Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Foodblogging Makes You Fat!

A Diet for D-Day

photograph picture of a pair of bathroom scales

No, no not the Slashfood everything D-Day, taking place today, I am talking about the real D-Day, the anniversary of which, just happens to fall on my birthday, too.

During my first conversation with a certain well known food blogger well over a year ago, she declared that Food blogs were no place for diets. I had to agree with her. She is one of my favourite food bloggers. I love that she has such strong opinions, and of course, when she said "who wants to read about diets" on a wickedly delicious food blog, I couldn't argue with her.

Yesterday I decided it was time to join Weightwatchers again. With the words of that foodblogger ringing in my ears, I planned to hide the fact from my food blog audience. They needn't know, I thought, it's none of their business and they just wont be interested. But then I thought some more. Hey! This is my blog, its about me and my food. If I go on a diet then the blog does too. What's more, maybe, just maybe my readers can give me a little bit of encouragement along the way. I admired Debbie, from Words to Eat by, more than anything when she declared a similar challenge on her blog, over a year ago.

By declaring my attempts to lose some weight so publicly, I have no where to hide. If I fail, I will feel embarassed and you are all going to know about it. I am not sure how the next few months are going to peter out, but I hope I will succeed. My next birthday is going to be a big one. It's the age where my life is supposed to "begin". I am really excited and looking forward to it. I will be celebrating by going to New York for the first time and I want to feel fabulous. I want to feel 23lbs lighter and I want to get fitter again too.

I promise you all, however, that despite an attempt to consume fewer calories, I will stop at nothing to keep things delicious. I hope to include more nutritional information about the recipes I feature and show everyone how following the Weightwatchers plan isn't as miserable as it might sound. Please bear with me - lets see how this goes...

PS. Please don't persuade me to try a different route from Weightwatchers. Their plan works for me and I have faith in it.

PPS Every week I will produce a number for you. The idea is that this number gets smaller and smaller over the weeks. When it reaches 0 it means I have suceeded with the challenge. We will start with 23.

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Foodblogging Makes You Fat!


  • At 18/1/06 08:14, Blogger Jennifer said…


    You aren't the only one. I too went back to WW Saturday and I'm eagerly looking forward to this week's weigh in. I was just pondering going public too. I've had the post rattling around my brain for a few days.

    We're all in the same heavy boat!

  • At 18/1/06 08:34, Blogger Michèle said…

    Hi Sam, I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to reading your "weight-friendly" posts from here on in. Let me just say that you are already fab darling ;)

  • At 18/1/06 08:47, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    Timing. Coincidence. Fate. Whatever. Not three hours ago I put a new battery in the scale (having stolen the old one to put in the answering machine--yay! no more obliterated phone messages every time the power blinks off). So now I face a dilemma. After two weeks without the scale I have just discovered that either 1) The brand new battery is giving faulty readings or 2) Foodblogging DOES INDEED make you fat! ACK!

    Wishing you all the best at your efforts (I know you can do it!) and looking forward to your light and delicious posts. 'Help!' is right! : )

    P.S. Congratulations to you and B&P for being a finalist in several Food Blog Award categories. Does everyone know the voting ends tonight?

  • At 18/1/06 08:48, Blogger Foodwriter said…


    I'm in for blogging about fab healthy foods if you are. Besides, doesn't WW allow you one cheat day a week? That's how I do it: I'm heathy and eating lighter all week but for 24 hours from Saturday night to Sunday evening (not including Sunday dinner but I'm on a Jewish schedule) my plate is mine.

    I'm also adding at least half an hour of exercise a day.

    Bonne chance avec la regime!

  • At 18/1/06 09:28, Blogger Stephanie said…

    Much luck to you. My Mom used Weight Watcher years ago, and did well.

    Then again, she's tried every diet known to woman. And the fact she's one of the tiniest people I know doesn't seem to matter!

    Seriously, I wish you well. I'm unofficially dieting myself; I'm going to Vegas for my birthday in '08, and I want to look fabulous, too!

  • At 18/1/06 09:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Will look forward to reading about the challenge. And let me know when you're in NYC! We'll have a (fat-free) glass of cava. ;)

  • At 18/1/06 10:07, Blogger rae said…

    good luck and just know that you are not alone! yep, what with the holidays and the foodblogging and those warm, baggy, bulge hiding winter sweaters (if you can't see it, it aint there, right?), things have gotten a bit out of hand over at bunnyfoot too. maybe this will start a "health conscious" trend in the foodblogging world. not a bad thing, really.

  • At 18/1/06 10:47, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Good luck with the diet

    I don't think that delicious food and low calorie are mutually incompatible. Some of the simplest food such as; fruit, fish and vegetables can be the most pleasurable. However, it is difficult when you have a deep love for food not to succumb to greediness, sometimes out of just sheer curiousity to taste as many different things as possible. I have personally struggled with my love of food over being fashionably skinny, the former usually prevails.

    Great site by the way, I will link to you on my new site ; which is about food in London and Europe.

  • At 18/1/06 10:56, Blogger Dive said…


    You are very courageous, if I may say so, and I wish you the best of luck.

    I have also considered going on a "diet" and publishing the results, but then there is the failure thing that, if it happens, will be broadcast for everyone to see.

    That's why I think you are courageous for doing it.

    It takes a tough person to go out and do this, so no matter what the results, you are to be admired for attempting it.

    And by the way, you'll love New York, I just know it!! Just watch out for the fabulous pizza (it'll wreck your diet!).

    Besides pizza, New York is great for Cuban and Eastern European food, not to mention great Jewish delis and soul food up in Harlem.

    You'll have a blast!


  • At 18/1/06 10:56, Blogger Ilva said…

    I wish you not luck but strength to resist! I'm sure you'll make it!

  • At 18/1/06 10:57, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    You'll do fine, Sam. I think it's fabulous of you to "tell."
    WW is all about portion-control, right? So you'll still be able to eat deliciously.

  • At 18/1/06 11:27, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok, Sam, I'm going to appear out of place here, but then I am probably out of place as a subscriber to "Cooking Light". I will follow your countdown to 0 and try to find encouragement for my own fight with ****. Good luck.

  • At 18/1/06 12:04, Blogger Christine said…

    Sam, I went to Europe for 6 weeks this past Sept-Oct, gained 8 pounds (cassoulet, foie gras & chocolate), came home with the best of intentions to losing it right away, then Thanksgiving and Christmas happened and now I have 10 pounds to lose! Hooray for your bravery in using your blog to document your weight loss endeavor. I'll be following your posts closely and hope to glean some much needed inspiration.
    Good luck!

  • At 18/1/06 12:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Best of luck to you dear.

    If I gain 5ponds more I'll join you for sure!

    Take care,

    and bon courage!

  • At 18/1/06 12:41, Blogger debbie koenig said…

    Go Sam! WW is a great program, even if I suck at actually sticking to it...

    It's definitely possible to eat well and lose weight--it just takes a little more focus, asking if you REALLY want that extra spoonful of something yummy and fat-licious. You can do it, though, I'm sure of it!

    Hope to see you when you come east.

  • At 18/1/06 12:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam,

    That is a transition, from the rillettes to Weight Watchers! I wish you the best of luck, I know this is not always easy to be doing such a thing when, by reading your lovely posts, we can tell you love food and to talk about it!
    Looking forward to reading those new posts!


  • At 18/1/06 13:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Sam,
    I wish you loads of luck and courage for this great challenge. I could use a few WW weeks as well, I just don't have the courage at the moment. So I admire you for doing it, and publicly! You will get there, I'm sure. I'll be reading your posts. Who knows, maybe they will even inspire me to lose a little weight...
    And I like the new picture of you and Fred very much, the old one was fun, but this one is really lovely!

  • At 18/1/06 13:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good luck Sam !
    By the way Weightwatchers is a very good choice.

  • At 18/1/06 13:57, Blogger Robyn said…

    Good luck with Weightwatchers! Maybe I should go on a diet...then I'd have reason to not update my blog, hehe.

  • At 18/1/06 14:34, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sam, well, you've convinced me to out myself too (at least on YOUR blog...) I've been on WW since the New year, and I've lost 3.5 lbs. WW is the diet of the Gods, and I know you can do it. Just remember, bacon is only 2 pts for 2 pieces! I've got 11.5 to go and counting...

  • At 18/1/06 15:20, Blogger Guy said…

    Less of Sam to love, don't go too overboard. I wouldn't want you fading from sight or a wispy pale image of your meat aura haunting the Fatted Calf stall at the market. "WoOOOoowOooOo, my earthly body needs pate, bacon & confiiiit. FeEeed MeEee."
    Jeez, if I dropped 23 pounds I'd be down to a little under 200. Not sure if I could maintain my Norwegian Axe Murderer status on anything under 200. I'll have to check the book on this one.


  • At 18/1/06 15:22, Blogger ZaZa said…

    Best of luck with the countdown. I wish I had the dedication to join you.

  • At 18/1/06 15:56, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    Ahh bless your little bloggin heart for putting out there what so many of us have been chewing on.

    Here's to being fit for life!

  • At 18/1/06 16:14, Blogger *kel said…

    Hi Sam, the title of your entry have been ringing in my head recently! It's sugar low everday for me at the moment :( By the way I really like the sleek but simple theme on your web. I hadn't post anything on Food Blog School yet, but I will. Thanks for your effort in putting the FBS together.

  • At 18/1/06 16:37, Blogger Hungry Hedonist said…

    Good luck Sam! I admire your motivation--I don't think I could ever do it. I'm excited to read your upcoming posts!

  • At 18/1/06 17:28, Blogger Kalyn Denny said…

    Good luck Sam. Judging from my blog stats, there are a lot of people who are resolving to lose weight right now. I have heard that the Weight Watchers Core Food program is very similar to The South Beach Diet, but I haven't actually seen the WW list. I think what's most important is choosing a diet that is compatible with your own food preferences. If you never get to eat any of the foods you love, then the diet is not going to work. (By the way, I am a *bit* beyond that age where life begins, and it just gets better.)

  • At 18/1/06 19:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good luck, Sam - I've heard that Weightwatchers is quite good and very rational in its approach. We will all cheer you on and support you in your challenge!

  • At 18/1/06 19:52, Blogger Cate said…

    Good luck, Sam, and all the others joining her with WW. In the meantime, if y'all haven't already, join in my ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday challenge, designed to inspire us all to healthier eating ... just make an ARF (Antioxidant Rich Food), fruit or veggie and send me the permalink. Come visit me and check it out. I did WW last year and fell off the wagon... ;)

  • At 18/1/06 21:49, Blogger Rose said…


    Best of luck with your plans. I hear WW has a good success rate :-)

    I'm actually about to begin my own trek into dieting. But I've chosen a more "european" plan. I didn't think I should blog about it but your initiative makes me think twice.

  • At 18/1/06 22:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey sam...i am so glad that you are doing what you want, and i am very glad that you posted so openly about it. it almost felt like in this community that "diet" was a bad word, and *gasp!* how could one even think to do such a thing when all that should matter is food?!?! i think there is a balance. enjoy good food. enjoy your health. and enjoy good food some more.

    (a little secret: i have been on a diet since college. LOL!)

  • At 18/1/06 23:45, Blogger Joy said…

    Aww, honey, you can do it!

    I'm working on the same project myself (do I sense a theme?) except I'm doing it via a personal trainer and an ass numbing workout.

    The not enought time to eat thing is helping with that, too.


  • At 19/1/06 02:42, Blogger kitchenmage said…

    You go girl! Sam, if anyone can figure out how to make WW seem like (insertNameOfTrendyrestaurantHere), it's you. I'm not dedicated enugh to say I'm going on a diet, I think I'll wait until I lose the weight and then say I was on one. (some bloggers are braver than others)

  • At 19/1/06 04:45, Blogger vlb5757 said…

    Your choice of WW's couldn't have been a better one. I used their eating plan last year to lose 40 pounds and I did it all on-line. I was totally committed and will try to have that same level of dedication again this year to lose more. You are not alone in the cyber word of fat food bloggers! even if we are not over weight, we should all strive to eat just a little better! You will do great!

  • At 19/1/06 05:50, Blogger eat stuff said…

    Sam, I think you are incredibly brave and I applaud you for putting yourself out on a limb. But I also have faith that you will meet your targets, you go girl!

  • At 19/1/06 07:00, Blogger Sam said…

    Dear everyone. I am totally overwhelmed with your comments. I can't thank all of you enough for your support, it means a great deal to me. I don't have time to thank each of you individually, but please be assured that I read aeach and every comment carefully. For those who find them in a similar position to me, I want you all to know that whenever you need any support, I will try and be here for you.

    Thank you!


  • At 19/1/06 08:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Go, Sam, Go!

    You can do it. I lost 40# on Weight Watchers years ago (and gained 30 back) so I am right there with you. Good taste can go hand in hand with light cooking... personally, while dieting, I always find the most delicious recipes that then become family favorites.

    good luck!

  • At 19/1/06 14:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oddly, since I've started food blogging, I've actually lost weight. Oh, but then, I also climbed a really big mountain.

    The goat cheese tasting that became my lunch yesterday will put an end to that, I'm sure.

    Good luck!

  • At 19/1/06 14:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam, I never thought you'd need to be on a diet, but I wish you the best of luck if you've decided to go ahead. I know you can do it! (what happens to Fred...?) keiko x

  • At 19/1/06 16:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh sam, good luck. i've always been chubby, long before i started blogging. my problem is that i CAN'T diet. no willpower whatsoever. instead i tell myself i'll live a more active lifestyle. hehe, slowly, but surely.

  • At 19/1/06 21:39, Blogger Cyndi said…

    Looks like I'm late in line on this, but good luck Sam. I'll be right there with you, hoping that my attempts at lowering my blood sugar will also lower my weight. So far so good. You've got lots of support!

  • At 19/1/06 22:52, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bravo, Sam!

    We're with you all the way!!!

  • At 19/1/06 23:34, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi Sam !
    I went on Weight watchers programm in September 2005. I've just get the weight I wish to have !!! - 11kg !! WW is such a wonderfull thing!!!

    I calculate WW points on my blog recipes ;-)So you can have à look ;-)

    Take care ! Good luck ! It's easier than you think ! Believe me !

  • At 20/1/06 06:59, Blogger K Allrich said…

    Good luck, Sam!

    I personally think food blogs can survive a nod to the healthy. I hope you do post about your experience. I think creating within limitations can be interesting! Kind of like painting with a limited pallette.

    I'm a celiac and must avoid gluten; this is hard for me - as I loved baking breads and foccacia and pizza crusts - and did so, with gusto.

    But my baking has taken a beating as I learn the ins and outs of alternative flours [and it's brutal on your ego!]. Living gluten free is a challenge if you love good food.

    My point is - even though I am gluten-free and live with limitations, I'm still as interested in tempting, scrumptious food as I ever was. Maybe even more so.

    Hopefully my food blogging reflects that and inspires others. Just as you inspire others - and perhaps now, will inspire us EVEN MORE!

  • At 20/1/06 07:43, Blogger Sam said…

    thanks for all the encouragement everyone.

  • At 20/1/06 09:56, Blogger *fanny* said…

    Think i'm gonna start a diet plan too. Maybe a mix between ww and nutritionist diet.

    Good luck

  • At 20/1/06 16:51, Blogger Shauna said…

    Sam, you sexy thing, take care of yourself. If you feel this is the best choice, we support you. Of course. But don't forget to keep loving your food along the way. And showing it to us!

  • At 21/1/06 21:01, Blogger FJKramer said…

    Guess you can't have too many supportive comments. I, too, am on WW and have found the program supportive and useful.

    I find with planning, small portions and occasional lapses, blogging and WW are not incompatible.

    Good luck and I am so glad you are sharing.


  • At 22/1/06 09:02, Blogger Cindy said…

    Good luck !

  • At 22/1/06 18:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've been meaning to wish you success in your new quest (regardless of the fact that you don't need to lose an ounce, IMHO). I definitely add my cheers to the chorus (Go Sam, Go!), because I believe that everyone should pursue their personal dreams. Also, I greatly admire your courage to be so open with us about the process. I think it's making all your readers think more closely about what we eat -which is really the point of food blogging. In other words, your journey is making for great blogging. Best of luck and sincer wishes for success!

  • At 23/1/06 06:55, Blogger Alanna Kellogg said…

    So it's FOOD BLOGGING! And here I was blaming VEGETABLES! Sign me up.

  • At 23/1/06 08:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have been struggling with my weight for a couple of years and my food blog is certainly doing me no favors! Good luck to you, I look forward to reading your progress and hopefully getting some inspiration.

  • At 23/1/06 19:44, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I'll be cheering for you as I share your dilemma--you are not alone. I really do think there is a parallel--for me anyway. Best of luck!

  • At 23/1/06 20:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Sam,

    Big kudos on going public with your WW effort. I agree -- blogging is a medium that's more personal than straight journalism, and to my mind, shouldn't really have rules -- except that it's not really as detached as other kinds of writing.

    I do hope you'll give me a shout about being in NYC -- I'll cook for you and/or help you find restos, highbrow, downhome or both...


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