Friday, May 26, 2006

French Cooking Class Reunion

= Good Food, Good Wine, Good Time

All the other pupils in my French Country Cooking Class, which only ended a couple of weeks ago, at Tante Marie's in San Francisco cajoled me into hosting a pot luck reunion. I started by taking photos, but as the evening descended into much merriment fuelled by a few bottles of wine, I guess I stopped snapping somewhere along the line. So I must apologize to my new friends for not including shots of all the delicious things that followed these appetizers, like beef bourginon, potato gratin, Parisienne gnocchi, clafoutis and homemade strawberry-mint ice cream. Believe me, everything was delicious. Sante!

PS Go to Blogger Templates Blog to find out how to add a Flickr Slideshow to your own blog. Big thanks to them for the 'how to' post!

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French Cooking Class Reunion


  • At 26/5/06 13:37, Blogger Anne said…

    Everything looks so fresh and delicious...and healthy too. I love nibbling on many different things like this, especially during the summer. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  • At 26/5/06 15:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It looks very nice really.
    Sure it must be delicious

  • At 26/5/06 15:40, Blogger Catherine said…

    Beautifully presented.

    What's the green mousse that's so beautifully decorated in the first picture?

    I think I may have to sign up for classes!

  • At 26/5/06 15:51, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This looks wonderful makes me feel hungry

  • At 26/5/06 17:46, Blogger Robyn said…


    Ah well, that's okay. The other foods are beautiful. :D

  • At 26/5/06 18:14, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    I really appreciate your camera work...great stuff!

  • At 26/5/06 18:38, Blogger MizD said…

    This slideshow thingy is so coooool! :-)

    I jumped on it (see Food Blog S'cool comments ::g::) and it's going to be perfect for an event we've got planned next weekend. Thanks tons for finding & sharing the slideshow tool and inspiring us with such lovely & yummy photos!

  • At 26/5/06 20:18, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    How cool is this??
    Your cooking class looks very distinguished... Great pix.
    But I'm crazy about the slide show trick!

  • At 27/5/06 00:49, Blogger sooishi said…

    Gorgeous pictures comme d'habitude!
    Everything seem's great!
    A bientôt :-)

  • At 27/5/06 02:34, Blogger Hélène Picken said…

    Wonderful pictures et it looks so nice.

  • At 27/5/06 09:28, Blogger Sam said…

    tokyoastrogirl - the trouble with french cooking is that it may look healthy but it is hiding butter, eggs cream, etc !!

    Mam'zelle jane - it was good - i was lucky to have all those people in the house helping with the cooking.

    Catherine - it ia a "Pain de Petits Pois Frais a la Creme de cives" which is aka terrine of fresh green peas with chive cream sauce. Basically is is pureed peas, bechamel with egg yolks and whipped egg whites cooked in a bain marie. It was good and looks so pretty!

    mum - and you said you dont want to eat anything in New York?????

    Robyn - my guests actually left the ice cream in my freezer, if only I could bring some to NY for you but I think it would melt.

    WMM - thank you - they are a bit blurry - when I am hosting a soiree its hard to be photographer at the same time.

    Mrs D and Cookie - I can see this becoming the latest food bloggers craze, no?

    ooishigal & helen - thank you - I ws very lucky to have such a great bunch of people in my cooking class.

  • At 27/5/06 12:43, Blogger Greg said…

    Outstanding photos! The food looks to die for.

  • At 27/5/06 15:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Brilliant little blog tool. Thanks for sharing the code for how to make one! Your gorgeous photos are also inspiring me to hunt for a better quality camera!

  • At 27/5/06 22:44, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    looks real love Sam...long time how u doing?

  • At 28/5/06 00:32, Blogger Pille said…

    Having just been to Paris, your photos make me drool and dream about going back asap! Beautiful pictures, Sam!

  • At 28/5/06 06:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh, wow... what a feast! Your photos are absolutely beautiful!

  • At 24/1/07 03:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 19/1/10 04:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    can you share the code for the flash slide show?



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