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wine shops that feel the love!

K&L Wines
638 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 896-1734

photograph picture recipe of K&L wines

For this, the Eighteenth Edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, Dr Vino challenged us, not to feature wine, but to feature a seller of wine instead. Our favourite wine shop perhaps?

I have two favourite places to buy wine in San Francisco. The first is the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants who I have written about before. When I visit the Ferry Building, I am usually on foot, with not much more than a shopping basket to carry all of my market wares, so at the most, I only ever buy two bottles of wine from FPWM at a time.

When I need larger quantities of wine I drive to K&L, just over a mile from my house. They have plenty of parking and they also stock some neat spirits as well as a wide selection of wines from all over the world. What I particularly like about them, is that whatever strange question I throw at them (and believe me, I have asked some unusual ones), they are completely unfazed and they do their utmost to help me come up with a solution.

K&L helped us find Alsace wines to go with choucroute.

K&L helped me find three different sparklers to pitch against the English Nyetimber in a blind tasting.

K&L staff have an assuring way with words.

K&L staff helped me find an "off dry" red, and patiently tried to help me understand what "off dry" meant.

K&L helped me put together wine pairings for my 2004 Christmas dinner menu.

photograph picture recipe of K&L wines

Last Sunday I took K&L a new challenge. Tomorrow it's my turn to take wine to my Slow Mediterranean Cooking class at Tante Marie. I asked for help choosing a sparkling wine and a red wine from Meditteranean countries at around the ten buck level per bottle. My preferred choice, the Proseccos, were a little bit pricey, so I ended up with three bottles of Segura Viudas Brut Cava which I was assured was much better than Frexinet (it better be). My helpful assistant had such great things to say about the 2003 D'Angelo Aglianico "Sacravite" described as a value-packed red with layers of exotic spice and rich, dark fruit notes, I can't wait to try it. Apparently, the Aglianico grape which I had not heard of before, came from Greece with the Romans way back when. Roll on cooking class...

PS - Even if you don't live near K&L, do check out their website - it's a great read and full of well-written descriptions of the wines that they stock. It's clearly set out and informational as well. Don't despair if you are not in the vicinity, you can buy from them online too!

Daily weight loss, Weightwatchers and diet notes:
Tuesday nights are my favourite night of the week, Weightwatcher-wise. It's the end of my WW week and I have to eat any spare weekly points before they reset again on Wednesday. This means it's time to feast. Last night I had toast and foie gras and rillettes and grilled gruyere and a couple of squares of Scharffenburger chocolate. And after all that I weighed myself and I had still lost two pounds. Whoever said dieting can't be fun?

23 19.5 17.5

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wine shops that feel the love!


  • At 1/2/06 10:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi sam,

    just to confirm segura viudas is indeed supposed to be better than Freixenet (I'm writing live from barcelona): Freixenet est une marque super connue qui fait beaucoup de pub pour son Cava en espagne mais les spécialistes ne la considèrent pas, loin de là, comme une "bonne " marque de cava... (bien sûr, c'est largement buvable, moi-même j'en achète de temps à autre).


  • At 1/2/06 14:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    well done on the weight loss will I rcognise you when I see you next time. Ask Fred to post a photo on your other blog

  • At 1/2/06 14:39, Blogger Anne said…

    Congratulations on your weight loss. Being on a diet myself, it is strangely comforting to hear that one can eat foie gras and toast and still maintain a healthy lifetstyle. Hello- welcome to (insert any European country here) right? I know that Americans simply consume too MUCH of food and there aren't really any "wrong" foods, but still- it is nice to hear it from someone who loves food as much as I do.

    Best of luck. I'm almost done with stage 1 of south beach and so far, 7 pounds down! (although I suspect much of it was waterweight!).

    PS- that mac n cheese on my blog was made long before I started my diet. THank goodness!

  • At 1/2/06 15:53, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Sam (and Anonymous): Oui, Freixenet est buvable, which is why Cranky and I poured it at our wedding. (Of course, this was so long ago that we were practically the first Americans to try it, and nobody thought we were being cheap...) Cranky and I reserved the Widow for ourselves later that night.
    Hey, Sam. Parking? Well, that's reason enough to shop there. :D

  • At 1/2/06 20:59, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam,

    I tried making ricotta with the recipe you posted and got less than 2 cups. The instructions were pretty simple but I don't know why I ended up with so little. Is this an issue that was maybe discussed in your cooking class? And did you say your whey? Thanks!

  • At 2/2/06 07:53, Blogger Sam said…

    Jennifer - yes, who knew. I better not drink much of the wine though, I have really been limiting myself and dont want to blow it now, huh?

    stéphanie - I will need to get fred to help me with your translation - its too early in the morning and my brain isnt awake enough yet for the French language, even though I was speaking French to him at about 6.30 am ( i think I remarked "il pleut").

    thanks mum - its not at the photo worthy stage yet.

    Forget about me - what about you - that's fantastic. I admit I really know nothing about SOuth Beach, but if it works for you and WW works for me, then all well and good! Kudos to us both.

    Cookie - not sure I need to think to o hard about your wedding night with the widow *wink* nudge* !
    I used to drink a lot more cava, but confess I really do prefer the proseccos which seem crisper to me.

    Anon - did you measure the temperature with a termometer? I am wondering if you didnt heat it quite enough so less curds were made? It doesn't make a huge amount but I would think over two cups. I will measure next time.
    Did it taste good at least? I hope so!


  • At 4/2/06 13:10, Blogger cucina testa rossa said…

    What in god's name are you doing on a diet? you look fabulous! anyways, K&L is my favorite wine store and Joe Zugelder in the Redwood City store is a veritable wine encyclopedia. they have a great monthly newsletter that i highly recommend.

  • At 29/6/09 15:16, Blogger Unknown said…

    I got the Segura Viudas for our wedding. I did not have time to open it. I found out it means safe/secure widow. I am curious to open it, however will it curse me for not opening it earlier? I am such a wino, I do not want to wait to open it.


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