Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bay Area Blogger of the Week #9

photograph picture Chubby BunRab from Yummy Chow

Meet Chubby. Chubby is the BunRab bringing you the Yummy Chow from Marin & Beyond. I am not sure if it strictly qualifies as a 'blog', but it is just so fabulous I just have to share. I mean, who else has a toilet rating system? (And a cute toilet rating system, at that?)

I am really looking forward to reading more from the Bunny Rab. He is organised, good looking, funny and covering Marin where bloggers rarely tread. I am sure Fred will be interested in Chubby's search for the Holy Grail of Burgers. Fred is on the same quest. So far Chez Maman is in the lead.

Bunny Rab is also the first reviewer I've seen to visit Mill Valley's new Bungalow 44 restaurant recently opened by the Real Restaurants Group, which owns the Buckeye Roadhouse also in Mill Valley. Our Chubby friend also has some interesting non-Bay Area features like the Metro Menu Section, where he shares with us a food lovers trip to New York.

And just to illustrate what a small town San Francisco really is, I checked out the other BunnyRab, Eyeball's photo gallery and spied someone I know, asleep, in some of the pictures. Small world!

Other news...

I had a great idea for this month's Blog Appetit featuring Rhubarb and strawberries (deadline, Monday) and I would have loved to enter this weekend's Paper Chef too because the ingredients (buttermilk, medjool dates, honey and eggs) are inspiring. But unfortunately I have to work this weekend, so no cooking fun for me. Maybe you will enter one or other of them so I can live vicariously through your posts...

Quiz Question 8 - The Bay Area Blogger of that week was Keigaku Muchu's California Shojin Cooking.

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Bay Area Blogger of the Week #9


  • At 5/6/05 20:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Sam,

    Wow. Imagine my delight in seeing my smilin face on your site as I cruised by. Thanks for your support. You rock.


  • At 5/6/05 21:19, Blogger kenju said…

    I wish I'd known about your site when I was visiting SF several years ago. I'm going to look around a bit.

    Michele sent me.


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