Friday, June 16, 2006

Where to Watch World Cup Football in San Francisco?

Couleur Cafe, 300 DeHaro St, San Francisco, CA 94103

**UPDATE** July 07: Check here for updates about where to watch the world cup final 2006 between France and Italy in San Francisco on Sunday July 9th.

*UPDATE* Watch France play also at Cafe Bastille


Watch England play at Mad Dog in the Fog.

photograph picture couleur cafe san francisco world cup football 2006

Top right, the man who helped me name my blog, David Beckham, England's captain.

It's not the manner in which I am accustomed to watching Eng-er-land play world cup football. A cramped pub, full of excited fans, decked out in the team's colours of red and white, lots of beer, cheering and chanting is what I am more used to.

Yesterday we decided to watch the game at our local French Cafe. At 9am in the morning, biting nails over a bowl of cafe au lait with fresh baguette and merguez sausages was an unusual way to see the match. Just a handful of well-dressed Brits, who had perhaps snuck out of their offices for a very early lunch, watched on tenterhooks as England very slowly managed to clinch a win over Trinidad and Tobago, ensuring a place in the next stage of the tournament. I think that deserves a chilled glass of 1664! How very civilised? Maybe... but, of course, we all hollered and screamed when the necessary goals were scored.

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Where to Watch World Cup Football in San Francisco?


  • At 16/6/06 10:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice to see a shot of they blog namesake, now if only you had one of Skinny Ass Spice to go along the cameo would be complete!

  • At 16/6/06 11:49, Blogger Lea said…

    Grats on the win! =)

    I know my Dave had to watch his on his lunch break in his office break room. I feel so bad for him knowing his favorite sport is so diminutive in this country, and he shares his excitement with only one other person (from Iraq) in his entire office.

  • At 16/6/06 13:58, Blogger Monkey Gland said…

    They left it a bit late as far as I was concerned! And poor old Lampard had a 'mare.

    Still Spain won 4 - 0, so I ran around the office hollerin' like a loon!

  • At 16/6/06 16:48, Blogger Owen said…

    Engerlund, engerlund, engerlund!
    Engerlund, engerlund, engerlund,....

    Look for an illegal chinese app called TVU that lets you stream ESPN to your office computer. I never told you this...

  • At 17/6/06 01:45, Blogger gagatka79 said…

    I watched Brazil with Chroatia over a splendid hot chocolate with orange flavoured whipped cream and that was nice. Yesterday I went through a terrible flu so nothing really tasted well - even those 6 shots from Argentine...:(

  • At 19/6/06 05:09, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Googled on places to view the world cup in SF.... and hey I'm swedish so we'll be facing you guys on tuesday at 12pm. I'm Really looking forward on that game but i'd rather see it as a lonely swede in a brit-pub than with a baguette in my hand in some cafe. Any tips on good places in SF that shows the games? =)

    Good luck on tuesday!

    one a sidenote, ill check out that app you were talking about owen, thanks ;) I've also heard about another asian software called PPLive thats supposed to be streaming the game live

  • At 19/6/06 11:19, Blogger Sam said…

    Anon - how about The Chieftan in SoMa? That's where I watched the Rugby World Cup and it is suitably pubby.

    I would like to wish your country luck, but, well, when you are the opposing team I am not sure if I can...

  • At 19/6/06 16:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey thanks Sam. I'll check that one out, seems good. I might wear something gray and tone down my swedish accent while going tho hehe.

    Feel you with the wishing for luck thing-but hey your coach is Swedish so it might be a little bit easier for me. If not Sweden, England is definitely the team im routing for in the World Cup.

    And on another random sidenote, in the same way i found my way here. I saw in your profile that you're a VFX artist in SF. Im doing 2d and currenlty Im looking for work in the area.. so if the place you're at needs someone with my knowledge
    here's some of my work;
    ...hehe not so anonymous anymore -_- Not meaning to put any pressure on you.. just surfing the random wave.

    okay thanks again and hmm... have a good tuesday!


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