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This Post is for Me, not for You!

Spring Cleaning the Pantry

photograph picture unidentified spices

The mystery spice. Indian? Can anyone tell me what it is? Could it be fenugreek seeds? I am flumoxed. Click to enlarge for a better view.

I have some spare time on my hands so I started spring cleaning. Always the procrastinator, I started with the thing that would please me [as much as spring-cleaning can please anyone], rather than do the thing I ought to do first. My mother wants some information, that is scribbled on a napkin that I believe is in a bag of papers that really needs to be sorted. But who wants to sort through papers when there is a pantry, full of food, that needs to be dealt with as well?

I am afraid I got rather anal about my tidying endeavour. I decided to make a list of every item I had in the pantry plus all the jars of stuff in the fridge. I found the exercise to be theraputic, totally satisfying and, not least, very useful. I am sure no one else in the world has the slightest bit of interest, but I can assure you, the following list totally fascinates me. I don't need to go to Wholefoods ever again, I can 'shop' for ingredients in the comfort of my own home. There are food items I didn't even realise I owned. There are even some that I don't know what they are! I simply can't recommend this exercise enough, you should try it sometime. Now, please excuse me, whilst I work out which of these things am I going to cook for dinner tonight...?

Sherry Vinegar(vinagre de Jerez) - Roble Viejo - 25cl - unopened
malt vinegar - Gilway - 19.2 flo oz (568ml) - half-full
Balsalmic (Apple/Pomegranate) - Hare Hollow - 250ml (8.45 fl oz) - 85% full
Rice Vinegar - Marukan - 12 fl oz (355ml) - 90 % full
Red wine vinegar (Cabernet Sauvignon) - Kimberley - 12.7 fl oz (375ml) - 40% full
Distilled White vinegar - heinz - 32 fl oz 946 ml - 60% full
Verjus de Perigord - Verjus - .75 L - 90% full
Sherry Vinegar(vinagre de Jerez) - La Bodega - 750 ml (25 fl oz) - unopened
Red Wine Vinegar - Vilux - 750 ml (25 fl oz) - 60% full
Champagne Vinegar - O - 200 ml (6.8 fl oz) - 70 % full

lemon pepper oil - Boyajian - 8fl oz (236 ml) - 80% full
CA Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fall '05 - Bariani - 65% full
CA Sevillano Olive Oil - Sciabica - 5fl oz (147 ml) 5 % full
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Santa Chiara - 0.9 flo oz (500ml) - unopened - gift from Penny
Black Truffle Oil - Italian no brand - 55ml - 35% full - gift from Violaine
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Truffle - Casina Rossa - 100ml (3.5 fl oz) - gift from Penny
Roasted Almond Oil - La Tourangelle - 0.9 flo oz (500ml) - 95% full
EV Olive Oil - Puget - 30 floz - approx (Fred's Favourite, need more)
Virgin Coconut Oil - made in Indonesia - 4 floz - unopened

Sauces & Syrups & Essences
Pomegranate Concentrate - Carlo - 375 ml- 80% full
Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce - 10 fl oz (296 ml) - unopened
100% Organic Maple Syrup - Blis - 375 ml - 80% full
Golden Syrup - Lyles - 11 floz - 90 % full
Hot Chocolate Sauce with Chilli - Linns of Cambria CA - 150 ml - unopened (gift from zoe)
3 x nested coffee syrups - Wild Appetite - 50 ml each - unopened (gift from Zoe)
Rose Water - Ahmed - 250 ml - barely opened (don't like this product much)
fond de veau - Maggi - 110g - unopened (import from France)
Light Corn Syrup - karos - 16fl oz - 20% full
pure vanilla extract - Nielsen Massey - 4fl oz - 50% full
peppermint flavor - simply organic - 2fl oz - 75% full
Almond Extract - Star Kay WHite - 4 fl oz - 80% full
pure rose extract - Star kay White - 4 fl oz - 70% full
chocolate extract - Star kay White - 8 fl oz - 80% full
Organic rose water - Benedetta - 80ml - 99% full

orzo pasta - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in jar
couscous - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in jar
organic breadcrumbs - Edward & Sons - 15 oz - 40% full
wholewheat Panko Breadcrumbs - Ian's - 9 oz - 50% full
Instant Oatmeal - Arrowhead Mills - 12.5 oz - 3 boxes
Steel Cut Oats - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in jar
Cellophane noodles - China Bowl Select - 3.75 oz - 40 % full
Spaghetti - Garofalo - 500g / 17.6 oz - 50 % full
Spaghetti Barilla 454g / 1 lb - 50% full
Sushi Rice - Lundberg Family Farms - 2lb - 50% full
CA white basmati - Lundberg Family Farms - 2lb - unopened
wild red rice - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in bag
Spring Rolls Skin - Golden Pacific Inc - 24 oz - 75% full
risotto rice - unknown - unknown - loose in jar, very small amount

red lentils - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in jar
Green Lentils - Sabarot - 500g - unopened
Green Lentils - unknown - unknown weight - loose in jar

Canned and Boxed
Lite Coconut Milk - Thai Kitchen - 14fl oz - unopened
fat free mushroom broth - Health Valley - 14 fl oz - unopenend
Vegetarian French Onion Soup - ShariAnn's - 14 fl oz - unopened
Spaghetti - Heinz - 130g - unopened
Organic Vegetable Broth - Imagine - 15fl oz - unopened
Light Shredded Vegetable Suet - Atora - 250g - unopened (British import)
Dahi Vada mix - Gits - 200g - unopened (from Bombay Bazaar)

Jams, Preserves, Honeys & Spreads
Dried Fig Compote - The Girl and The Fig - 10 oz - unopened (gift from Amy)
Boysenberry COnserve - June Taylor- 8 oz - unopened
Medlar Jelly - Parrett Preserves - 340g unopened (British imported)
Paradise jelly - Bakerina Kitchens - 8 oz - unopened
Alfafa California Honey - Meeks Honey - 1 lb 8 oz - 50% full
Hawaiian Organic White Honey with Ginger - 8 oz - 90% full (gift from Alan)
Honey and Cranberries - Worker Bee - 250g - unopened (gift from Lynette)
Preserved Meyer Lemons - homemade - unknown weight - jar 50% full
apple apricot sauce - santa cruz organics - 5 x 4oz - unopened
yeast extract - Marmite - 125g - 90% full

Dried Fruits and Vegetables
Organic Pacific Sushi Nori - Emerald Cove - 9oz - 50% full
Organic Black Mission Figs - Woodstock Farms - 10 oz - 90% full
Dried Orange Slices - from SF farmers market origin - unknown weight - loose in bag
Dried red chili peppers - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in jar
Ancho chillis - Tierra - unknown weight - loose in bag
Coconut Flakes - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in jar (small amount)
Dessicated Coconut - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in jar (large jar)
Dried rose petals - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in jar (small amount)
Dried Chipotle Peppers - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in bag (smallish amount)
100% organic sweetcorn - sensible foods - 21g - unopened (gift from Amy)
ground dried candy cap mushrooms - far west funghi - weight unknown - half a spice jar?

Herbs & Spices
Dry Bay Leaves - unknown origin - unknown weight - loose in bag (large quantity)
English Mustard Powder - Colman's - 4 oz - 90% full
Mulling Spices - unknown origin - 4oz - 10% full
madagascar cloves - wholefoods - 1oz - 90% full
saffron - unknown origin - unknown weight - small box
mixed peppercorns - Morton & Bassett - 2.1 oz - 10% full
onion seeds - unknown origin - 2 x spice jar - 90% full
cayenne or chilli pepper - unknown origin - 1 spice jar - 40% full
tumeric - wholefoods - 1 oz - 25% full
ground nutmeg - McCormick - 31 g - 80% full
caraway seeds - unknown origin - 1 jam jar - 60% full
ground white pepper - unknown origin - 1 spice jar - 5% full
Cinnamon sticks - The Spice Hunter - 6 sticks - n/a
mustard seeds - unknown origin - 1 spice jar - 40% full
le moulin 5 baies - ducos - 1 spice jar - 80% full
white pepper corns - unknown origin - 10% full
dried thyme - wholefoods - 1 spice jar - 50% full
fennel seeds - wholefoods - 1 spice jar - 60% full
fenugreek leaves dried - unknown origin - 1 spice jar - 90% full
ground ginger - Gourmet collection - 1 spice jar - 40% full
coriander powder - house of trading international - 7oz - 60% full
cumin powder - house of trading international - 7oz - 50% full
asafoetida - Gaay - 50g - unopened
wasabi powder - eden - 25g - 75% full
garlic powder - rajah - 3.5 oz - 90% full
cayenne pepper - morton and bassett - 1 spice jar - 98% full
crushed red pepper - spice islands - 1 spice jar - 70% full
whole nutmegs - wholefoods - 1 spice jar - 90% full
vietnamese cinnamon - wholefoods - 1 spice jar - 90% full
ground allspice - morton & bassett - 1 spice jar - 99% full
cumin seed - morton and bassett - 1 spice jar - unopened
ground coriander - wholefoods - 1 spice jar - 20% full
garam masala - wholefoods - 1 spice jar - 50% full
pimenton de la vera - El Rey - 75g - 90% full
juniper berries - origin unknown - 1 spice jar - 15% full
homemade crushed chili pepper - homemade - 1 tsp - 1 tsp only
ground cumin - unkown origin - 1 spice jar - 60% full
whole green peppercorns - morton & bassett - 1 spice jar - 50% full
whole cardamom - wholefoods - 1 spice jar - 95% full
fleur de sel whit smoked red pepper - guerande - 1 little bag - 90% full (gift from laura)
fleur de sel - guerande - 500g - 80% full
whole allspice - McCormick - .75 oz - 90% full
tandoori mix - the occasional gourmet - 1 sachet - unopened (gift from Amy)
ground cardamom - McCormick - 1 spice jar - 90% full
seasalt - Baleine - 2 x 1 lb - 1 x 50% full, 1 x unopened
garam masala - unknown origin - large pouch - unopened
cardamom seeds - unknown origin - large pouch - unopened
whole black peppercorns - unknown origin - bag-full - unopened
whole coriander seeds - House of trading International - 7oz - 90% full
dried mint leaves - unknown origin - unknown weight - small bag full
Hungarian Paprika - Szegeo - 50z - 30% full
Poppy Seeds - Morton & Basset - 1 spice jar - 50% full
8 cinnamon sticks unknown origin - in a jar - n/a
more cinnamon sticks - unknown origin - in a sealed pouch - unopened
sesame seeds not hulled - santos - 8oz - 70% full
cayenne? - unknown origin - unknown weight - n/a
Kasoori Methi - Peacock - 8oz - 50% full
Sea Salt - Maldon - 250g - 50% full

Flours & Powders
Besan Gram Flour - Santos - 2lbs - 90% full
Unbleached all purpose flour - King Arthur - 2 x 5lbs - 1 bag unopened, 1 bag 50% full
Pastry Flour - Arrowhead Mills - 2 lbs - 75% full
100% organic wholewheat flour - Arrowhead Mills - 2lbs - 50% full
Bread Soda - Shamrock - 500g - unopened (imported from Ireland)
Cornstarch - Kingsford's - 2 x 1 lb - each approx 50% full
corn meal - Quakers - 1lb - 40% full
pure baking soda - Arm & Hammer - 1 x 1lb, 1 x 8oz - 80% full & unopened
baking powder - rumford - 4 oz - 90% full
cream of tartare - origin unknown - weight unknown - a little bagful

Organic Ground Cane Sugar - Alter Eco Fair Trade - 1 lb - 30% full
Unrefined unbleached organic whole cane sugar - Rapunzel - 24 oz - 60% full
Bakers Sugar - C&H - 2 x 4lbs - 1 x unopened, 1x 8-% full
Pure Cane Sugar Cubes - C&H - 2 x 1lb - 1 unopened 1 x 50% full
Organic Powdered sugar - wholesome- 1 lb - 20% full
Organic powdered sugar - hain pure foods - unopened

Confections & things
Cocoa powder - Valrhona - .26 lb - 65% full
Cocoa powder - Scharffen Berger - 6 oz - 40% full
Cacao Nibs - Scharffen Berger - 6 oz - 98% full
62% Semisweet chocolate - Scharffen Berger - 5oz - total weight
unflavoured gelatin - Knox - 2 x 1 oz boxes - each 4 envelopes unopened
Pectin - Pomona's - 1oz - 50% full
party decoratifs - India tree - 3.5 oz - unopened
Food colourings - green, blue, yellow, peach, fuchsia, holiday-red.
cake decorations - sliver and gold balls - gift from Lynette
cake decorations - sliver, blue, pink & green balls - gift from Beccy

Nuts and seeds

Organic Almond Slices - Lagier Ranches - 1 lb - unopened 90% full
Dry Roasted Unsalted Peanuts - Safeway - 16 oz - unopened
whole pecans - wholefoods - weight unknown - small handful only
Extra Fancy Mixed nuts - Kirkland - 40 oz - 50% 20%full (party leftovers, most of cashews picked out)
white sesame seeds, hulled - origin unknown - 1 jam jar full - 100% full
sesame and sea vegetable seasoning - Eden - 2.5 oz - 50% full

Coffees and Teas & Beverages

Tasters Choice - Nescafe - 4oz - 30% full
tea Bags - Tetley - 2 x 120 bags - 1 x unopened, 1 x 50% full (British import)
Ceylon looseleaf Dimbula - HR Higgins - 125g - unopened
India looseleaf Sikkim - HR Higgins - 125g - unopened
Tradition afternoon tea, loose leaf - Twinings - 125g - unopened (British import)
Green tea selection - origin unknown (japanese) - weight unknown - (gift from Keiko)
looseleaf earl grey tea - Twinings - weight unknown - half a tea caddy full
looseleaf ceylon tea - Mariage Freres - 3oz - 30% full(gift from Del & Presd)
Hot Chocolate - Jacques Torres - weight unknown - (gift from Catherine)

Processed Foods
custard powder - Bird's - 300g - 90% full (British import)
Peanut Cookies - Hellema - 175g - unopened (imported via Britain)
digestives - McVities - 300g - unopened (British import)
Angel Delight - Bird's - 47g per pack - 12 packs, various flavours (British Import)
organic water crackers - wholefoods - 5.3oz - unopened
Biltong - cruga - weight unclear - unopened - gift from Jeanne
Hot Oat Cereal - Ready Brek - 2 x 250g - 1x unopened 1 x 50 % full
zupa wisniowa - Winiaty - 50g - unopened pack (gift from Lynette)
1 packet Walkers roast chicken crisps (gift from Zoe, British important)
several bags of olde-fashioned English sweeties including sherbert pips and rhubarb and custards - (gift from Zoe, British important)
Bistro Bar - 2 x chocolate Moderne bars - (gift from Julie)

Misc Jars in the fridge
English Devon Double Cream - 2 x 6 oz - unopened (longlife)
pure ghee - Mohan - 8 oz - 70% full
chipotle en adobo - homemade - small jar - 40% left
veggie chutney - homemade unknown origin - unopened
dried fig spread - dalmatian - 8oz - 10% full
Gloucester honey - peter grudgings - 4oz - 50% full (British imported)
worcestershire sauce - lea & perrins - 50z - 50% full
chicken tikka paste - homemade - half a jar
red curry paste - thai kitchen - 4oz - unopened
fish sauce - thai kitchen - 7 oz - 60% full
hot sauce - choula - 6 oz - 70% full
minced ginger - the ginger people - 6.7 oz - 80% full
tamarind concentrate - neera's - 5oz - 95% full
demi-glace gold - more than gourmet - 1.5 oz - unopened
preserved lemons - mustapha's moroccan - 2lemons - unopened
silken lite tofu - mori-nu - 12.3 oz - unopened
lavender jelly - sage kitchen - 190ml - unopened (gift from Liz)
organic apricot jam - wholefoods - 12oz - 80% full
toasted sesame oil - eden - 5oz - 50% full
organic veganaise - follow your heart - 16 oz - 95% full
concentrated mushroom stock - aromont - 7.4 oz - unopened
clementine marmalade - june taylor - 8oz - unopened
spicy honey mustard - homemade, Voigt family - 1 jar - 95% full
blood orange marmalade - june taylor - 8oz - unopened
orange marmalade - bonne maman - 13 oz - 60% full
lemon curd - duerr's - 1.25oz - unopened
Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce - 10 fl oz (296 ml) - 25% full
cornichons - maille - 7.5oz - 50% full
smoky chile jam - Tierra - 12 oz - 10% full
sweet red chile jam - unknown, Alemany farmers market - 1 jar - 90% full
Medlar Jelly - Parrett Preserves - 340g - 90% full (British imported)
veloute - Maille - 2 x 385g - 1x 10% full, 1 unopened 95% full
page mandarin marmalade - june taylor - 8oz - unopened 70% full

PS - Do I feel anyway ashamed about the items I found in my pantry? No,not at all, I'll come right out and admit it - both good things and bad things happen in there.

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  • At 14/6/06 09:14, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    That is one heck of an organized list....mostly I wing what I try to remember in my pantry :)

  • At 14/6/06 09:14, Blogger virtuallyeric said…

    Holy moly! And here I thought that I had a well stocked pantry!!

  • At 14/6/06 09:32, Blogger Dolores said…

    Maybe I'm odd (okay, I *am* odd) but I found this post both fascinating and inspirational. I'm not sure what I'll find in an inventory of my pantry, but I think I'm going to spend part of the weekend finding out. :)

  • At 14/6/06 09:43, Blogger Meredith said…

    I'm almost postive that those are fenugreek seeds.

    I usually try to keep of list of what's in my pantry on the inside of the door so I don't end up buying my fourth pouch of cumin because I can't find the previous 3 that I purchased. This reminds me that now would be an excellent time to go through my lists.

  • At 14/6/06 09:43, Blogger Marc said…

    The mystery spice looks like fenugreek seeds to me, a key flavoring in Indian cuisine. It can be fun and tasty to sprout the seeds, then plant them in some soil and let them grow into greens (about 4-6" tall). After harvesting them in a few weeks, cook them with potatoes (cut potatoes in quarters or eighths, cook in oil or ghee in skillet until golden brown, then mix in the washed fenugreek greens, cover and cook until greens are wilted. Finally, toss in some garam masala.).

  • At 14/6/06 11:30, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    Well My God Woman!!!

    I actually did this at a house I lived at a few years ago. My roommates were even more scared of OCD that they had ever been!

    And really I don't think i have ever seen so many "dry" goods but in a restaurant.

    So.... when will you be having us over for dinner?

  • At 14/6/06 12:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    100% those are fenugreek seeds. We make tea out of them for head colds. Also good freshly ground in indian curries.

  • At 14/6/06 12:57, Blogger Rachael Narins said…

    that is amazing. I am amazed. and my ultra food-centric compulsive self is dying to run to the larder and do the same...

    as for the spice, it looks like fenugreek to me too...

  • At 14/6/06 13:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yup, fenugreek seeds.

    I recently reorganized my spices, too. It's very therapeutic and oddly rewarding. Much better than sorting papers.

    Have you ever considered opening up a little gourmet grocery store? Looks like you've got a good start on one! I know a few neighborhoods that could use such a shop.

  • At 14/6/06 14:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for the text with the info; and how much do you have to throw out because its out of date thats what I end up doing; its very satisfying once its done that will be one of my jobs when I retire in Sept!!

  • At 14/6/06 15:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is it the quiet season in the film industry? You obviously have far too much time on your hands.

  • At 14/6/06 17:33, Blogger Anne said…

    Oi yoi yoi! This list reminds me that I, too, must clean out my pantry and I wouldn't be surprised if the list was as long as yours. It's scary- I hope I don't find anything truly outdated back there...thanks for the post.

  • At 14/6/06 17:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Another vote for fenugreek seeds.

    I'm glad I could help pare down the jars in your fridge. ;-p

  • At 14/6/06 18:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wow! wish you were my neighbour! i'd be over all the time :)

    and yep, pretty sure they sre fenugreek seeds below and i can vouch for them being tasty as sporuted seeds too

  • At 14/6/06 19:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  • At 14/6/06 19:54, Blogger Dive said…


    Take those dried figs and lightly puree them. Mixe them with finely chopped Morrocan black olives (ie., the oily, salt cured kind) and serve with those pecans that you'll toast in oil made from taking those dried orange peels and infusing them in your virgin coconut oil (for at least 24 hours) alongside the lavender jelly and some watercrackers.

    There's your first nibbler.

    For a salad,

    Buy some carrots. Shred them. Take that shredded coconut and toast it. Over a medium high heat, add your mustard seeds to the hot ghee and wait for them to start popping and then add your shredded carrots. Stir quickly, then add the coconut and mix.

    Let cool down to room slightly above room temp and then top lightly with the Maldon salt.

    So you don't like the rose water. Have you thought about using it to scent your bath?

    Extra nuts and sugars and stuff? Ever think about grinding them down and using them to exfoliate with?

    Ground nuts are great!

    (ok, I'm a big fag, I know. Guilty!)


    And those seeds are fennel.

    (ok, no, they're fenugreek)

  • At 14/6/06 20:28, Blogger Tea said…

    Thank you for making me feel better about my alarming collection of vinegars, which only seems to be growing. It's nice to know that I am not alone. I would like to be your neighbor as well. I was in need of some asafoetida just the other day...

    Dare I ask if you are going to alphabetize the list?:-)

  • At 14/6/06 22:16, Blogger Civic Center said…

    Do not alphabetize the list. That way lies madness.

    But wow, I'm totally impressed, on all kinds of levels.

  • At 14/6/06 22:38, Blogger Delphine said…


    You've got everything but bonito flakes.

    Want some?

  • At 14/6/06 23:58, Blogger Stephanie said…

    This is brilliant!

    I've been wanting to do something like this for ages; well, the listing part, not so much the cleaning...

  • At 15/6/06 08:39, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Those are fenugreek seeds, I believe. Chew one up. If it's bitter and has an after taste of fake maple syrup flavor (and are very very hard) then that's what they are! They are actually used to make fake maple syrup flavor so that's why the similarity in taste. You can sprout them to get methi greens too.

    I have no list, but once a year - around the new year - I cleanj out my pantry. Throw away old stuff, consolidate partial packages and reorganize. It always feels good. Plus then I can find things and know what I have!

  • At 15/6/06 08:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh, one more thing..."Lite" coconut milk is just trash. usually just thinned down and includes rice flour to make it look thicker and more white. I highly, highly recommend throwing it away and buying a good brand. My favorite is Chaokah, but Bangkok is also good as is Mae Ploy. You can find those at either SE Asian markets or Ranch 99.

    There have been a lot of studies lately about how coconut oil is a fat that is actually good for you - contrary to its "bad" reputation - it contains lauric acid in high proportions (this is also found in breast milk). OK, it is a bit high in calories, but you don't have to eat it every day...

    Anyhow - give the lite stuff to a food bank or toss it.

  • At 15/6/06 09:35, Blogger Unknown said…

    OMG, gurl, I wish I had your problems. I think I have milk, forzen peas, and baking soda in my fridge since it broke down. Had to clean the whole darn thing out.

  • At 15/6/06 10:31, Blogger Lea said…

    That mystery spice.... looks like hampster terds to me!!!

    Did you taste one?

  • At 15/6/06 10:37, Blogger Guy said…

    Your pantry totally kicks my pantry's ass.
    I'm doing pretty darned well though and considering how the nicer weather today is doing my psyche, I may just get back in the kitchen.


  • At 15/6/06 12:42, Blogger Sam said…

    wmm - well i was winging it too, until a couple of days ago. it was an eye opener, that's for sure.

    eric - it's kind of vergin on embarassingly well stocked, no?

    culinary curious - well they obviously don't call you curious for nothing, eh? :)

    meredith - a list on the door sounds good, but now i think a list on my blog is even better cos them I can access it from work if i need to shop on the way home!

    marc - ooh - thanks for the sprouting tips and the solid info!

    shuna - trouble is I dont have any produce to go with. I will try and work up to cooking you dinner.

    Img - thanks for the cold remedy tip. Hopefully I wont need to use it until the winter comes around.

    Rachael - I hope you are going to post the results - I am kind of intrigued about other peoples' pantries!

    Brett - it's too bad I don't actually have any neighbours to take advantage of me!

    Mum - do you still have those nutmegs that have been in your cupboard all my life? DOn't forget I am 40 years old now!!!

    Barbara - if only you knew. Have fun with Elise!

    Tokyoastrogirl - please let me know if you decide to do a pantry post! I wanna see in yours too :)

    fatemeh - i have to thank you for getting rid of the port jelly for me!

    deborah - we don't have neighbours :( we live in a wasteland. you could always put up a tent in the empty lot next door?

    Emily - my pleasure - you are in my rss reader now.

    Kevin - wow! thanks for all the suggestions. Last night I got creative through necessity - having only 5 shallots and a head of garlic and some frozen peas to my name. Oh and I found some minced beef in the freezer - so we made some martabak and shallot achar with egg fried rice and it was quite yummy. It was much easier coming up with something to eat with the pantry list at my disposal.

    tea - I still worry becasue i don't posess any Cider vinegar and I am sure I need it!

    sfmike - never fear - I am not that crazy. At least i dont think I am. I loved the pics of you all dressed up for your opera. very fine indeed.

    Del - do you have too many then? I am not sure I could get the frenchman to eat them?

    stephanie - the cleaning part was a cinch - just took everything out of the cupboard, cleaned the shelves and then put them all back again.

    Diane - thanks so much for the coconut milk tip. i guess i bought that for diet purpose, but i was aware that coconut is a good fat - did you see i also have a jar of pure coconut oil in there?

    Garrett - I hope you can get someone to mend the fridge for you. And then go shopping!

    lea - no but the smell much better than hamster turds. I guess Ihave used them in a recipe before.

    Dr B - isn't it weather for getting out of the kitchen? That's what I am going to do - I am heading to Marin where its going to be really hot...

  • At 15/6/06 13:12, Blogger Guy said…


    Whoops! I meant to say it's time to start using my outdoor kitchen! Cleanup is a breeze with just a hose and good aim.


  • At 15/6/06 13:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, that list is AMAZING! How long did the whole inventory take?
    But now I'm feeling sad ;) When I woke up today (public holiday), I had two major items on my virtual todo-list: re-organizing our spice cupboards and/or sorting out papers and documents including the huge stacks on my desktop. Since I haven't done the latter for months and kept procrastinating about it, I jumped right on it. It was awfully boring... I guess I should have gone for the spices!

  • At 15/6/06 15:21, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yes I do still have the nutmegs( and mace) direct from the W. Indes and they still still smell good when grated. i cant bear to part with them although I throw out other things.

  • At 16/6/06 06:43, Blogger virtuallyeric said…

    Hey Sam... Yeah, its verging on embarassing - but have you ever seen Nigella's pantry? Wow, now THAT's an embarassment of culinary largesse! :-)

  • At 16/6/06 10:06, Blogger Sam said…

    I am dumbfounded. I really thought twice about posting this post because I thought it was a bit daft - but I seem to have a hit a chord with lots of readers!

    Nicky - it really didnt take long at all. Less than two hours I would say.
    I was going to use a spreadsheet and I downloaded some software. Having never used a spreadsheet, and not working out how to before losing my patience (took about 49 seconds), I decided to just type out the list and it was pretty fast.

    mum - never throw out those nutmegs.

    eric - it does not pain me to be compared to Nigella. SO you're good.

  • At 16/6/06 14:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think it's funny that you unconsciously change the word 'imported' to 'important' after the word 'British'! Some imported products are very important! Isn't it amazing how a pantry can hold whole star systems and the occasional u.f.o.?

  • At 19/6/06 00:38, Blogger claudy said…

    I am so jealous. Only last night, as I poked my head into our measly spice cupboard I said to my husband how sad I was that I had to leave all our lovely spices back in the UK.

    Australian customs officials are paranoid freaks so most food items are banned. Even if you are feeling lucky and try to sneak past that blasted beagel sniffer dog will always nab you at the Carrousel. Always.

    I am having to start from scratch with most things. I didn't realise how long building a good stock of staples takes.

    At least now I have a list of what it is I simply can't do without!

    Thanks Sam!

  • At 19/6/06 06:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    once i counted 16 different kinds oh honey in 4 or 5 different cupboards in the kitchen...there were also about 20 cans of tuna fish... so I can understand you!

  • At 19/6/06 06:59, Blogger Jeanne said…

    Wow Sam!! I have often been tempted to do an inventory of my tiny cramped kitchen cuppboards and shelves too - but I think I am subconsciously terrified of what I'll find!! Furry chocolates, out of date crackers, that elusive 3rd packet of dried bay leaves, bought after I failed to locate the first 2 after a 20 min search... But what a wonderfully esoteric list you have! At one stage I wanter to do a post on hot sauces - Nick had about 10 open bottles in the fridge at once (right after our US trip)... but now he is trying to systematically finish them!!

  • At 22/6/06 10:34, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I couldn't help but notice all the "unopened"s that appeared. I'm the same way. I buy it and store it and forget about it.

    But you've inspired me to open up those cupboard doors and make use of what's there!

  • At 29/11/06 13:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Would like to stock your pantry with La Tourangelle's newst... pecan and pistachio oil.

    Send me your address and I will get you some, they are a client of my food pr business.



  • At 29/11/06 13:18, Blogger Sam said…

    That is very kind, than you Isaac.
    However,this blog is non-commercial and as such does not actually accept free PR gifts.
    I realise I am a little bit unusual in denying free gifts but the joy of creating my blog comes from my personal journey of discovery, not from referrals from commercial enterprises.
    I hope you understand my position. I reckion I am in an extreme minority so you should be able to find plenty of other food blogs on which to test your wares.
    I do appreciate the offer, though, thank you .



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