Friday, April 25, 2008

Time for some Links, Methinks

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Brandon Brown's Mama said start a food blog and it's called Supper
Local Chef [here maybe?] Gregory Clausen writes Greg's World on a Plate
Like me, Lulu LaMer works in Videogames and blogs about food. Bitter Greens.
Leah Bradley writes at Slow Food Taste Life
I think could get on with these people: Tour of Meat
Dara's wisdom for your kitchen can be found at The Sage Table
A 23-year-old badass with a refined taste: Metropolis Devoured

Surf's up, catch a good one...

PS. In the market for affordable food art? I just hung my new Mattson painting on the wall and I am in love with it. By coincidence it also reminded me of this photograph by Jen Maiser taken at an old favourite haunt. It never even crossed my mind the painting would match my appliances so perfectly.

2007 | A Thoroughly Modern English Dinner Party
2006 | English Dessert Recipes
2005 | Pin-Up-Boy spices up the Chicken Tikka in my Kitchen

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Time for some Links, Methinks


  • At 24/4/08 23:44, Blogger Kitt said…

    Wow, what a perfect painting! I love it.

    Thanks for the links to explore.

  • At 25/4/08 01:05, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I can see why you were attracted to it!

  • At 25/4/08 07:39, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    really kool

  • At 25/4/08 07:54, Blogger Casey said…

    The orange appliances:so chic and so perfect with the painting. I'm sure the combination gives you a little frisson of pleasure every time you look at it.

  • At 25/4/08 08:51, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Absolutely perfect. I love it.

  • At 25/4/08 15:05, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This looks really darn cool. And thanks for the link!

  • At 26/4/08 11:10, Blogger M Mattson said…

    Wow, Teacup looks great in there! I'm so glad you like it.

    I'm sure subconsciously I had your kitchen in mind when I was painting it, in the truest cosmic sense.

    Thanks so much for taking a picture of it, and posting it (I rarely get to see paintings in their new homes)!

  • At 27/4/08 09:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love your blog; so fresh and alive. You also make me want to go buy an orange mixer. I look forward to reading more your posts!


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