Sunday, November 12, 2006

What do food bloggers REALLY eat?

Because I am currently following the Weightwatchers Flexplan programme I am forced to keep a record of absolutely everything that I consume. This may seem tiresome to most people, but I actually find it totally fascinating to be able to look back over my dietary intake from week to week. I am certain that most people who love food, love to write about it and are keen to share their favourite food finds online also spend time eating things they prefer not to admit to.

So I wondered whether I might dare to actually admit publicly to everything I ate in the last week. Why not, I concluded. Afterall, if I hope that my readers respect my opinions about grub, why shouldn't I lay my eating patterns on the line? The upside, for me, is that because I am currently being a little bit more careful about trying to eat healthily my food diary is slightly more respectful than it would be during more self-indulgent periods.

Without further ado, here is a list of everything I ate in the last week. Do you dare to share your food diary too? If you do, let me know!

One slice of homemade wholewheat toast spread with a little avocado and juice of lime topped with one cup of pepper cress | At the work canteen - one cup of chicken noodle soup and a salad of lettuce, carrots, mushrooms and peas | One bowl of homemade watercress soup, another slice of toast and avocado, half a glass of red wine, Romaine salad with 1.5 rashers of Fatted Calf bacon, parmesan and vinaigrette, quarter cup of Blackberry Cabernet sorbet.
One Kiwi fruit | One bowl of homemade watercress soup and one slice of homemade wholewheat toast spread with a little avocado and juice of lime topped with one cup of pepper cress | Half a fatted calf Calabrese sausage, homemade roasted pepper and potato stew, a glass of red wine.
One Kiwi fruit | One bowl of homemade watercress soup and one slice of homemade wholewheat toast spread with a little avocado and juice of lime topped with one cup of pepper cress | An evening spent with Amy, first at Jack Falstaff for the launch of the Plumpjack Cookbook: one filo, mushroom truffle canape, one salami canape one chicken canape, one glass of white wine and then at Coco500 half a mushroom truffle flatbread, half a mixed salad with anchovies, half a vacherin dessert and another glass of white wine.
One slice of homemade wholewheat toast spread with a little avocado and juice of lime, one third of a Sofitel croissant | homemade roasted pepper and potato stew and a kiwi | Half a homemade mushroom and parmesan pizza, a glass of red wine and quarter of a cup of blackberry cabernet sorbet.
Hmm, the start of the weekend, this is where it gets dangerous. One third of a croissant, a couple of thin slivers of Fatted Calf saucisson sec | Egg raita, a slice of homemade wholemeal toast with a little butter and June Taylor Apricot Almond butter | In the evening at a Buca di Beppo dinner hosted by Fred's employers: One peach bellini, two negronis, a glass of red wine, modest spoonfuls of the following - mixed salad, calamari, pasta alfredo and tiramisu plus a small slice of margherita pizza. A nightcap at Oola - one "Drunken Tom Collins".
A very fun trip to the farmer's market with Alice Q Foodie: Four pieces of an Out the Door Spring Roll with spicy peanut dipping sauce | 4 Eclipse Chocolat truffles (a kind gift from Alice) | In the evening an impromptu invitation to dinner at the home of our kick-ass friends Jeanne and Brian who cooked us a Millennium Cookbook extravaganza: A salad of cherry tomatoes and radish topped with radicchio and figs grilled on a rosemary skewer, white bean and sausage* filo parcels on a bed of polenta with a mushroom sauce and brocolli rabe, homemade blackberry jam ice cream. A lot of red wine and a little moscato d'Asti too. (*Millennium is vegan but Jeanne used a real, meaty sausage instead).
A lump of Beaufort d'Alpage cheese | At Zuni cafe with Keiko and Matthew, Elise, Shuna, Brett & Namita, Celia and Fred: A soupcon of anchovy with celery, olives and cheese, a spoonful of grapefruit with pomegranate and honey, some Acme pain au Levain with butter, a glass of champagne, poached egg with cranberry beans and early girl and avocado toast, one whole caramel pot de creme all to myself and no sharing. For dinner tonight I am going to finish off the week with some homemade carrot soup.

So, that's my food week, what's yours?

PS My friend Jeanne is not just a fabulous cook. She also designs gorgeous clothes. With six other independent bay area designers Jeanne has organised a 'Hip for the Holidays' sale on Sunday, November 19, from 12-6pm at Canvas Gallery & Café (9th and Lincoln in SF). Check it out.

PPS - thanks to both Alice and Keiko for both bringing me lovely presents and to Elise for the homegrown pomegranate which was part of a bounty intended for a certain pastry chef, but which Shuna very kindly shared with everyone around.

2005 | Encounters at LAX
2004 | Apple Marzipan Tart for Sugar High Friday

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What do food bloggers REALLY eat?


  • At 12/11/06 19:03, Blogger Andrew said…

    OK Sam - seeing as you ask... It's Monday morning; I'll record all that I consume over the coming week and post about it next Sunday.

    This could be bloody embarrassing.

  • At 12/11/06 19:12, Blogger Sam said…

    Oops - I forgot to mention the Hot Toddy I had when I was sick.

  • At 12/11/06 19:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your graphic with the food in the thought balloons is brilliant.

  • At 12/11/06 20:57, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    I was just contemplating that very question! I'm getting back in the habit of keeping a food journal- sketch book style.

    Did you ever catch a glimpse of the Book Everything I ate By Tucker Shaw? It's a hoot... and well worth a peek.

  • At 12/11/06 21:17, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    Another thought- when you're keeping it in "good girl mode" how do you and Fred deal with sharing meals?

    Does he go healthy with you, or do you do different meals?

  • At 12/11/06 21:38, Blogger Sam said…

    Andrew - I look forward to the laugh.

    Tana - thank you - it was fun to do. I think there might be some more food animations in the future. Makes a change from trying to take pretty food photos. Less competition.

    It's such a great question - really - i was just thinking which things I was proud that I ate and which I was less so. Often it is the things that give s very short term satisfaction that we might regret afterwards. Last week the pepper stew I made and the watercress soup and the mushroom pizza gave me so much pleasure when my brain thinks it prefers chocolate. Really it doesn;t.

    About Fred (who is one of those people who can eat anything). Breakfast - he doesnt have it. Lunch - we no longer work together so I tend to take packed lunches which I can control really well.

    Evening - I do a mix. For example - I know can only have half a fatted calf sausage week and fred gets one-and-a-half and he seems quite happy. If we cook pasta together I measure my noodles and weigh my cheese allowance exactly and he goes ahead and has his usual limitless supply drowning in oil and smothered with cheese.

    If we have an omelette - i make two - i have one rasher of bacon and one egg and measured cheese - he has more bacon, more fat, more cheese.

    Things like soup or the pepper ste I made for eexample - I did put a little creme fraiche in it and then fred adds more at the table.

    The pizza I made I used parmesan only for cheese, and almost dry fried the mushrrom so they had a lot of flavour without much fat. He didn't know it was healthier than a regular pizza cos it tasted so great.

    The thing is I don't get out all the yummy things like sausages, bacon, cheese etc from my diet - I just limit the amount ofit I eat while fred has the same thing but garnished with a far larger proportion of all the wicked stuff.

    Hope that helps!


  • At 13/11/06 00:32, Blogger Alice Q. Foodie said…

    Hi Sam! My post about San Francisco is up, including our trip to the market. I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting you! I don't know how you restrained yourself among all those croissants and chocolates, but bravo anyway. For better or worse, I'm not surrounded by all of those options here at home!

  • At 13/11/06 01:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam loved the graphics. Glad Fred is not suffering for your careful eating plan.

  • At 13/11/06 01:39, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Okay....I've been watching what I eat all Summer and it's insanely boring compared the lovely things you've been 'dieting' on. Maybe this will inspire me to change things up a bit?

    My current weakness is lemon yogurt. Low fat doesn't always equal low calorie. *sigh*

  • At 13/11/06 06:49, Blogger Alanna Kellogg said…

    Good for you, still tracking points. The animation is so cool: something related to work?

  • At 13/11/06 07:03, Blogger One Food Guy said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 13/11/06 07:09, Blogger One Food Guy said…

    Hi Sam, I'm Scott, One Food Guy. This is and interesting idea that I've never been able to stick by. I too will keep track of what I eat this week and post it up on my blog, with a link back here. I've never been successful at keeping a food diary before, but here goes. Happy eating!

  • At 13/11/06 07:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great post idea - since I'm in dire need of 17 more posts in the month of November, I might just attempt to do this. Thanks, Sam! (PS your sunday lunch at zuni sounds like so much fun)

  • At 13/11/06 07:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Sam,

    Funny thing, I started tracking my food using a nifty program called Diet Power this weekend. It works with quite a few different diet tracking plans including Weight Watchers. Current theory is that simply watching will change behavior somewhat. I'm not sure I'm up to posting everything, but I'll consider it! Good luck with WW, it's a good program, and I may go to it once I've exhausted my attention span with mere observing.

  • At 13/11/06 07:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    great idea, i feel like a food voyeur now.

  • At 13/11/06 07:35, Blogger Sam said…

    And just did the weigh in - this week of eating lost me 1.5 lbs which is good cos I lost it a bit somewhere at the weekend ad exceeded my weekly points allowance!

  • At 13/11/06 08:11, Blogger krista said…

    I really like the picture

  • At 13/11/06 10:08, Blogger susan said…

    hi sam,

    great job with the weight watchers! all your meals sounds so delicious. :) i actually have been keeping track of every single thing i eat on a spreadsheet for about a year now. hehe, a nerdy thing to do but i love the organization of it all.

  • At 13/11/06 10:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lordy, just coming out of a birthday weekend, so I was off the wagon the past few days. Guess I'll have to start tracking again. Kat pointed me to, which I rather like as a nutritional tracking tool as well.

  • At 13/11/06 10:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam --

    You're a brave girl, you are, to post your food choices right in front of everybody. It's much more interesting than "What's In Your Refrigerator?".

    I've been under enormous stress and have eaten strange and unacceptable things for a week (leftover Halloween candies, risotto and a pear for breakfast, scrambled eggs and grits with lots of butter for dinner -- hardly any salads, but lots of wine and Famous Grouse). I am going to follow your lead starting today, to see whether I can get a grip, diet-wise if not emotionally. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • At 13/11/06 10:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yesterday Lunch I had a quick 'Croque-Monsieur' before heading to New York for the 'Chocolate Show'.
    For dinner Tilapia with Couscous and Corn and Peas and obviously Cheese.

    I did have a couple of chocolate bonbons from 'Madame de Sevigne' as well since I have to taste the samples I brought back from my chocolate expedition.

    I started writing about my Chocolate Show favorites today on 'Serge the Concierge'...


  • At 13/11/06 11:33, Blogger Veron said…

    I do not remember an entire weeks worth, probably if I do I would understand why I'm starting to gain weight :( .
    Saturday : wild rice risotto w/shrimps and scallops with shaved white winter truffle
    Sunday : No-Brine Turkey

  • At 13/11/06 11:45, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wine every night--you can take the girl out of britain but know. Good for you! Here's my intake so far today, though remember I am 8 hours ahead of you:
    -homemade mixed grain & nut cereal with stewed apples and maple syrup.
    -three avocado and cucumber sushi rolls
    -hot chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne pepper
    -vegetarian pad thai
    -greek yoghurt with more of those stewed apples.

    note: i have a cold, so this is actually light eating for me.

  • At 13/11/06 12:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Love the graphics Sam and your diet sounds tasty too.

  • At 13/11/06 13:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I definitely get into a food rut of easy favorites so it's great seeing what other people eat. I particularly like the avocado for breakfast idea!

  • At 13/11/06 15:14, Blogger Delphine said…

    You surely don't want to know what a pregnant woman can eat. No you don't.

    very funny graphic :)

  • At 13/11/06 19:58, Blogger Kaer Trouz said…

    I stopped with weight watchers when I learned an entire bottle of wine was 9 points (about half the 20 I was allotted), Although I originally lost 16 pounds I have only put on four since. But the new rule is, if I did not make it it does not go in my mouth (unless it is habanero doritoes or wine). And I have tiny amounts of cheese, no enriched flour, no processed food (including deli but excepting prosciutto) and protein is limted to about 16 grams a day. I am not an excersizer so that is plenty. Weight watchers drove me nuts, especially their special brand of psychosis when it came to the online forums but I am glad it is working for you.

  • At 13/11/06 21:14, Blogger Dagny said…

    I have always been fascinated by this point system since I know so many women who have gone through the program. Most of them unsuccessfully because they were unwilling to make permanent life changes. Makes it lots of fun to go out with them so that they can witness me eat endless amounts of food. But I save up for those kind of occasions. And am blessed with a pretty decent metabolism. Of course, I think the metabolism is a combo of being aware of what I put in my body from a very early age as well as metabolism.

    I would list what I've eaten but the alcohol consumed on weekends makes the whole endeavor rather nebulous.

    I do think that I might have to hit that sample sale though.

  • At 14/11/06 05:42, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    I don't wanna even think about what I ate this past weekend

  • At 14/11/06 08:38, Blogger sher said…

    I do keep a food jounal--and it can be depressing!! I accept the challenge and will do it!!!!!!!

  • At 14/11/06 09:35, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Funnily enough I decided to keep a note of what I ate around a week ago. Although I thought I wasn't doing too badly there are some terrible things here:

    Tue 7th: 1 slice muesli bread | cheese salad | spicey chicken & cous cous, 3 glasses of red wine

    Wed 8th: Croissant | dahl, cucumber salad, yoghurt | sweet potato mash, 3 chicken sausages, peas, 1 glass red wine

    Thur 9th: 1 slice muesli bread | egg, spinach, hollandaise sauce | roast chicken, pommes dauphinoise, half chocolate tarte

    Fri 10th: 2 slice muesli bread | ready meal curry | half pizza

    Sat 11: scramble and toast | cheese, ham, bread, 2 oranges | half pizza

    Sun 11: 2 pancakes | quiche, oranges | roast chicken dinner, 3 glasses red wine, 3 glasses champagne

    Mon 13: yoghurt, orange | bowl wholemeal pasta with tuna | 2 cookies, glass milk

  • At 14/11/06 10:28, Blogger Mallika said…

    Love the graphic!!

    Last week, I went on a soup and salad lunchtime diet so I could snap to a size zero. I was so hungry at work by Friday that I ate three chocolate biscuits, two muffins and a deep fried lunch. Nice!

    This food diary thing could have some super scary results for the rest of us Sam...

    Well done you for your resolve!!

  • At 14/11/06 12:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm bummed I did not see you at the plumpjack thing. I went there around 8:30pm-ish, but I guess you were gone already. There was no food there, only wine. Oh well.

  • At 14/11/06 12:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Darn, it does not let me sign off as cedichou. Well, I don't mean to be anonymous, but blogger is acting up.

  • At 14/11/06 13:07, Blogger Catherine said…

    I love your graphic, Sam! Very clever.You certainly eat well.

  • At 14/11/06 14:16, Blogger *fanny* said…

    Wish i was on WW; that would allow me to eat more than what i actually do at the moment!!!
    Oh and i see you quite like avocado on toast. I do too. Just had half an avocado + 1 slice of homemade wholewheat bread for supper. And i guess i could have this every day for every meal!

    - fanny

    PS. i tried to upload a animated gif once and the picture didn't show up. Glad to see it does work for you. Will try later.

  • At 15/11/06 09:02, Blogger helenjane said…

    Have you tried yet?
    (I find it an easy place to log all my foods -- and free!)

  • At 16/11/06 08:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    IS toast + avocado + lime juice a staple of yours or something to keep you on the straight and narrow? When I start watching what I eat, I suddenly find myself eating lots of carrot sticks with hummus. A bit the same really... Would love to participate in the challenge, but since my co-workers have no idea I have a food blog, taking pics of my deskbound lunch would definitely confirm to them that I am indeed obsessed with food... Not a compliment around here, I'm afraid.

  • At 16/11/06 16:29, Blogger Denzylle said…

    Where's the Marmite?

  • At 20/11/06 11:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh no. Compared to the amount and types of food that piggy little me consumes, your diet sounds elegantly abstemious. It's clear to me that I could NEVER post the amount of chocolate, butter, bacon, cheese, etc. that I eat all the time. I clearly have to clean up my act...

  • At 21/11/06 01:28, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love the graphics animation of you with the food! Nice work.

    I agree with Beccy, your diet plan sounds tasty!

  • At 22/11/06 13:43, Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said…

    I've replied to this one over at my site, too. Excellent idea for a post.

  • At 4/1/08 05:36, Blogger Human Microbiome Search Engine said…

    Great message. Judging by the number of comments, you've certainly gotten people's attention! Thanks!

  • At 17/6/08 02:41, Blogger Valerie said…

    Hi great idea with the food diary of a food blogger. Just started mine yesterday on


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