Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Chipotle en Adobo

Homeade, yo!

I don't know about you, but I hate it when I try and do my weekly shop only to find there is one ingredient lacking and then I have to traipse off somewhere else to find it. This happened to me at the Ferry Building last Saturday when I needed some chipotle en adobo.

photograph picture home made chipotle en adobe with recipe

I was in the The Village Market, looking a bit lost, when someone came to ask me if I needed some help finding anything. Chip-ott-ul en Adobo, please, I replied. Thankfully he didn't laugh at my terrible pronounciation as he explained they didn't stock chip-ott-lay in that form.

What they did have was dried Los Chileros chipotles with a recipe for making Chipotle en Adobo on the back. I scanned the ingredient list and realised I already had just about everything needed to make my own, including some ketchup that I bought for another recipe about a year ago and hadn't used since. It was time to put it to use.

Chipotle en Adobo Recipe

12 dried chipotle, destemmed, split lengthways and seeds removed.
6 Tablespoons organic tomato ketchup.
1/2 onion, finely diced
1/2 tsp salt
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/3 cup red wine vinegar

Gently simmer all the ingredients together in a heavy, covered saucepan together with 3 cups of water for about an hour until the liquid is reduced to one cup.

Note: The original recipe called for apple cider vinegar. There is a limit to how many different varieties of vinegar I can house in my pantry to satisfy the whims of each and every recipe I come across, so I substituted red wine vinegar and it worked out just fine.

photograph picture home made chipotle in adobe with recipe

PS. Why am I telling you this, you might be wondering? The chipotle en adobe will be featured in an upcoming recipe that I learnt at cooking school. I am currently taking classes in Latin American Cooking with the absolutely wonderful Peruvian Chef Penelope Alzamora at Tante Marie. So watch out, things might get a little bit spicy around here at some point!

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Chipotle en Adobo


  • At 14/3/06 04:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Spices, yeah! Cannot wait to see that!
    I am curious curious!

  • At 14/3/06 05:26, Blogger Alanna Kellogg said…

    What? Horseradish (chipotle en adobo?) doesn't always come in a jar?!! Great post, look forward to the subsequent ones too!

  • At 14/3/06 05:28, Blogger Kalyn Denny said…

    Great photo of the dried chipotles. I'm very partial to this flavor.

  • At 14/3/06 09:05, Blogger Sara said…

    Those look great. I love using canned chipoltes. Do you know how long yours would keep in the fridge?

  • At 14/3/06 10:10, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Way to go. That's very satisfying.
    Now, for your next batch: Plant a jalapeno seed. Grow a pepper bush. Harvest ripe (red) chiles. Smoke-dry them... And proceed with recipe. :D

  • At 14/3/06 12:14, Blogger lulu said…

    yummmm..looking forward to spicy stuff!

  • At 14/3/06 12:25, Blogger Guy said…

    Hay, you beat me to it! I pulled out my home-smoked chiles this last weekend and nearly, yet almost did the same darned thing. Or a chile type sauce for simmering or marinating.
    You, are, going, to have some GREAT fun with this class.
    Oh, uh don't pick your nose while working with those things, just so you know. OR rub yer eyes. I picked my nose after working with fresh jalapenos today and am not very happy about it.


  • At 14/3/06 15:29, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Biggles: As an experienced cook once said, "Don't touch anything important." That could include lots of places. :D

  • At 14/3/06 16:50, Blogger ZaZa said…

    "So watch out, things might get a little bit spicy around here at some point!"

    I'm ready! I did find chipotles en adobo at my market. Well, not mine, I was shopping while my mom went to the dentist. I've been too lazy to make my own, plus the quality of the dried chiles where I shop has been iffy at best. I assume yours came in a package. I'll have to check for that.

  • At 14/3/06 18:33, Blogger Tana Butler said…

    To quote Logan: "YUMMA!"

    Looks great, Sam.

  • At 15/3/06 07:49, Blogger Sam said…

    Bea - I have learnt so many new things in Latin American cooking class - it is an education and an adventure and I hope t share at least some of it.

    AK - ok I am confused about the horseradish reference - you wil have to explain!

    Kalyn - It was realy easy to make.

    Sara - I guess I am going to find out how long - as they contain vinegar I am hoping they are quite preserved. I put them in a sterilized jar.

    Cookiecrumb - I might be ok at cooking, but I am hopeless at growing things, despite being english. (We are meant to be good gardeners). But I have tried and tried and tried and everything always dies eventually.

    Dr B - you could always wear gloves (pink ones - that would be kinky), I am sure Cookiecrumb is looking for kinky!

    B'gina - yes they were a dried pack of chipotle. I am sure I could have found them in a can, but in the location where I happened to be. They really are no bother to make if you have an hour. They look after themselves.

    Tana - Ta.

  • At 16/3/06 14:49, Blogger Saerah said…

    just so you know, your content is being pilfered:


  • At 12/7/06 12:21, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you so much! I have been unable to find this at the grocery store!

  • At 22/7/06 10:34, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great post, I'll try his out, allthough it's no problem at all to find a can of chipotle en adobe in the many mexican markets here ;-) I like Embasa brand the best !

    An you used a german pickeling jar, Bravo !!

  • At 22/1/09 18:13, Blogger Gail said…

    I too have struggled to find pre-made chipotle en adobo! I have looked in at least three different stores in the area and couldn't find any. I will remember this the next time I need them. I would also be interested in finding out how long they last in the fridge.


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