Monday, February 28, 2005

Our New Home - Our first Dinner


Tonight we had our first home cooked dinner in our new rented apartment. We moved in here on Saturday. Today is the last day of the month and we're surrounded by unopened packing boxes. What better way to celebrate our new abode than by cracking open a carton of eggs and making an omelet. That would be a Gruyere cheese omelet with toasted Pain au Levain on the side. Jeanne of Cook Sister and Anthony of Spiceblog will be very proud of us.

Eggs are the perfect standby to have in the fridge. A delicious and easy meal can be created in just a few minutes. Just the thing when you are tired and pushed for time. I was particularly exhausted tonight because I'd spent the whole evening making an oven that looked like this...

into an oven that looks like this...

Phew, that was hard work.

PS - thanks to everyone who joined in with my quiz over the weekend. Most of the questions were answered correctly by one, or more, poster. Check back to see which ones you got right!
Our New Home - Our first Dinner


  • At 1/3/05 01:03, Blogger LeeLoreya said…

    Man...congrats for the oven, I hate doing that, and your head stuck in there makes you look kind of suicidal, really.

  • At 1/3/05 02:58, Blogger Jeanne said…

    Welcome to your new home! I must admit, you're braver than me for dealing with that oven...! And yes, I am imensely proud that your first meal in your new home was an Egg on Toast extravaganza! The picture reminds me of the book I'm reading at the moment - "An omelette and a glass of wine" by ELizabeth David (whom I'd never heard of but who was apparently a well-known food writer in England in the 1950s and 1960s - a bit before your and my time!!). The book and, I believe, the EoMEoTE celebrates the joy of a few simple ingredients well cooked. Can't think of a better first dinner in your new home.

    Check back at mine for the EoMEoTE round-up at the weekend!

  • At 1/3/05 06:55, Blogger Anthony said…

    An honour and may good things always be in your new home.

    Omlettes too, my white whale.

  • At 1/3/05 08:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wait. the oven looked like that when you moved in? Oh, hell no.


  • At 1/3/05 11:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Welcome home. If you're ever in the mood to tackle another oven we do deep cleaning in the kitchen every Monday. I'll even supply the gloves.

  • At 1/3/05 11:18, Blogger Zarah Maria said…

    WOW! Great job on the oven Sam - I for one would have bought a new one.. Or, would have wanted to, anyways! Enjoy your new home!

  • At 1/3/05 12:20, Blogger Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said…

    What, no self-cleaning mechanism? Oh, Sam... that sucks!

    But at least you're settled and your oven is ready for use!

  • At 1/3/05 12:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Congrats on the new pad, Sam. I sure do hate that first cleaning in a new can people move and leave a mess like that? Arrgh!


  • At 1/3/05 14:37, Blogger Alder said…

    Welcome home !! Do you have a view??

  • At 1/3/05 21:01, Blogger Sheta said…

    Congrats for your new home and a brand new oven! You did a good job!!

  • At 2/3/05 07:02, Blogger Sam said…

    I grew up with an electric oven. When I was a teenager I still didn't know about gas. When I read that Sylvia Plath committed suicide in an oven, I was thinking to myself "That's crazy - she baked herself to death?"

    Although I can safely say Elizabeth David, indeed, is before our time, I had heard of her years ago because she is always quoted as an influence by other British chefs. I haven't read her, though, maybe I should - because an omelette and a glass of wine sounds like a perfectly simple me, to me :)

    Anthony - ok - the whale, you've confused me there

    Molly. I think that would be: Hell? Yes!

    Haddock - I'm not sure I could do it again, at least for another few years. Not even for money.

    Zarah Maria
    Well - I did ask - the landlord is looking into gas oven options for me. He did joke (when I pointed out the guesomeness of the oven's interior) that he should get it straight away so I wouldn't have to clean the oven!

    Fatemeh - yes it sucked, but it sure felt satisfying after the fact!

    Moira -
    Yes indeed - but I tell you - at the end of the tenancy I aint cleaning anything. It's going to be in writing.

    Alder - well from where I sit right now I can see down towards an industrial part of the bay with large boats and cranes. From the back we can see West toward Potrero Hill and from the end of the deck we can see the top of the Bay Bridge. It's certainly not my best view to date (in my first SF flat I could see Alcatraz from my bed), but it's an interesting one.

    Sheta - thank you - making the oven that clean made me fell proud, but I did have a little help from the "Heavy Duty Easy Off". I think it made my job a bit easier. I am sure it is full of evil chemicals, but on this occasion, it was the only way.

  • At 2/3/05 10:33, Blogger Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said…

    Sam -

    Don't be so quick to get a gas oven. Given my druthers, I'd rather have an electric oven with a gas range - I think electric ovens are more "consistent" in their heat.

    A discussion on Chowhound several months ago reaffirmed for me that it was NOT my imagination.

  • At 2/3/05 16:06, Blogger debbie koenig said…

    Mazel tov on the new digs, Sam! How on earth did you get your oven to look brand new? I've been living in my apartment for a year already and our oven has never looked ANYTHING like that, no matter how much I scrubbed. OK, truth be told, I stopped trying months ago...

  • At 2/3/05 16:07, Blogger debbie koenig said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 2/3/05 18:30, Blogger Guy said…

    HEY !!!

    Dang stupid Blogger, wouldn't let me post a comment fer hours. Says it couldn't find nuthin'. Pleah.

    Congrats on the new digs and congrats on being able to move. We moved in to this place five years ago and I swore it would be my LAST. No MORE !!! I don't care how small this house is. Ain't movin'.

    I gots a gas oven. Natural gas when it burns gives off moisture. Anything kept warm in the oven turns to moosh. Fried chicken, waffles & toast. Which is why you'll find fancy ranges have a gas cook top and an electric oven. Mines? A 1952 Wedgewood, wouldn't trade it for anything. I got in to the guts and yanked up my burner output. My largest dutch oven has flames coming up the sides, YEAH !!!

    Oh wait, where was I?

    I like ham.

    Senior Biggles

  • At 3/3/05 03:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam - You did a great job on the oven... I look forward to seeing your gorgeous food from it!
    Best wishes in your new home.

  • At 3/3/05 07:15, Blogger Sam said…

    Hmm - to think a post about cleaning ovens has generated more posts than I've ever recieved!! This post now officially overtakes my previous top comment post, Turkish Delight Debbie - try the "Heavy Duty Easy Off". It is a miracle worker - believe me.

    Dr B and Fatemeh - I will remember your advice about the oven. The landlord has asked me for input so this is great info, thanks.

    Keiko - I am excited about my first baking experiment in the new oven, for sure!

  • At 4/3/05 10:19, Blogger Beccy said…

    Hey Sam can you post me over some heavy duty easy off, Mum's coming over in a few weeks!!!!

  • At 7/3/05 10:46, Blogger Stephanie said…

    Hello there...I've heard of your blog for some time, but this is my first visit. Thank the EoTEoME!

    What a simple, but lovely, dish. Eggs are wonderful, and add Gruyere? Heavenly! I will definitely try this, if I can ever find good bread again.
    One of the many things we miss about the Bay area; access to fabulous foods like cheese, bread...and sushi!
    Darn small-town Tennessee.

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