Thursday, November 10, 2005

La Tête de Goinfre, Encore!

The Glutton's Head, Again!

16 Rue Jacquemont -18- 75017 Paris.
photograph picture La Tête de Goinfre Paris
Perhaps you will be disappointed in Fred and myself. Really, we aren't being very exciting, foodwise. So far, on this trip, we have eaten at no less than 10 or so sometimes average establishments that either one, or both of us, have eaten at before. If we had heaps of cash, or if we were visiting an unknown location we would be far more exciting. But this trip is more about the fimilial. We revisit the places that recall good memories. We eat where our friends and families eat. It is more about being a real local than being a tourist.
photograph picture le menu a La Tête de Goinfre Paris
On our last visit to this "Cave du Cochon", we were satisfied but not in awe of our meal. But because we had stayed overnight a couple of blocks away, and because we woke up only in time to go for lunch somewhere close by, we ended up at that this cute, charming and very friendly little restaurant again, nevertheless.

In line with the theme of everything pig, much, but not all, of the menu is based on porc products. They have a specials menu (pictured left), as well as the regular menu written on a large blackboard. If you ask, they have a little copy of the blackboard, chalked in English, that they will bring to your table. Funny thing is, for some reason, when it comes to translating words for food, mon Francais is much better than at other times and I find myself understanding most of what is on offer.

A complimentary serving of delicious, dry saucisson sec with nuts and some spicy pickled vegetables.
photograph picture saucisson sec et cornichons a La Tête de Goinfre Paris

Jambon Persillé Ham in gelee with parsley and garlic. Very flavourful but the meat was a little too dry.
photograph picture jambon Persillé a La Tête de Goinfre Paris

Ouef dur Mayo Hard boiled eggs with mayonnaise. The homemade mayonnaise had a fantastic texture but the flavour was disappointingly bland.
photograph picture ouef dur mayo a La Tête de Goinfre Paris

Onglet de Boeuf aux Chanterelles A fat juicy Hangar Steak presented peasant-style on a wooden board with a mound of flavoursome chanterelle mushrooms. Potatoes were crispier than crispy. How can anyone possibly manage to eat all of that for lunch?
photograph picture onglet de boeuf avec chanterelles a La Tête de Goinfre Paris

Fred was bemoaning how average the food is at La Tête de Goinfre. "Why do you come here if the food isn't that great, then?" I asked him. "Because I like the place, it's a typical little French Bistrot", he replied. Sometimes atmosphere and familiarity just wins out over expectations of the food. In my thoughts it shouldn't, but in reality it so often does. Even though I don't want to, I allow it to happen over and over again. I can't explain why. Funny that.

PS. This review was "Back for Seconds"
Archive Alert! On this Thursday in 2004 we shared our fabulous experience of Death by Choucroute. There is even mention of Pierre Herme in that post. And Pierre Herme is where Fred has promised he'll take me later today.

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La Tête de Goinfre, Encore!


  • At 10/11/05 03:04, Blogger thamuti said…

    hello hello dear Sam
    Si la tete de goinfre n'est plus ce qu'elle a ete, c'est tout simplement parce que cela a ete vendu,( l'annee derniere je crois ), la cuisine n'est plus la meme, ce petit resto a perdu son ame, sans doute
    Plus de puree maison a tomber alors ? dommage...
    J'ai des souvenirs de diners excellents...voila, un temps est revolu, pas grave, il y en a plein d'autres, des petits bistrots delicieux a paris :D

  • At 10/11/05 09:19, Blogger Monkey Gland said…

    I know exactly what you mean. There are two pubs near my house. One does gastro pub food and is all trendy, the food pretty good. The other place knocks out pretty acceptable pizza's and is full of the local criminal fraternity, but i love it in there, everyone is always so friendly!

  • At 10/11/05 09:40, Blogger Rachael Narins said…

    I so admire a restaurant that is committed to a single foodstuff. Steak, seafood, pork, its just so damn cool!

    That egg mayo dish though...well, too bad it was bland, because I was charmed by the concept. Not something you could sell very easily in CA.

  • At 10/11/05 09:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just bloggin by and now I'm hungry. All I have is breaded chicken and corn to reheat in the microwave at work for supper. I'll just pretend it's as good as what you were having looked.

  • At 10/11/05 15:49, Blogger Greg said…

    It's just before dinner time and those great pictures are making me way hungry.

  • At 10/11/05 18:54, Blogger Lady Amalthea said…


    Have you tried Le Bistrot d'Henri, in the 6th, on Rue Princesse? It's the same kind of food as la tete de goinfre, wonderful bistrot atmosphere, friendly service and consistently delicious! I strongly recommend it.

    Bisous, and enjoy Paris! I'm so jealous.

    Lady Amalthea.

  • At 10/11/05 20:42, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The ideal situation is when you find a place that has both charming atmosphere and good food. Hopefully you'll come across a place like that in your travels! Until then, we voyeurs are enjoying the eye candy of the typical London pubs and Paris bistros you're visiting. Besides, we can't taste the food any way.

  • At 11/11/05 10:53, Blogger Sam said…

    Merci pour le histoire. Maintenant je comprends. And thank you for since taking me for my best meal in Paris. I will write it up and post it in good time.
    Bises xxx - Sam

    Monkey Gland Don't you have to be friendly with the local criminal fraternity???

    Rachael. I love the oeufs mayonnaise. They are on the menus of thousands of restaurants all over Paris. This one would have been excellent with a lot more moutarde in the mayo. I was just at Fred's mum's house and she had a bowl of little boiled quail's eggs which were totally scrummy, especially once I had paired them with my favourite mustard in the whole world

    Kate I don't think I can say anything to make your meal situation better for you right now. So I'll just apologize instead. Er... Sorry!

    Greg. In Paris I am hungry all the time. I never eat so much as when I am in Paris, believe me.

    Lady A - Ha, ha, ha. Funny. Of course we have been to Bistrot Henri!

    Brett. Luckily we did find that in the end. But you'll just have to wait a little bit longer until I get a chance to write about it. I hope your tummy doesn't rumble too much in the meantime.



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