Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Chocolate for grown-ups

The sweetness is in the Packaging

photograph picture of charles chocolate bar from san francisco

If you are too old and too sophisticated for rice krispie treats, but still yearn for a little crunch your confection, check out this San Francisco-made chocolate bar I recently discovered, made by Charles Chocolates. More bitter than sweet, this bar will satisfy those who prefer a less sugary dark chocolate bar.
I bought mine for $3.99 at Cheese Plus, but on the website they are listed at $4.50.

PS. Today, the much-loved Japanese restaurant in San Rafael, Tomoe is closing its doors. Distressed fans have asked me to ask any Bay Area readers who know of anywhere similar that would make a good alternative, to share their ideas, here, in the comments section. Thank you.

Archive Alert! On this date in 2004 Derrick was hosting Wine Blogging Wednesday on the subject of Reisling. A year later, Derrick is hosting again. Check out his fun new challenge here.

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Chocolate for grown-ups


  • At 30/11/05 16:51, Blogger eat stuff said…

    Oh that looks so good Sam! I am a dark chocolate fiend ;)

  • At 30/11/05 18:06, Blogger Rose said…

    I too love dark chocolate and especially the bitter, less sweet variety.

    I like their packaging too. Modern and graphic. a handbag in the making :-)

  • At 30/11/05 20:05, Blogger Chubby Hubby said…

    Oh, I am such a sucker for great packaging. Those bars look really sexy and cool. Very of the moment.

  • At 30/11/05 20:24, Blogger shuna fish lydon said…

    I have to say that the packaging was more satisfying to me than its interior. I still think the Scharffen Berger milk chocolate bar is the best.

    The rice crispy is so intriguing one has ever been able to tell me how to make them!

  • At 30/11/05 22:27, Blogger Alice said…


    I was looking for some original gifts to send back to Japan with my aunt. The Japanese are suckers for chocolate gifts - I'll have to get a bunch of these!

    As for Tomoe, I wish I could help, but that's a bit outside of my epicurean sphere... Good luck!

  • At 1/12/05 05:52, Blogger Robyn said…

    Man, that sounds good. Why haven't I heard of this chocolate before? AHHHH.

    (bites...the screen)

  • At 1/12/05 08:17, Blogger Sam said…

    Hey everyone -

    I think I might organise a blind tasting of some different SF chocolate bars soon. (So that we aren't influenced by the pretty packaging)

    It's going to be a while, but I promise to post up the results if and when I do it.

    and no one has a Tomoe idea? I hoped if anyone would, it might be ALice.

  • At 28/12/05 23:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As a regular, I was so distressed at the thought of Tomoe's closing that I'm making a short film about it. In the mean time friends, patrons, and Tomoe's enthusiasts can check out the Yahoo! group dedicated to the restaurant and all things fun & yummy:

  • At 16/7/08 23:54, Blogger Stephany Benbow said…

    I don't know if perhaps they have changed locations since the time of your post, but Charles Chocolate is located in Emeryville. I frequently pass it as I live just around the corner.
    And if you haven't seen it, they were featured on an episode of Some Assembly Required on the Discovery channel. Watching it made me long to pull out my chocolate molds and do a little tempering...

  • At 17/7/08 09:36, Blogger Sam said…

    Hi pinky - you are right. This post was from before they moved to Emeryville. Note the chocolate label - it says "SF" and if you look at his "story" he mentions only, San Francisco - no mention of the East Bay connection there.


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