Thursday, April 14, 2005

That Saucisson Sec

Do you remember that a while back I left Fred in charge of a saucisson sec for a week, whilst I went to Bristol to visit my family. The saucisson, from our favourite charcuterie vendor, The Fatted Calf wasn't sec enough. Sec means dry.

photograph picture of The Fatted Calf Saucisson Sec

A few days into my absence, Fred decided that it had dried out enough for eating. I am happy to report the good news that Fred's years in the Saucisson Sec wilderness have come to an end. This almost-impossible-to-find-in-the-USA version of his French favourite is very good indeed. We still have a little bit left, but are keeping our fingers crossed that The Fatted Calf will be making a new batch again soon.

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That Saucisson Sec


  • At 14/4/05 16:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    la saucisse seche de l'archiduchesse est-elle seche archiseche? It's a play on word.

    Saucisson is one of my favourite too, I'm pleased for Fred!

  • At 14/4/05 21:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I gotta try this, this looks delicious. Hope you enjoyed it as much as the French guy.

  • At 14/4/05 21:21, Blogger Sam said…

    Oh ced, I enjoy the French guy very much :)

    I'll keep my eye on the FC newsletter and let you know when its next up. They don't have it every week or even every month, so don't get too excited just yet. Fred likes it very much (I do too), but he says it has a little hint of spice he can detect which is slightly unlike the real thing. These subtleties are lost on me, as I don't have much saucisson sec experience and enjoy it greatly nonetheless.

  • At 6/5/08 14:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why dosn't Fred make some?; minced pork, salt- plenty, pepper, shallot, bit of thyme and a bit of paprika. Ask the butcher guy to give you some of the skins and pipe your mixture in, tie at both ends, wrap in a muslin and hang somewhere like a celler:- about
    10C-13C degrees. The longer you hang it the drier it will be but in a few mounths you can eat. Bon Appetit!

  • At 6/5/08 15:55, Blogger Sam said…

    Ha - anon- you obviously don't know Fred, do you?
    I make a lot of things from scratch but despite having a book or two about charcuterie making haven't found the time to try it yet. Going to a whole hog class in June that may give me incentive. But then again, it's nice to support the local artisans too by buying their versions - there are so many good ones in the Bay area. Plus we have nothing like a cellar at our disposal.


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