Thursday, July 26, 2007

On Speaking English

Trader Joe's probably shouldn't launch Trader Mings in the UK

(Warning. Do not follow any links in this post if you might possibly be offended.)

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But I suppose we can't have TK's for trade description - these Wonton Chips live up to their brand name. They are quite disgusting. Minging in fact.

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On Speaking English


  • At 26/7/07 20:44, Blogger Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said…

    I never knew it was a verb -- I always heard it in context of, "Wuh, she's a minger!"

  • At 27/7/07 00:43, Blogger Bonnie said…

    Hahaha thanks, Sam - that's the funniest thing I've seen all day.

    Another case of like name like nature?

  • At 27/7/07 08:45, Blogger Robyn said…, that's weird and funny. I wonder who thought that would be a good idea.

    And now I learned a new word...minging!

  • At 27/7/07 09:21, Blogger Beccy said…

    Minging is a well used word here!

  • At 27/7/07 09:49, Blogger ChrisB said…

    ahha a good scottish word I believe, now well used in urban culture!!

  • At 27/7/07 10:42, Blogger Dive said…

    To be fair, the pronunciation is different.

    One is pronounced "Meeng" (hard g) while the unsavory version is pronounced "menj".

    However, I'm sure if Tesco started selling faggots in the US we'd all be appalled!

  • At 27/7/07 13:05, Blogger MizD said…

    Oh, I like that word. I need to embrace my Scottish ancestry and adopt it immediately!

    btw, Sam, remember that 24 hours of crazed blogathonning you did last year? Heh, I bet you can't forget it, eh? Well, I am doing the same this year. Aiiee! Wish me luck!

  • At 27/7/07 19:07, Blogger Sam said…

    Kevin - you are wrong - ming, minging and ninger are al rponounced with a hard g.

    An even more unsavoury word, minge is probably what you are thinking of although I don't really think you'd want to think about that kind of thing.

  • At 28/7/07 07:49, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As a North American living in London, I get the piss taken out of me CONSTANTLY for my alternative vocabulary usages. The latest double-meaning word? mooch.
    In North America: someone who is broke and always asking for stuff
    In the UK: to have a look - or, to have a mooch.

    The most embarassing mistake I make is the trousers/pants, pants/underwear mixup. It has led to some interesting double entendres....

    Hand to Mouth
    Making Stock of the Situation
    A blog for the penniless gourmet

  • At 29/7/07 09:27, Blogger Delphine said…


    I love it.I love it even more since I'm not the one making the "double-entendre".

    Almost better than the time I translated from French "J'ai chaud"(I'm over heating) to

    "I'm hot".

  • At 30/7/07 12:34, Blogger Owen said…

    sam - but the trader ming part is pronounced ming to rhyme with sting - odd - I never noticed the ming-minge connection - TJ's has several other items branded Trader Ming as well - most of them are rather better than the wonton crisps sound

  • At 30/7/07 12:41, Blogger Sam said…

    owen - manybe you don't know this british word - it is pronounced ming as in sting??

  • At 30/7/07 18:40, Blogger Dive said…


    I stand corrected...and what a correction that is!



  • At 1/8/07 01:08, Blogger Caffienated Cowgirl said…

    I remember the first time I heard someone use the term "minger" over here...I was so clueless...and now it's one of my favorites!

  • At 23/9/07 10:05, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Becks & Posh = "Undertalented & Common as Muck"..... muck = pluck /chickens = back to food!


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