Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Ramp - 855 China Basin - San Francisco

Let me share with you the answer to my recent Quiz, Question # 1

picture I think Fred loves the taste of these curly fries as much as dislike them. They certainly look stunning. I can't even begin to work how they cut the potatoes like that. It just isn't natural. Although they are not my thing, there are plenty of other good reasons to visit The Ramp, one of our favourite spots to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in San francisco, hanging out with friends and Margaritas over a very late brunch. As the temperature heats up, so do the patrons of this relaxed China Basin watering hole, as they enjoy the sunshine and the live music. Braver souls might get up and dance for a tune or two whilst less lively visitors just nod their heads, along to the beat. There is something everyone has in common, a big collective smile. The Ramp is all about relaxing, chilling and having fun.

photograph picture of The Ramp in San Francisco
Colourful deck umbrellas offer respite from the heat.

photograph picture of The Ramp in San Francisco
The deck juts out towards a jetty lined with sailing boats. There are views over the water to the East Bay.

photograph picture of The Ramp in San Francisco
It has to be said I am not the biggest fan of The Ramp's menu, which features, burgers, egg dishes and huge salads amongst its large list of choices. Whenever Fred suggests we go there, (more often since we moved within walking distance), my nose wrinkles up as I pull an ugly little face that illustrates acute dissatisfaction with the suggestion. It always takes me a few minutes to reconcile thoughts about the fun I will have there with the disappointment I will feel about the food, especially when I am *trying* to be healthier with my choices.
My California style Eggs Benedict is just ok. The uncrispy potatoes taste recooked and the English muffins have been rendered fully soggy by the decent-flavoured but too juicy mushroom, leek and wine topping. The poached eggs are perfectly cooked but the chef is over generous with the Hollandaise which collects in a large pool on the bottom of the plate, further guaranteeing that the bread base is nothing but mush.

photograph picture of The Ramp in San Francisco
Ian and Fred take the burger with those dizzy, loopy fries on the side. Fred likes the burger, he tells me it is better than average. But still, it doesn't call my name.

photograph picture of The Ramp in San Francisco
Ian wanted a fried egg on his burger. They could only serve it on the side. He specifically requested I immortalize it in a picture. It doesn't look too bad. Maybe next time I just get one of those and and a toasted muffin so I can assemble my own Fried Egg Sandwich. Erhhmmmm, only when I am not on a health kick, of course.

photograph picture of The Ramp in San Francisco
Talking of health kicks, you can, of course, order your burger without any cheese and dressed with a crisp salad instead of the less healthy option.

photograph picture of The Ramp in San Francisco
I love the industrial view from the ramp as well as Mr & Mrs Goose with their cute little brood of ducklings that live on the bank just beyond the balcony.

Drinks are well-priced and generous at The Ramp. Margaritas and Bloody Marys look to be the most popular but I always go for a glass of the Gloria Ferrer Brut. It's not the best sparkling wine in the world, but it is a perfectly acceptable Sunday afternoon pick-me-up. I'll let you into a little secret. At the Ramp it is just $5.50 a glass. That would be a large wine glass full (no teeny little flutes here), making it into one of the best value sparklers in town.

No reservations.
Wait times for a table can be in the region of an hour.
Waiter service stops at 4pm and is replaced by a BBQ on Summer weekends. (Very restricted menu.)

855 China Basin
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 621-2378

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The Ramp - 855 China Basin - San Francisco


  • At 25/5/05 07:32, Blogger Jennifer Maiser said…

    I don't tend to be high maintenance in my ordering as a rule, but when it comes to Eggs Benedict I always ask for the sauce on the side, unless I am somewhere that I am confident that I like their sauce and am happy with the amount that they put on. It actually makes for a much healthier meal that way too because I don't use nearly as much hollandaise and I can appreciate the poached egg a bit more.


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