Friday, January 13, 2006

Catch of The Day

photograph picture image of fiji friday logoFishing for Compliments?

photograph picture of sam breach on the island of Kuata in Fiji with two freshly caught fish

No, no, no, not me. What compliment could I possibly hope for whilst redened with sunburn, dressed in nothing more than a bikini, hair scraped back and soaked with tropical rain? This guy, though, look at him, what a beauty:

photograph picture of fish caught off  the island of Kuata in Fiji

And him too, isn't he pretty?

photograph picture of fish caught off  the island of Kuata in Fiji

Unfortunately they didn't look so pretty once the kitchen had cooked them to oblivion.

photograph picture of 2 freshly caught fish fried to oblivion on the ilsand of Kuata in Fiji

When we were in Fiji last September, I finally got round to catching my own fish to eat for lunch. When I say 'finally', that's not really true. When I was 12 years old I went ocean fishing for mackerel and ate my catch then, but I'm getting on a bit now and 12 years old was a long time ago.

So I wanted to remind myself that as long as I continue to eat meat and fish, I should be prepared to catch, kill and handle my own food.

I wasn't invited into the kitchen at the Kuata resort, on one of Fiji's Yassawa islands, so I had to leave my precious load at the door. Unfortunately, most of the fish I encountered throughout Fiji was overcooked and these two little fellows did not escape a similar fate. And because they were just little reef fish, they didn't really taste that great. Oh well, but at least I tried.

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Catch of The Day


  • At 13/1/06 09:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Looks like you plunged your hands in the water and just grabbed them!

  • At 13/1/06 10:21, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It appears we are of the same mind today.

  • At 13/1/06 12:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok let's time we kill a pig together!

    Sorry. I completely agree with you. Even if I hate to do it, I promised myself that the day I wouldn't be able to kill an animal to eat it I would become vegetarian. It's a good philosophy and I like to share it with you :)

    Nice catch Sam!

  • At 13/1/06 14:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice pictures. Action shots!
    When I was little, we used to go and kill the pig as a matter of fact, and the saucisson from it was something!
    On tuait le cochon!

  • At 13/1/06 14:59, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what happened to the squeamish Sam actually handling fish!!!

  • At 13/1/06 16:51, Blogger mae said…

    Hi, i got here through Cookiecrumb's site...

    You can't get a fresher fish than what you're holding!... Shame they didn't taste much but must have felt great to catch your dinner.

    I often go fishing in the summer to wind down. I'm always happy when i catch something for dinner.

  • At 13/1/06 17:46, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is fun catching your own fish/seaurchins/abalone ;)

    great job on the fish!

  • At 13/1/06 17:56, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    Too cool, Sam. Awesome photos. I love Fiji Fridays. They are always so colorful! But as a once California girl (who spent way to much time in the sun) I have to hassle you about that colorful sunburn. Ack! Where was your sunblock? Bad girl. No more fresh fish until you stop being pink. : )

  • At 13/1/06 19:08, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Well, how *did* you catch them? I can envision you with a spear. (Wouldn't you have loved to try cooking them sous vide? Nah, me neither.)

  • At 14/1/06 06:54, Blogger Admin said…

    The Desi bachelor Cook from India invites you to his Blog.. RSVP

    And by thw way, the best blogger template I ever seen....

  • At 14/1/06 09:46, Blogger Greg said…

    Ouch!! I hate sunburn. Looks like a fun way to spend vacation.

  • At 14/1/06 14:40, Blogger Sam said…

    Gerald - it almost does - as it happened when we were out fishing it started to rain. As I was in my bikini - it didn't seem to matter I was getting wet. It was really the only raining moment of our almost-3-week stay.

    Haddock - do you know about the slow pig blogging weekend?

    Del - well, yes let's go pig killing sometime. Or we could just go to the farmers market together again. I like you following me taking photos while i am shopping. Can't wait to see all your new illustrations!

    Bea - will you teach us all to make saucisson on your blog perhaps??

    Mum - I am not that squeamish. Only when you talk about your nursing days over the dinner table that.s all. Can;t you remember teaching me to clean out the chicken giblets when I was about 9? Or was it 11? These days I am less queamish than you about food, and have been for sometime. Now who is it that turns their nose up at the thought of sushi??

    Mae - I think I would like to go out on the ocean and try some more fishing some time. Its a shame that fred doesn't eat fish.

    Clare - I was amazed by your abalone catch. Very cool indeed.

    Farmgirl. Of course I wear sunblock - and lots of it. Unfortunately we were straight off the plane and onto a several hour boat trip and I did apply the cream, but as it was my first day I wasn't used to it yet, which is why I got burnt in the areas I missed. After that it was easy to apply the cream all over before getting dressed in the morning, but on the boat, with all our luggage and whatnot, I didn't do such a great job.

    Cookie - we caught them via lines, then gave them a good whack to stop them flapping around in the boat thereafter.

    Barbara - i knew you would be proud of me about the fish, and not proud for the sun-accident - please read my grovelly excuse to farmirl above.

    Helen - welcome back! Ha ha - funny comment.

    Anthony - great - another Indian blog. I love all the Indian cooking blogs that are springing up.

    Greg - it was, I highly recommend Fiji - it is paradise and not too expensive either!

    thanks for stopping by to comment everybody.


  • At 20/1/06 13:45, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…

    The groveling helped--a little. : )

  • At 24/1/06 14:14, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh my god....what did the pigs and fishes ever do to you???? you sick do you sleep at night?

  • At 26/1/06 04:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, another anonymous, lol.


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