Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bloody Sausage

photograph picture boudin noir from The Fatted Calf in San Francisco

It's now October. September's Vegan-themed IMBB#19 has now closed. So, I bring you a photograph of Boudin Noir from the Fatted Calf instead. IMBB#19 roundups will be starting next week on this blog.

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Bloody Sausage


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  • At 1/10/05 12:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Effectivement, pas très "Vegan" aujourd'hui... Sans rancune.

  • At 1/10/05 12:57, Blogger Amy Sherman said…

    Sincerely happy to see you've gone back to your meat eating ways! Thanks for hosting vegan. I think everyone survived and some even thrived...

  • At 1/10/05 13:32, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Well, now! That's dropping a 16-ton weight on all that Viva Las Vegan stuff.

  • At 1/10/05 16:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's classic! Although I was too tuckered to get up early and drag my lazy ass to the Saturday market this morning (after returning from NY), I had been planning to buy the exact same blood sausages for a post-vegan meat fest! Enjoy them for me, please. I'll have to wait another week to get my fix.

  • At 2/10/05 11:51, Blogger Sam said…

    more vegan stuff in the future, but we are not without meat sometimes, here on B&P, it's true!

    Amy - yes some certainly did thrive. there were some amazing entries.

    Cookie C - can I steal thatphrase for my roundup?

    Brett - I had to be at work at 8.30 on saturday and I went to the market ON THE WAY to work! so lazy arse, yes I think I can safely agree with your self-analysis on that one.
    don't worry - there's always next week.
    you should keep a little stash of fatted calf goodies in the freezer. Thaat's what we do.


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