Monday, November 06, 2006

Yes, Boozy

Please don't expect a comprehensive post from me today. I am now wondering how it come to be that I let Fred persuade me that to attend both the Hangar One Open House and the Yield inaugural wine tasting would be a good idea? I couldn't argue with him, afterall, he said he got the idea from reading my blog. Hangar One was full of my favourites like June Taylor, Michael Rechiutti and Living Room Events who were serving The Fatted Calf. And I made a new discovery, too. Fred, who famously does not care for anything sweet, implored me that I had to try the Olé Mole cupcakes from Whiskie Bits Bakeshop. What a great find. Moist, dense, little cupcakes with a surprisingly hot chili finish. Woah! Check 'em out.

And Yield's Alsatian Varietal wine tasting was fun too. My favourite quote of the evening, which I will credit to an endearing neighbour named Susan, was "this wine makes the previous one taste like a one night stand - forgettable." I guess none of us were too keen on that Spanish Granoma Muscat Sauvignon Blanc. Chris, Yield's manager, will be hosting the wine tastings every Sunday from now on and I have a feeling I won't be too much of a stranger...

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Yes, Boozy


  • At 6/11/06 07:24, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Maybe you should have tried Beccy's 'lifeline tablets' but it sounds as if you had a good time anyway.

  • At 6/11/06 09:47, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Yay for wine tasting!!

  • At 6/11/06 14:16, Blogger Catherine said…

    Ha - love the reason you couldn't argue! The cakes look yummy and I love the idea of a chili finish.

  • At 8/11/06 23:39, Blogger Mark said…

    That was really fun :-)

  • At 11/11/06 07:24, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    mum - yes - i think she needs to send me some.

    wmm - especially after vodka tasting!

    catherine - look on there site - it seems they have one with indian spices in it too. I am intrigued!

    mark - i enjoyed your write up - except actually your photos are way better than ours. you obviously didnt drink enough vodka!


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