasonal ingredients . On Wednesday nights they offer a half price wine deal that can't be be beaten anywhere. The breakfast panini is my favorite. And the desserts are a cut above and everything is made on site. Ever had a Pavlova??? Meringue, whipped cream and fresh fruit. At Christmas time they even do a special order Buche de Noel.

    • At 18/2/08 13:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I think this article was informational and well written.
      Anonymous poster #1 in reply to your uneducated comment if you would read the post, there was nothing to be offended about! He admitted that it might have been the wrong choice. And I would like to know how an island proves he is a fraud?... I don’t get it a fraud? At what?! I didn’t know you could be called a fraud for using his first amendment right to freedom of speech and write a review. If you have a problem with it stuff it because he put it nicely that his meal sucked ass. I would have posted it tasted like crap with out hesitation. Oh, and when I first moved out here I also thought it smelt like stinky fried food. Big mouth online but what about in person lard ass?

    • At 5/5/08 13:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I agree with your review, but don't think you guys picked the best of the menu items to sample. I have eaten at tartine many many times (and even used to work there), and it is always a bit of a mixed experience. The menu is pretty hit-or-miss, with many phenomenal items and a few less than perfect ones. Chef Will is very talented. I do not agree that the island has an aroma of stinky fried food, unless you stay by the ferry landing (the tourist area, with burger king, pizza hut, taco bell, KFC, etc-- which is your fault if you didn't leave :) ). However, anonymous proved their stupidity with the statement, "You're snobbery is uneducated," because it should be your not you're. Look who is uneducated now.

    • At 28/10/08 09:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Quite possibly the worst cake I have ever ordered or eaten. I don't know where the bakers are from, but they need some more study. I could have done better with a Betty Crocker mix. The cake was lopsided, and so DRY you had to have liquid with it to keep from choking. Plus I took the strawberry off the top and it was moldy on the bottom - no one noticed this?? PATHETIC! Now here is the BIGGEST THING - the front staff are the plain RUDE!!! They must go to special school for this. Apparently, this is epidemic at your establishment. Crappy cake, crappy service - good luck!

    • At 24/9/09 18:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Please remove/delete my angry post from May 17. Thanks Eric J.

    • At 27/9/09 14:28, Blogger Sam said…

      done, Eric

    • At 28/9/09 13:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Sam, please delete the second post that same day 17-5-09, Thanks EricJ

    • At 4/10/09 19:41, Blogger Sam said…

      done again :)


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