Friday, October 27, 2006

It's Mignardise Friday!

This little thing is no bigger than two thumbs!

2006 sugar high friday on the subject of mignardise
Dark Chocolate Weapons of Mass Enjoyment

After recently declaring my love for making mignardise, and because now I have all the necessary equipments (lots of diddly little tartlette pans), I couldn't resist the opportunity to take part in Cooksister's edition of Sugar High Friday: subject "Little Bites of Delight". Trouble is - they take so long to make, I am left with little time to write about them.

Today marks the end of the fourth week at my new job and I thought it was about time my new colleagues recognized their extra-curricular duties as my culinary guinea-pigs. So these little beauties are for them. It's a Pâte Sucrée crust taken from Pierre Hermé's recipe in The Cook's Book, filled with a dark chocolate mousse from Anita at Dessert First and topped with a shard of homemade almond praline.

Where possible I used local ingredients:
Eggs by Marin Sun Farms
Almonds by Alfieri
62% Chocolate by Scharffenberger
Butter by Straus
Creme Fraiche by Cowgirl

Sugar High Friday is a sweet International Food Blogging community online event that was started by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess.

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It's Mignardise Friday!


  • At 27/10/06 10:06, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am envious of your colleagues getting such a treat. You will be much in demand once they have tasted these. I was looking for a photo of the cocktails on the roof terrace at the Hudson for my today's post but found I didn't have one. If you have one please email so I can insert Thanks Mum

  • At 27/10/06 10:20, Blogger Owen said…

    Not to put too fine a point on it, Sam, but they should be kissing your feet on the way in and on the way out every day. Of course I know they are already doing that anyway ;-)

    On a similar subject, if you ever want to drop goodies off at 514 Bryant any time after about 9AM, please feel free to do so. I promise willing guinea pigs and a carefully written report.

  • At 27/10/06 10:29, Blogger Jeanne said…

    Oooooh, you put me to shame with those beauties... And I'm glad somebody else pointed out how damn long these little buggers take to make! I think I'd like to come and work for YOUR company, purely for the fringe benefits of your baking ;-)

  • At 27/10/06 14:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam, they look gorgeous and so delish! You are definitely invited to any of my future parties, provided you bring some of those!

    Hope the new job is going well!

  • At 27/10/06 15:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can almost taste that dark chocolate... in echoing the comments there is one more envious of your new colleagues!

  • At 27/10/06 16:09, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    They are so sweet and cute ... like you!


  • At 27/10/06 18:01, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    mmm. Looks delicious! Homemade almond pralines - that sounds especially delicious...

  • At 27/10/06 18:33, Blogger Alice Q. Foodie said…

    Hi Sam! What gorgeous little tarts! I also just started a new job, and took some homemade cinnamon rolls in for a bake sale yesterday (plus a few for my boss and favorite co-workers) They came out fine, but I think I would punch them up a bit next time around. BTW - Did you know that Hershey's owns Scharffenberger now?

  • At 27/10/06 19:14, Blogger Short Stories said…


  • At 28/10/06 00:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can almost taste the chocolate. I'm glad somebody else pointed out how damn long these little buggers take to make.

  • At 28/10/06 03:08, Blogger Bonnie said…

    These are perfect Sam. I can just imagine the mouth experience. Gorgeous!

  • At 28/10/06 03:35, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    They look so good Sam!

  • At 28/10/06 18:59, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    "my new colleagues recognized their extra-curricular duties as my culinary guinea-pigs."

    This sounds like the job I want.

    About you making inventive petit fours? I feel the way I do when I see drag queens in heels-- better them than me. so glad you are having fun with these!

  • At 28/10/06 22:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lovley Sam. I'm sorry I missed this round of SHF. It loooks fun.

  • At 28/10/06 23:26, Blogger Hungry Hedonist said…

    Looks great, as usual!

    Could I be your coworker too?

  • At 30/10/06 07:14, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Swanky! Looks great for a dinner partay ;)

  • At 31/10/06 08:18, Blogger Sam said…

    mum - well i am jealous of YOUR bramley apple cake.

    owen - I certainly don't want my feet being kissed, I can assure you, I am not up to date with my pedi
    I have l=to leave for work by 8.30 so after 9am just wont cut it with me, sorry.

    jeanne - I would gladly bake for you or anyone. thanks for hosting

    anita - yay! thank you! maybe i can help you in future since i love making these fiddly little things.

    mostly they were happy although the odd one or two dont like dark chocolate. youngsters!

    ivonne - me? cute?
    well I guess I can be on occasion, but not always.

    faith - the pralines are SO simple to make - must feature the recipe onr day.

    Alice - yes I did know about the Hershey thing but the Scharffenberger operation is still maintained locally as far as I understand it.

    Craig - yes but it is worth it, to me at least

    Jennifer - how about I let you do my job instead ;)

    bron - thank you - fun indeed

    beccy - your lot would finish them in no time

    bonnie - since i am on a diet one glorious little mouthful meant a lot to me

    shuna - I would love to share with you one day

    johanna - I think i would have to be YOUR assistant, surely.

    wmm - yes if you have the patience to make them!

    thanks everyone


  • At 31/10/06 12:56, Blogger Rachael Narins said…


    But does Scharffenberger count as local or just locally processed...hmmmm...


  • At 31/10/06 12:59, Blogger Sam said…

    well locally processed obviously.
    I shall be more precise next time.
    apologies for my ambuguity.

  • At 1/11/06 23:37, Blogger ilingc said…

    oh my do they look scrumptious! love the post on mignardise too.

    is there by chance any job openings in your company?? i'll migrate over if they'll take me! :D


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