Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Small Potatoes" shuts shop

click on photo to enlarge & read the farewell note

Wallace Condon's last ever day at the farmers market. Last chance, today, to duplicate my recent garlic tasting.

[sent from my cell phone]
"Small Potatoes" shuts shop


  • At 26/8/06 11:01, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am SO bummed!! Wonder if they will open up shop in the East Bay, or at least be represented at the annual Gilroy Garlic festival?

  • At 26/8/06 11:07, Blogger Sam said…

    they were collecting email addresses at the market, Payal, with a thought they might be able to sell by mail order?

    I was there before 9am and they already had over 65 email addresses!

  • At 29/8/06 09:06, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love how well you have taken to blogging from the cell phone. I never made it to the market, but this note was really very nice. I think I would have liked shopping there.


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