Monday, February 19, 2007

Sticky Little Caramel Walnut Tarts

From Petite Patisserie, Potrero Hill, San Francisco

picture photograph of walnut tart from organic petite patisserie in poterero hill San Francisco  copyright of sam breach

My love for Petite Patisserie, the little organic bakeshop that opened on 18th Street almost six months ago, grows stronger with every visit. The walnut tart pictured above, just seconds before I gobbled it up, every last crumb, really has me hooked right now. The pastry is tender and so buttery, I could happily eat it with no filling present at all, but those sticky, gooey, toffeeish walnuts are the real draw. This patisserie is such a danger to my diet, I've almost considered moving to a different 'hood City State Country. Next time you are in Potrero, don't miss out on Petite. You'll be charmed.

Little tarts like the one above cost $4.50 each

Petite Patisserie: 1415 Eighteenth Street, Potrero Hill, San Francisco CA 94107

I have made more than three visits to Petite Patisserie.

2005 | Marmite on Toast

(PS - Have you heard about the Guinness marmite?!)

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Sticky Little Caramel Walnut Tarts


  • At 19/2/07 09:42, Blogger Clare said…

    I'll take five, to go, please. Just another reason to miss San Francisco :( .

  • At 19/2/07 10:23, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i stopped in there last week - in fact was thinking of going to portrero hill today - hopefully it'll be open - delicious!

  • At 19/2/07 10:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It looks too good to eat. It also reminds me of a pecan fudge cake I ate at Doma in NYC... ummm yummy.

  • At 19/2/07 12:52, Blogger Valentina said…

    It looks gorgeous indeed. I can imagine the crunchiness.

  • At 19/2/07 17:09, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Goodness...that looks too good...can you ship one to Boston?

  • At 19/2/07 17:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice to keep this address for indeed, the tarts look terribly good. If only I could stop by, easily!

  • At 20/2/07 01:06, Blogger ChrisB said…

    this looks soooo yummy yummy yummy

  • At 20/2/07 08:14, Blogger Sam said…

    I am sure you guys and gals over in Boston could easily make your own!

    clare you are not too far away, I am sure you could jet up and take a half a dozen back home with you.

    Alison - I hope you found them open.

    It's not too good to eat, Tim - you deserve one - you know you do.

    velentina - it is a little more gooey than crunchy - but that doesnt make it any less good I assure you.

    mum - when you come to stay i see you are going to havbe a lot of eating to do.

  • At 20/2/07 08:27, Blogger Alice Q. Foodie said…

    Ok, that does it! I am definitely going there on my next visit to San Francisco... it feels like it's time. I keep looking at the calendar, but haven't settled on a date just yet!


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