Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Nifty Little Gadget

For Coring Tomaaaahtoes
photograph picture of a a tomato corer

When Julie visited the Bay Area from New York recently, and we had a food blogger get-together dinner in her honour, she came bearing gifts for us all. At every place setting Julie had kindly left one of these little gadgets decorated with a ribbon. I didn't have a clue what it was.

When I found out it was a tomato corer, I put it into action as soon as I could. What a great tool! Who would have known? It's so small and unassuming. Why on earth have I spent 20 odd years cutting around the tomato core inefficiently with a knife? Duh! When I noticed Posie was hosting a favourite kitchen gadgets event today over at her place, I knew I had to rush this post out and spread the tomato corer word.

Have you ever been to someone's house for dinner, only to find they are preparing you something you think that you don't like to eat? This happened to me last year in France when I was asked to help make the appetizer, a raw mushroom and tomato salad. I love mushrooms, except raw, and the combination didn't sound potentially good to me. Later I ended up eating my words as well as my salad, when the results were much better than expected. Delicious in fact. The trick is to marinate the mushrooms for at least half an hour in your favourite vinaigrette. In this household we favour a very spicy, mustardy dressing, strong on the vinegar. The mushrooms loose their raw texture after taking on the marinade. Serve with tomatoes and top with snipped chives.

photograph picture of a how to make recipe for mushrooms vinaigrette with tomato and chives

PS For more great kitchen gadget ideas check Utensibility and Posies Place.

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A Nifty Little Gadget


  • At 9/9/06 13:02, Blogger Kalyn Denny said…

    Ok, I must have one of those!

  • At 9/9/06 13:39, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam I am going to see if I can get one of those in England otherwise you will have to send me one. We have managed to grow a few tomatoes this year and they taste fantastic

  • At 9/9/06 16:29, Blogger anni said…

    A few years back, a friend and I were scouring a flea market. My friend picked up one of these and asked what it was for. We spent a few minutes speculating until the gentleman selling the item told us what it was. He also suggested it can be used on potatoes and melons. He was asking $.10 for it, a dime, ten pennies, two nickles. My friend passed it up. She thought it was too much for the asking considering she could always use her knife. I put down my dime and slipped it into my pocket. Didn't think twice.
    I'm gonna head out to the garden, pick some tomatoes and use my corer.
    You're so fun, Sam.
    Anni :-)

  • At 9/9/06 17:07, Blogger Kitchen Monkey said…

    Hey Sam. I've been out of the food blog loop for almost a year now on account of the first year of law school. But my mid-year resolution is to start posting again and start reading up on all the foodblogs I used to enjoy. I have to say, you've done really cool things with your site since the last time I looked at it. Keep it up. Cheers.

  • At 9/9/06 17:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    a tomato corer?? I've never seen or heard of these before, but my god do I want one. could use it to make stuffed tomatoes!

  • At 9/9/06 18:31, Blogger Erin S. said…

    this also works wonders for hulling strawberries (largish ones of course).

  • At 10/9/06 07:36, Blogger Charlotte said…

    I've been making do with my apple corer, but now I want one. It's a lot neater.

  • At 10/9/06 17:16, Blogger Alice Q. Foodie said…

    The guy who comes to our culinary school to sell knives calls these "tomato sharks." They are indispensable in the professional kitchen because they reduce food waste - no more cutting off the top third of a tomato to get rid of the core. I didn't buy one at first, but after seeing how neat and easy they are I got one at the start of this class (

  • At 10/9/06 19:46, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    Looks like a tourture device!! lol

  • At 12/9/06 22:44, Blogger Catherine said…

    aren't they great! what a wonderful tool!

  • At 13/9/06 14:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    kalyn - they are some times called a tomato shark if you need to search for them online.

    mum - STOP! I bought you one. Will send it over.

    Anni - that is a really really great story - thanks for sharing Anni!

    kitchen monkey - i remember you!!!!
    I will add your site to my rss reader - welcome back!

    ellie - its a bit small for making a stuffable hole, but perfect for removing the core.

    erin - strawberries as large as tomatoes? ;)

    charlotte - its definitely worth the investment I think. I wonder how I ever lived without it.

    alice q - you are a wise woman. thanks for alerting me to the sharks name - that is how they were labelled at sur la table.

    wmm - remind me not to ever get stuck in a dungeon with you!

    catherine, yes, yes...YES!


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