Monday, December 11, 2006

Rancho Gordo Goodies for Menu for Hope III

Courtesy of RG's Steve Sando, the following gift...

A Prize Has Never 'Bean' Better:


-6 pounds of beans of your choice
-hot sauce,
-a Rancho Gordo calendar

*Shipping in the USA only, thanks

photograph picture Menu for Hope 2Frequently Asked Questions

So, how do I bid on this Prize?
How much do the raffle tickets cost?
What is the Menu for Hope?
Where does the money go?
What are all those UW Code letters and numbers about?
What other prizes are up for grabs in this campaign? Is there somewhere I can go to see all of the prizes in list form?

Rancho Gordo Goodies for Menu for Hope III


  • At 16/12/06 21:29, Blogger Steve said…

    I wanted to make clear that I limited the US shipping only because so many countries now have weird restrictions on beans, which are seeds. Sometimes customs considers it food and sometimes not. I've ok luck with Canada and the UK but bad luck with Australia every time. If you live outside the US and want to take the chance, I'd be willing to ship it wherever you are as long as you understand there's some risk involved.

  • At 17/12/06 20:36, Blogger Sam said…

    thanks for the clarification, steve.
    I tried to come at meet you at the ferry building market last week, but you stand was unmanned at the time. Next time...


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