Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thank Goodness for the French!

I LOVE the French

Can you imagine a world without Frenchness? It would be sorry place.

Thank Goodness for the French!


  • At 1/7/06 16:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh. My. God. I can't believe that game!

    I have to say, I was cheering for Brazil... but they played like crap. France completely deserved the win. France all the way, baby!

  • At 1/7/06 16:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Felicitations to you and Fred. Vive la France! (p.s. Read about the game, didn't actually watch it, thus continuing my happy oblivion...)

  • At 1/7/06 17:30, Blogger Delphine said…

    Thanks godness, one English girl loves us

    "on est sauve!!"
    I'm sorry for England. I swear I would have support them with you.

  • At 1/7/06 17:44, Blogger Helene said…

    I had demanded (!) that huby call me at work evry 30 minutes since I could not watch it. I am sure that half the gym did not realize why I was screamning at the phone!
    Sorry for England...

  • At 1/7/06 17:45, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    on a gagné! On a gagné!!

    I actually did not get to see the game until tonight as we were hiking!
    BUT on the way back down, put the radio on, no connection, and saw people in the street and overheard the name "Zidane". So we rushed to them to ask. Who won????

  • At 1/7/06 20:45, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what a game, sammie!!!!

  • At 1/7/06 22:42, Blogger Hungry Hedonist said…

    That was quite a game! I knew it was over for Brazil after the first (and only) goal.

    The England game was another story. A game decided by penalty kicks is so vexing.

    Sam, do you work/live by Cafe Bastille? I work a few minutes from there; we should do lunch.

  • At 2/7/06 03:52, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Qui ne saute pas n'est pas français hey !

    (who doesn't jump is not French, hey _ or something like that !)

    On est les champions, on est les champions, on est, on est, on est les champions ............... _ you don't need a translation, do you ?!

    A French happy girl

  • At 3/7/06 10:24, Blogger Sam said…

    L. Cheering for Brazil? BRAZIL? That'll teach you ;) I am with the underdogs - would that be les sous-chiens en Francais?

    Catherine - watching that particular game was probably bemorefun than reading it, especially at cafe bastille!

    Del4yo - I was pretty surprised to see the girl who doesnt like soccer turn up for the game. Will you be there on wednesday too?

    Helene - it must have ben annoying to have to work during the game. England only have themselves to blame.

    Bea - in deed you won. Now can you ensure they do it to portugal again on Wednesday.

    Gibby is that you?

    Jennifer - I can do lunch - but maybe wednesday isnt a good idea. And somewhere else than Bastille! I go there all the time!!!

    elodie - you beat brazil, but now implore you - please beat the portugese and then go on to win the final too. thanks!


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