Monday, April 16, 2007

Amanda Berne at Acme Chophouse...

...She'll join me as Ambassador for Dining Out for Life to help fund The Stop Aids Project on April 26th

acme chop house

Dine at any one of the Bay Area's participating restaurants on Thursday, April 26, 2007 and 25 percent of your food bill will benefit the HIV prevention programs of the STOP AIDS Project.

Make a reservation to dine specifically at Acme Chophouse in San Francisco and you will find both me and professional food writer Amanda Berne, (formerly critic and columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle Food Section and now an editor for 10 Speed Press), working as Dining Out for Life Ambassadors, helping to raise money for this worthwhile cause. We hope that many readers will be able to join us.

Although Acme is based on the traditional steak house concept, some more modern, forward-thinking principles have been applied not only during its construction but also in its day-to-day operations.

Why Eat at Acme?
Acme is committed to local farmers, fishers and ranchers who use sustainable practices in growing, raising and harvesting their products. Acme are particularly committed to bringing Ocean conservation to the table, and work with local fisherman to keep the oceans healthy and the small fishermen viable.

Acme primarily uses organic and locally grown produce. Acme use only beef that is raised without hormones or antibiotics and is humanely handled. Some of Acme's steaks come from grass fed beef.

Acme recycles and composts its waste and we are working with PacBell park to help them have a more comprehensive recycling and composting program. Acme's cleaning materials are environmentally friendly, and all of our paper products are made from recycled and unbleached materials.

In renovating their restaurant, Acme were committed to using sustainable and non-toxic materials. Acme's flooring is Expanko Cork, a product that is recycled and recyclable. The fabric Acme used is from DesignTek and is not only toxic free and recycleable, but is manufactured in a way that is environmentally beneficial. The wood Acme used for their tables is Certified Sustainable Mahogany, and is finished with non-toxic wax.

Make a Reservation Here for April 26th

My Acme menu favourites:
The antipasto Platter which includes house-cured meats, the juicy Niman Ranch lamb chops and the wonderfully rich and totally addictive Macaroni and Cheese.

If you won't be able to join us or any other participating restaurant on April 26th, please consider making a donation to help STOP AIDS via this website instead. Donations of $25 or more will be eligible for raffle tickets to win prizes including airline tickets, hotel stays and restaurant gift certificates.

Thank you all for any support you can give.

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Amanda Berne at Acme Chophouse...


  • At 16/4/07 10:17, Blogger Lenn Thompson | said…

    I just learned about Amanda via her appearance on some random PBS Chef's show yesterday! Very cool!

  • At 16/4/07 10:46, Blogger Derrick said…

    It's really too bad I'm teaching that night. I'd love to swing by and see you all, but after class (9pm) I'll be wiped.

  • At 16/4/07 14:52, Blogger Barbara said…

    A great cause Sam. Good luck with the night.Wish I could be there.

  • At 16/4/07 17:40, Blogger Dagny said…

    Hmmm. I was thinking about going to one of my fave hangouts in Berkeley that night since they participate in Dining Out for Life each year.

  • At 17/4/07 09:06, Blogger ChrisB said…

    I'm sure it will be a successful evening soo wish I could join you, but I'll look forward to hearing all about it.

  • At 17/4/07 09:44, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • At 17/4/07 09:56, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Why don't we just bring our sleeping bags and spend the night after dinner? What a slumber party!

  • At 18/4/07 08:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    the link sam put up is just for the philadelphia metro area. go here for ALL participating restaurants or here for SF restaurants

  • At 18/4/07 17:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just made our reservation. Look forward to seeing you there!


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