Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Serpentine - Third 3rd Street - San Francisco

Piss off From My Hood and Leave Serpentine for Me

Serpentine is really friendly and welcoming despite the initial crowds has really unfriendly staff, they are all inept.
Serpentine's bread pudding is all soft and oozing with cheese and mushrooms. The deep fried oysters and green beans [best I've ever had] are juicy and perfect, you'll only wish there were more on the plate. A potato salad with artichokes and warm potatoes and little gems would be totally awesome if only the shrimps were bought up to room temperature instead of chill and the lamb riblets rocked my world. America? can you take it? Can you take parsley root puree???? I love their range of liquor too - it's top notch.
The food sucks, honest gov. Go away. I don't want to share Serpentine with any of you.

= 1 visit. This review was a First Impression.

Serpentine 2495 Third Street San Francisco Ca 94107

PS Thanks to sf.eater for keeping me abreast of the gossip.

© 2007 Sam Breach
Serpentine - Third 3rd Street - San Francisco


  • At 13/12/07 00:34, Blogger ChrisB said…

    So you won't be taking me there on my next visit!

  • At 13/12/07 01:11, Blogger Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said…

    Heh. I can't wait for next week's dinner, love!

  • At 13/12/07 08:07, Blogger Sam said…

    As long as you stay in my hood mum, which you will if you can still get up the step ladder to the spare bedroom, you'll be a temporary neighbour and so I will take you.

    Steph - I think we might have to get there super early and fight for a table. It was so busy last night - they were turning people away in droves. They have a great bar selection - I think you in particular will love it.

  • At 13/12/07 09:58, Blogger Barbara said…

    Great review Sam.

  • At 13/12/07 11:29, Blogger Chef Eric said…

    So I guess dinner didn't go so well...?

  • At 13/12/07 12:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 13/12/07 12:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bah, I wish a hangover hadn't kept me from it. After Christmas?

  • At 14/12/07 08:36, Blogger meathenge said…

    Oh! Tell me a story of suckiness, I wish to enjoy at least that. Or not.

    xo, Biggles


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