Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Breakfast On Mars

Nudity, Giant Prunes, Watch Out!

photograph picture simple poached egg on toast
(Photograph courtesy of NSSDC/Nasa)

Today had been a pretty cool day, I had eaten, shopped, rolled and hovered through the streets and shops of all the major cities in the solar system. And now I was coming to the last stop, Mars.
Martians are a pretty backwards bunch, they drive on the ground with so called ‘wheels’. (They say its keeping with good old human tradition but I think its just weird.) And they start the day with dinner and end it with breakfast. (Luckily they make a darn good breakfast.) Also they live on a planet with fluctuating gravity so their clothes have a horrible tendency to get ripped off mid discussion. [Read on...]

This essay found on the blog of my nephew, Dillon. It amused me to remember what it was like to be lost inside the imagination of a twelve year old. Thanks Dillon!

PS. I didn't get off work early enough last night to catch Heidi, Alder, Bruce and Pim give their Commonwealth Club talk on food blogging at the Ferry Building so I hope somebody writes a report about it. Later yesterday evening, the hottest food bloggers and doyenne of the internet, the Bay Area's own bunny girl as well as paparazzi favourites, Becks & Posh were partying over in the East Bay at Hangar One for the lauch of their new lapsong souchon tea spirit, Qi. Smoky, mysterious and definitely a drink for adults, Qi makes for some intriguing cocktail mixes. For a full pictorial report, go see the Bunrabs.

Archive Alert! On this day in 2005: The First time, but not the last: The Fatted Calf makes its first appearance on my blog.

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Breakfast On Mars


  • At 7/2/06 10:01, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thankin' you

  • At 7/2/06 10:19, Blogger Marc said…

    I went to the Food Blogging Panel organized by the Commonwealth Club last night, and it was quite well-attended---almost every seat was filled---and the air was full of excitement. I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi and Pim in person, and talked with Brett again for a few minutes. The moderator asked how many people write a food blog, and about 10-20% of the audience raised their hand.

    The panel was well-moderated by Amanda Berne of the SF Chronicle, and covered topics like
    * How did you start blogging about food and/or wine? It was an slowly evolving process: as a way to collect lots of interesting news articles, as an evolution from blogging about everything to a single subject.
    * Can you make a living as a blogger? Possibly, but it takes a lot of creativity and multiple revenue streams.
    * How does being a blogger affect your professional life in the food industry? It is an asset, as it has helped them move into professional writing or build a following.
    * Apropos the LA Times article a few weeks ago, must a blogger write about just one narrow subject to obtain a high number of readers? No, good writing, good content and patience are what you need.
    (the above are all paraphrases, not direct quotes)

    There are two upcoming food-related Commonwealth Club events: The Kitchen Sisters (Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson), March 2 in Berkeley; and "Pig Heaven: The Art and Science of Cured Meat", March 21 in San Francisco. Several more food events are in the planning stage.

    On the subject of Mars, the January 21 KCRW Good Food included an interview with NASA scientist Michele Petronak about meals and agriculture in space.

  • At 7/2/06 11:34, Blogger Joy said…

    I'm so bummed that we couldn't go...Jon was sick and I was in tech. Next time:).

  • At 7/2/06 16:32, Blogger ZaZa said…

    Am I the only one who thought that was a giant pearl until I read the text??? Gorgeous.

  • At 7/2/06 19:33, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Dillon: You are a gent! And a great writer, and [whoops, my clothes just shredded off]. *blush*

  • At 7/2/06 22:34, Blogger Ced said…


    I was supposed to go, but had other plans which came in the way. No review from me, sorry.

  • At 8/2/06 07:53, Blogger Sam said…

    Dillon - no problem - I hope you enjoyed having a fe extra visitors on your site.

    Marc - thanks for all of the details and the report, very kind of you to leave it on my site. Did you see Faith's review as well?

    Joy - yes we missed you - i wasnt sure if you would be arriving later but I was beat by 8.45 so couldn't have made it til 10.30

    B'gina - if it wasn't so perfectly round - I would have thunk it to be a potato!

    Cookiecrumb - careful now - Dillon is only twelve. Though I find that fact hard to equate with his writing, I confess.

    Ced - there is a review I linked above you might like to check out instead.

    Thanks to everyone who visited my nephew's site. i am sure you made his day. His visitor rate increased by about 2000%!

  • At 8/2/06 10:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    It's too bad you couldn't make it - I went and it would have been fantastic to meet you! Ah well, SF is small, I'm sure we'll run into each other eventually!



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