Friday, November 04, 2005

Best Coffee in London?

I'm not the one to ask...
...but my mate, Clarkey said so. There are quite a few international food bloggers who have given Monmouth some air space too. Our Covent Garden hotel is opposite, so it wasn't too much of a hardship to try it out. Non-coffee-lover-me enjoyed my cappuccino and delicious chocolate truffle. The Macchiato (which Clarkey loves) is only 60p! Fred didn't like his espresso and unfortunately they didn't have bread and butter at this, the original, location.

The Monmouth Coffee Company
, 27 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, WC2, London.

PS - I am excited: Tomorrow we get to go for lunch with lots of lovely London Food Bloggers!

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Best Coffee in London?


  • At 6/11/05 15:27, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't know the one at covent garden, but i've been to the one at the borough. to be honest, i don't rate it that highly - i love the fact that there is that large communal table and that you help yourself to your baguette and butter and jam from there, but i just don't think filter coffee can be good, no matter what the source... you need a good quality coffee machine for any cafe worth sipping ;-)

  • At 6/11/05 17:30, Blogger Lady Amalthea said…

    Filter coffee at a cafe? How odd.

  • At 7/11/05 03:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    fashion over substance maybe?
    not being a coffee drinker I coulnt judge and as i like my coffee to be not bitter, which it wasnt, I was happy;

    johanna = monmouth st is the original and i think they have a machine = it has been there 20 years or more

    lady A = why odd?

  • At 2/11/06 02:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Being Greek, I am always eager to taste a good coffee! I've also read a review for this place at the Trusted Places website, here's the link: .
    Hope this is helpful!

  • At 17/3/07 07:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm from the US and I was shocked that British cafes don't have filter coffee. All the cafes in America have "regular" coffee in addition to the espresso drinks.

    Cultural differences. Fun fun!

  • At 21/12/07 08:49, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Monmouth is ok....but best places are Flat White on Berwick St in Soho, and Sacred just off Carnaby St

    Trust an addict.

  • At 16/10/08 12:35, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am a huge coffee drinker - in all its forms - and i mourn the fact british cafes seem to think an espresso machine replaces filter coffee. An espresso machine only makes espressos which have a completely different taste to filter coffee. So no surprise that when you add water to an espresso to make an americano (most coffee shop's attempt at replacing the filter machine) it just tastes like a watered down anericano rather than a rich round smooth cup of filter coffee. i wish we followed the american example of having both types of coffee machine... and free refills too! though that may be asking too much. johanna - coffee can taste amazing from a filter machine - it brews it so much more delicately. i love espressos too, but don't be fooled by the fashionable nature of the espresso machine, the retro coffee jug is a gen an all.

  • At 11/11/08 05:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I dont rate Monmouth coffee all that much.
    Its quite acidic due to the fact that they must be using loads of Brasilian beans in their blend.
    Last one I had was not drinkable It was sooo bitter..ahhhhhgg

  • At 11/11/08 05:06, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Monmouth has dissapointed me on many ocassions.
    Theur coffee is far overrated,its too bitter ,acidic and not drinkable.

  • At 12/12/08 04:14, Blogger Julius Solaris said…

    Agreed on the acidic component of Monmouth. Although the one in London Bridge performs much better.

    Flat White is definitely number 1 at the moment. I am learning now about Sacred and will test it soon.

    Is that it? In a big city like London?

    I am actively reviewing coffees I drink on twitter. I am tojulius there and tag all my tweets about coffee #coffeetalk

    Hope we can exchange more good experiences there as well.


  • At 18/12/08 04:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yet to try Flat White or Sacred and I agree that Monmouth is overrated, but the best coffee I have had in London is at Bar Italia on Frith Street in Soho.

  • At 1/5/09 08:39, Blogger Devi said…

    Hmm That is funny. I'm American and HATE filter coffee (well coffee with filters). I do like mine in French presses though.

  • At 1/5/09 08:40, Blogger Devi said…

    Hmm that's funny anonymous, I'm American and hate filter coffee. I make my coffee in a French press.

  • At 29/7/09 13:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Has anyone been to ginger and white in hampstead? Great coffee supplied by square mile roasters and made on a La Marzocca.

    cool decor too.

    Bout time NW London had somewhere decent to go for coffee.

  • At 29/9/09 14:28, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i'm a very fussy coffee drinker, so when i want a good strong (yet not bitter or acidic!) cappuccino, i go to My Village cafe in Camden. the best coffee in London, and i'm not the only one got addicted to the place :)

  • At 29/9/09 14:39, Anonymous mary said…

    as a very fussy coffee drinker, i go for my cappuccino to My Village cafe in Camden. when starbucks is not your cup of tea (haha), you'll love it - strong, rich yet not bitter or acidic. i'm addicted :)


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