Saturday, November 19, 2005

Cats in a French Kitchen

The Cat(s) That Got The Cream and Then Some...

photograph picture of a very spoilt French cat!
Unbelievable! Bet you wish you were in my paws. Can you guess what I am up to? I am doing something most food bloggers only dream about. What would you give to swap with me?

photograph picture of a French Cats
We are trying to find out what they are having for dinner. We are sure someone mentioned Gigot D'Agneau, but we can't find it anywhere. Can you help us out?

photograph picture of a smoky grey French Cat
What's up with the sink? It hasn't got any food in it!

photograph picture of 3 French Cats
Why are we waiting?

photograph picture of cat running scared from the washing up
Aaargh! Get me away from the washing up.

photograph picture of cat running scared from the washing up
So that's what the humans are eating tonight. It's not fair. Why can't we join in?

photograph picture of cat running scared from the washing up
Hmmph. We only get to lick the empty dish? Well, it's better than nothing I suppose. If only I didn't have so many brothers and sisters. Garlicky lamb juice is better when it's not shared!

photograph picture of cat running scared from the washing up
Now which of these plates has the most cheese crumbs on it?

photograph picture of cat running scared from the washing up
Ah! This one does.


PS. I am not really the type to take part in Weekend Cat Blogging, a food bloggers non-food event about cats. But when I was in France I met an awful lot of cats, some of whom I photographed in the kitchen, eating, which more than qualifies them for a spot on the pages of this blog. When I heard that Clare, from Eatstuff, the founder of Weekend Cat Blogging, had suffered an unfortunate incident that landed her in hospital for a week, I promised Farmgirl I would take part in a special edition of WBW designed to send Clare get better wishes. But, then, last weekend, when the post was due, we had our own little Parisian hospital drama to contend with and I wasn't able to send Clare her virtual cat good wishes as I'd planned. This weekend Clare is back on the mend, back at home and back hosting the event. So I hope Clare will accept my entry as a rather late good-luck card dedicated towards her ongoing recovery.

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Cats in a French Kitchen


  • At 19/11/05 07:44, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've got only three cats, but they also like to stay in the kitchen waiting for something to eat !! I don't really like this way of jumping on the table but you can't avoid this !

  • At 19/11/05 09:57, Blogger Papilles et Pupilles said…

    so cute !

  • At 19/11/05 14:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    cute they maybe hygienic they are not.

  • At 19/11/05 14:52, Blogger eat stuff said…

    Thank you soo much Sam!
    Those kitties are incredibly cute :)

  • At 19/11/05 16:34, Blogger Laurie said…

    That is hilarious! (And it makes me feel much better about my four cats in the kitchen!)

  • At 19/11/05 17:09, Blogger ZaZa said…

    Priceless! Especially the one with them looking for the lamb, and it's right there in the oven. You're a good photographer and have a wicked sense of humor.

  • At 19/11/05 19:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why does the black cat in "Why are we waiting?" look like he's wearing a Russian fur hat? Too wonderful.

    I used to have predatory kitties in my kitchen, too, and miss them. Guess they're like all over the world.

  • At 20/11/05 02:35, Blogger deborah said…

    Cats in the kitchen sink, on the bench next to cooked food - oh dear oh my... I dont know what to say, except agree with mum above!

  • At 20/11/05 07:29, Blogger Farmgirl Susan said…


  • At 20/11/05 10:53, Blogger Sam said…

    mercotte - I guess you can't tell cats what to do like you can with dogs.

    P et P - yes - they were great models for my photoshoot.

    Clare - I am glad you like them. I took the pictures with you in mind. And I am glad you are getting better too.

    Laurie - only 4??? We stayed at another place in Paris where there were seven cats! They were very cute but I didn't take any foodie pics of them.

    B'gina - that one cracks me up too. Thank goodness the cats were like a comedy team.

    Kudzu - I am happy these cats were in someone elses kitchen because I don't think I could cope with them in my own.

    Saffron - Personally I wouldn't have a cat in my house, let alone my kitchen.

    Farmgirl - I am glad you like them. It was worth a weeks wait.

    But what nobody mentioned is the fact that the first cat is licking the crumbs from a PIERRE HERME cake box!!!! How spoilt is that????

  • At 20/11/05 11:43, Blogger Monkey Gland said…

    Hmmm, they are a pretty scary bunch to be honest, I mean I wouldn't want to be the one carrying the shopping back from the fishmongers with that posse lurking...

  • At 20/11/05 14:16, Blogger Charlotte said…

    Those cats are hilarious. I also very much like the "where's the lamb?" photo.

    I liked the color variety, too. Made for interesting photos.

    (Pierre Herme crumbs and lamb juice ... VERY lucky cats.)

  • At 20/11/05 16:01, Blogger Barbara Fisher said…

    Great photos, Sam!

    My cats are better behaved than that in the kitchen--and only under extreme provocation will they do awful things like get up on counters. Well, mostly so anyway.

    One can train cats to stay off of food prep surfaces. We use the cans of compressed air that one uses to blow out computer and other tech equipment. The hissing sound and the blast of air scares them--we call them "hiss cans" and they are now trained that if they just see me reach for the can, they will run.

    However, when tempted by lamb and cake--they might even brave the can of hiss....

  • At 20/11/05 17:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam, do you like cats? (sorry I wasn't sure) My cat always goes into the sink when he wants to annoy me in the kitchen. I know people aren't impressed when they see a cat jumping on worktops though... keiko

    I love reading your mum's comments :)

  • At 21/11/05 03:55, Blogger Pille said…

    Fun photos, and cute cats. However, not sure I'd like cats lurking on my table and sink either. Actually I'm quite sure I wouldn't. Which is probably the reason why I belong to the 'dog camp' instead:)

  • At 21/11/05 09:01, Blogger Sam said…

    MG - I don't think they are quite as scary as they look. But they do look a bit 'ard, I will concur with you.

    Charlotte - well better than letting the Pirre Herme crumbs go to waist, wh?

    Barbara - now that these cats are all the way on the other side of the world they can climb over the kitchen counters as much as they like as far as I am concerned!

    Keiko - I prefer cats when they belong to someone else. I like them when I meet them, but I could never have one. I am a dog girl. Fred is Supercat the Marvellous, a cat guy. This means we can't have either in our household.

    Pille - I am with you - in firmly in the dog camp too.

  • At 21/11/05 13:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sam now we are onto dogs do you remember when Tamsie was a puppy and climbed up on the chair and ate Dad's dinner. Also when she ate the choc( Cadbury's seconds) I had hidden for Christmas; how she managed to open the wardrobe door I will never fathom out.

  • At 21/11/05 14:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    those cats are out of control! but they are great photos and the quotes are entertaining. i knew right away those crumbs were from the pierre herme box, but got distracted once i continued to scroll down!!! quite brave of you to stay in a place where there are 7 cats!!!

  • At 21/11/05 20:44, Blogger rae said…

    wow, that is my crazy-cat-lady dream come true.

  • At 22/11/05 07:32, Blogger thamuti said…

    Photos are great !!
    I'm so happy to be the sevencats woman :))) congratulations sam, you were so courageous at home !
    but no cats in my kitchen when I cook, a minimum of hygiene, quand meme !

  • At 22/11/05 07:34, Blogger Sam said…

    do you think I should post the pictures of the 7-cat house too. I don't think I got any food shots, and well my photos aren't really that good although the cats are very cute.

    mum - I remember tamsie's antics all too well, of course. beccy and I were just talking about the biggest loss of chocolate in history of Christmas just the other day.

    In fact - in the house pictured above, all doors have to be locked with a key to stop the cats getting into bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • At 23/11/05 08:52, Blogger Anne said…

    I'm in love- what gorgeous kitties!!! You've really captured them in such an expressive way. I can almost hear the conversation going on between them- silly, I know, but the personalities jump from the photos. Just beautiful.


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