Monday, June 05, 2006

Food Bloggers in New York

San Francisco - London - Paris - New York

photograph picture cookie from levain bakery in new york

Roboppy brought me her favourite cookie in the world from the Levain Bakery. Thanks!

Yesterday I met a group of wonderful food (and baby) bloggers from New York and I wanted to thank them all making the effort to come meet myself and Fred. We both felt honoured and happy to spend a few hours in such great company. Thanks to all these bloggers for joining us...

The Wednesday Chef
A Chicken in Every Granny Cart
אין מױל ארײן
A Finger in Every Pie
The Amateur Gourmet
The Food Section
Celebrity Babies
The Girl Who Ate Everything
Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina
Cookin' in the Cuse

And sorry to those who couldn't make it, especially those who had to pull out at the last minute including Debbie who had baked me low-fat cookies before finding that the battery on her car was flat, and Rose who caught a cold whilst on vacation and didn't want to pass it on to us. Until next time?

photograph picture bistro bar chocolate moderne in new york

And more thanks to Julie who brough me Chocolate Moderne from the Bistro Bar.

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Food Bloggers in New York


  • At 5/6/06 11:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just stumbled on your blog this morning and it really looks fantastic!
    As an SF'an who spent this weekend in New York too (and will be spending much of the next 3 months over there on contract work) I'd like to thank you for the recommendations and the links to their blogs...
    Love your writing and the pictures are mouthwatering. Perhaps we'll see you at the ferry building :)

  • At 5/6/06 17:05, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks again for a lovely afternoon. I posted about it as well. Enjoy your NYC stay!

  • At 5/6/06 20:47, Blogger Robyn said…

    Thanks for inviting me! I haven't written up my blog post about it, BUT I WILL! OH YES! After I edit all these photos.

    I hope you liked the cookie! It's the stuff of my dreams. And my increasing girth.

  • At 6/6/06 09:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Like Robyn, I have a post on the way, although it's not posted yet. But it will be, OH, YES. :)

    I hope you're not tired of hearing me thank you for inviting me along, because I'm about to do it again. Thank you for the invitation, for the terrific company, for the delightful treats, and for just being your own wise and superb self. (And please thank Fred for being such a good sport as I kept bumping into him with my bags.)

  • At 6/6/06 16:24, Blogger the chocolate doctor מרת שאקאלאד said…

    What could be more convivial and auspicious than chocolates and strawberry-coconut caipir. . . capir . . . those strawberry-coconut drinks in such wonderful company? Many thanks for this afternoon and your continuing awesome blogging.

  • At 11/6/06 02:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I like the look of both of them. With so many great snacks in one city, I think it is time I visit New York!


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