Friday, September 02, 2005

I Can't Believe I Ate Vegan!

Trick someone into eating a Vegan Meal for IMBB #19

IMBB#19 I can't bleieve you served me vegan food

For many people the word vegan conjures up negative images. Sandal-wearing, pale-skinned, tofu-eating, knit your own meusli, animal liberation activist, are adjectives that might come to mind. I have even witnessed the desperation a vegan feels about what other people think of her life choices. In an outburst responding to my review of a Raw Cafe, one vegan jumped to the conclusion that everyone perceives her as a retarded, scabies-infested, hippy trustafarian (her words, not mine). But it really doesn't have to be that way. Please, let's all give the Vegans a break.

The challenge, for IMBB#19, should you care to join in, (and I hope you all will), is to cast any aspersions aside, and conjure up some Vegan food so fantastic that anyone who eats it won't even be the slightest bit aware that absolutely no animal-derived produce has passed their lips.

Think laterally, be creative, and if possible try it out on someone without telling them what you are up too. When they finish eating your fabulous meal, they'll turn to you and say wow, that was so delicious! Then and only then, will you be able to spill the Vegan beans. If you do your job well, they'll be telling all their friends: "I can't believe I ate Vegan!".

PS. If Meathenge doesn't enter, I am going to be very upset : (

How to Join In:
Make a Vegan dish, a Vegan meal, a Vegan picnic or go to town and host an entirely Vegan dinner party. The choice is yours. If you are able, take some photos and then write and publish a blog post about your Vegan experience(s) on any day between September 26 and September 30th 2005.
This time we will be experimenting with an auto-roundup. All you have to do is add a little piece of code to the end of your post and all the entries will automatically have their own IMBB#19 Technorati Tag. Copy and paste the following to the bottom of your IMBB#19 post:

Tagged with: <a href="" rel="tag">IMBB # 19</a> + <a href="" rel="tag">Vegan</a>

And then once you have published your post, visit Technorati to ping them with your site. Derrick has suggested you might also have to claim you blog at Technorati in order for this to work. I am not sure about this. I will look into it when I get back from vacation. In the meantime, claiming is easy. Head to Food Blog S'cool if you need to discuss the technicalities further.

Additionally, if you would like to be included in the IMBB#19 round up on my blog, which I will endeavour to complete in a timely manner, please email me at becks dot posh at gmail dot com with the following information: The name of your Vegan dish(es) and the permalink url of your post. Please just put the word Vegan in the subject line so I can easily filter and track my IMBB#19 mail. Thank you. You are an industrious bunch, I can't wait to see what amazing Vegan things you all come up with.
Please note: Becks & Posh are currently on vacation but will return in plenty of time to continue hosting this exciting online event.

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I Can't Believe I Ate Vegan!


  • At 2/9/05 07:59, Blogger Anne said…

    Very cool Sam - I look forward to trying! :)

  • At 2/9/05 08:10, Blogger Shauna said…

    I'm so excited that we're going vegan. I was vegan, by necessity, when I was sick this winter and spring. And one of my best friends in the world has been a vegan for 28 years. I'm going to borrow some fabulous recipes from him!

  • At 2/9/05 09:12, Blogger Monkey Gland said…

    right, so vegan huh...what is that exactly and will my salt beef and pork belly sarnie be allowed? I'ts got onion in it...thats a vegetable.

  • At 2/9/05 09:49, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Note that just putting the technorati tag in might not be sufficient. You have to inform technorati that your site has updated. This means that you have to "claim" your site at technorati if you have not already done so.

    Then put in the post, ping technorati for your site, and wait a few hours to a day. (I've seen variable results on timing)

  • At 2/9/05 09:50, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    awww...see, sam? ya' done good! this is absolutely awesome! and it'll be fun to see how a lot of people do - very educational. when i ate vegan for a while, i was pretty surprised by how much i didn't know! lol!

    (by the way, have fun on your trip, wherever you go!)

  • At 2/9/05 10:11, Blogger Guy said…

    Eeek! (You made me go eeek). It looks as though "The Elusive One" will have to pull his head out of the sand and come play.
    First off, I'll go have to find out WHAT vegan is. I have a sneaking suspicion, it's not what I am.
    I get to wear a Vegan Hat for a day, neat. I'll wear my Vegan Hat and listen to Helen Reddy, "I AM BIGGLES, HERE ME ROAR !!!"

  • At 2/9/05 10:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We often eat vegan meals, but I don't trumpet the fact that they're vegan. It's just more good food at Casa Soquel, in my book.

    But I do have to be the voice of dissent here, or at least to provide a little information for balance.

    My work with farmers takes me all over, and this week it took me out to TLC Ranch, south of Watsonville. Jim Dunlop is the rancher, and he is just an amazing person. He's tremendously upbeat, young, strong, and optimistic...he seems to have boundless energy.

    Jim said, "Anyone who thinks they are living outside the animal system is fooling themselves. Those rows that are plowed to grow your fruits and vegetables disrupt and kill all kinds of wildlife, including birds and rodents and insects. It's just how it is."

    I was a vegetarian (lacto-ovo) for years, and my daughter had no meat whatsoever until she requested it in the second grade. We didn't feel we had the right to make that choice for her, and waited until she was old enough to understand that it is a choice.

    I'm not trying to be a party pooper, but I did feel it necessary to put in a little information from one of the people I know who is raising chickens (and pigs, goats, cows).

    And I'm looking forward to another vegan meal...I'll get creative.

    Thanks, Sam.

  • At 2/9/05 14:39, Blogger Ana said…

    What the heck! It sounds really interesting and I look forward to giving it a try.

  • At 2/9/05 18:58, Blogger Sam said…

    Yes everyone - this is supposed to be fun remember. I was a vegan too, in my 20,s. If only I knew then what I know now about food.

    I am sure all of us will come up with something delicious, however many millipedes are squooshed by a farmer's wellington boot! This isn't about living outside the animal system, it's about marvelling in what great food can be made without using animal produce.

    Isn't it time that good Vegan food is trumpeted?

    Enjoy it - I'll see you all when I return

  • At 2/9/05 21:22, Blogger Guy said…

    Hay, is a trumpet vegan? Cause if you're spitting in to it, there's animal juices in yer trumpet.

    First I find out that birds are dying due to vegetables, then we have trumpet spit?

    Where will this end?

    Lordy, just give me some sour cherry juice and Not Dogs.

    My choice is to pet lambs, not eat the poor things.

    Can a vegan wear wool? Especially if it made the lamb giggle when you cut it off? Giggle Wool. Hee Hee, that's funny. Giggle Wool. Wool from a sheep, but it had to giggle when you sheared it. Gigglevores, it had to giggle.


  • At 2/9/05 21:23, Blogger Guy said…


  • At 3/9/05 01:21, Blogger deborah said…

    Oh Biggles you make me giggle out loud. LAwdy!

    Great theme Sam. Left of field is great as it brings on the creative juices... mmmm meaty juices.


  • At 3/9/05 14:10, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    Excellent cool!

    Of course I've already been playing this game with the imfamous vegan chocolate mousse. Now my friends and co-works eye my offerings of food a bit suspisciously:
    "there isn't tofu in this is there" as I hand a co-worker a taste of my caramel corn...

  • At 3/9/05 14:30, Blogger Joycelyn said…

    hi sam, great theme! albeit a highly challenging one..meanwhile, happy holidays!cheers,j

  • At 3/9/05 15:51, Blogger Rachael Narins said…

    How vegan are we talking? The list of seemingly vegan items that are totally off limits can really throw people. Sugar (filtered through charcoal made of bones) and salt (purified with albium) for instance are verboten. Honey, figs(up to 20% insect matter) and royal jelly too. Same goes for items containing casien, most margarines (whey is always looming) and almost all alcohol. Vegan is tricker than you may think.

    That all said, this should be fun! A lot of the recipes I do are vegan, so Im excited to share and see what other people come up with!

    OH, and did you know the term vegan was coined in the UK? Huh? Didja? Huh? Didja? (Of course you did!)

  • At 3/9/05 17:00, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Rachael: I don't think figs are carnivorous, so if they're 20% insect matter, it's probably because the bugs committed fruitilicious suicide. And I say, eat the otherwise wasted protein!
    One more thing: if a vegetarian won't eat anything that has (had?) a face, what about oysters?
    I'm in. Got a bunch of good ideas.

  • At 4/9/05 06:18, Blogger Rachael Narins said…

    Cookie Crumb,
    Heaven's no, I hope they arent! (LOL) they are just the place the wasp is born, breeds and dies. Icky, but true. I should add, this is mostly with calmyrna (spelling there is wrong, but you get the idea) figs.

    Its just something vegans know and avoid. I personally love figs, I just also am aware of what I am eating when I do eat them...

  • At 5/9/05 15:38, Blogger Lady Amalthea said…

    Sam, this should be fun, but exceedingly challenging. I'm looking forward to it.

  • At 9/9/05 10:08, Blogger fiordizucca said…

    i cant wait to start! :)

  • At 12/9/05 18:41, Blogger santos. said…

    hi sam--i'm a bit unclear as to the primary objective of this imbb. is it that you just want us to make something vegan, or that you want us to make something vegan and fool someone into thinking its not?

  • At 12/9/05 18:45, Blogger santos. said…

    edit: switch it's for its because i know the difference between it's and its and it's not the one in the previous comment

  • At 13/9/05 11:47, Blogger Sara said…

    My first IMBB! I'm looking forward to this.

  • At 14/9/05 05:34, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Someone commented: "Anyone who thinks they are living outside the animal system is fooling themselves. Those rows that are plowed to grow your fruits and vegetables disrupt and kill all kinds of wildlife, including birds and rodents and insects. It's just how it is.".

    Good point, but what do the cows, chickens, sheep & pigs eat before you eat them? By being veggie you actually consume less plant food than a meat eater, which has got be a good thing for the environment.

    Great idea to fool someone to eat vegan - yea!

  • At 15/9/05 10:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    SAM! We miss you! Get blogging, girl! Where are you?

    Thought for the day: "You not only 'are what you eat,' you are what you ATE, ate."

  • At 16/9/05 09:44, Blogger Guy said…

    Okay, spent some time asking around and looking for recipes for this "vegan" stuff.
    In my search, I found a source or two for Vegan Shoes. Sounds fine and I have an email to the reseller, but wanted to know if Vegan Shoes are biodegradable or recyclable? Anyone know?

  • At 20/9/05 12:59, Blogger Kathy said…

    My first IMBB! My family are omnivores but we eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan meals, mainly because my husband and I really enjoy produce and grains. I look forward to coming up with something delicious.

    As to what is or isn't allowed in a vegan diet, that seems to be open to interpretation even among vegans. I have vegan friends who happily consume honey and others who eschew commercial sugar. It just depends on who you talk to. For this exercise I plan on being dairy, egg, and meat free and will also leave out honey. Salt (sea salt) and sugar (turbinado) I'll keep.

  • At 22/9/05 22:44, Blogger Delphine said…

    This is too complicated for me, every time I tried to think of a recipe I had to stop because I was thinking: "and then had lardons..."


    I wait for the results...

  • At 23/9/05 14:02, Blogger Sam said…

    Hey everyone - I am back!

    In response to some of the questions...

    I dont mean to overcomplicate things or make things to difficult. I used to be a vegan over 15 years ago and I know then I used to get obsessive - ie I wouldn't drink wine that had been made with issinglass [sp?] or blood. I don't know if it was propoganda, but that was how i was led to believe some wines were made. I didn't wear leather either (Biggles ;P ).

    But this is just a fun event - that serves to make you think a little bit about cooking creatively without using animal produce.

    Personally I would use sugar and salt but maybe not honey. (Which is ok as I don't much like honey anyway!)

    You can buy vegan margarines, and egg substitutes for baking if you would like to explore that avenue.


    If you simply want to make something vegan, that is wonderful.

    If you manage to trick someone into not knowing they ate vegan at the same time, I realise that is more difficult but not de riguer for taking part in this IMBB by any means.

    Please don't feel any pressure to do anything you don't want to, or if you don't have time to take part.

    The main thing is to have fun, which is what I hope anyone who takes part will have.

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with


  • At 27/9/05 14:23, Blogger Rachael Narins said…

    Maybe I should just post this on FBS, but I tagged, I pinged and just for good measure, I refreshed...alas...nuthin' (or maybe it is just eluding me on technorati)
    SO, my (most cheeky) entry is at


  • At 28/9/05 12:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm not sure mine tagged properly either. (I've ignored tags until now.) Anyway, mine's here:

    I only do food blogging on Wednesdays, but it's my most popular day. Guess lots of folks are looking for foodie stuff!

    Thanks for doing this. Vegan cooking is the best of all!

  • At 28/9/05 17:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I really hate to rain on your parade, or rather blast you for a thoughtful and well written blog, but I have to voice my objection to your pejorative use of the word "retarded". I have a retarded child and this hurts me.

    *Collective groan from everyone sick to death of political correctness...I know. I know.*

    Please resume your otherwise enjoyable reparte'.

  • At 28/9/05 18:07, Blogger Sam said…

    humble apologies. They were not actually my words - they were a quote from a 'vegan' complaining about the way people view vegans, which I hoped I'd made clear by including the link to her outburst suggesting they aren't my own words. Obviously I wasn't at all clear enough.

    I wouldn't use the phrase myself, but I don't care to misquote what others have said either. I was not condoning the language, merely reporting upon it.I will try and make it clearer in the post with a little editing.

    Several people with learning difficulties have touched my life, including in the last few weeks, and I would never mean to insult them.


  • At 29/9/05 12:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat

  • At 29/9/05 13:49, Blogger Sam said…

    If God was a serious guy - he would have shown his face by now. But whislt he prefers to remain 'anonymous', I am not going to take him to seriously.

  • At 2/10/05 00:55, Blogger Alice said…


    I have a post... I really do... I just got sick and haven't been able to write it up yet... But I really made a vegan Japanese shojin dish... Sniff, cough, cough.

  • At 2/10/05 13:15, Blogger Sam said…

    alice - just email me when you do and i ill add it to the round up.
    i am sick too
    sucks huh!

  • At 2/10/05 13:16, Blogger Sam said…

    oops - and I meant to say get better soon x

  • At 31/1/06 16:30, Blogger Allie B said…

    Wow, thats great! I'm a vegan and its so wonderful.

    If anyone wants a few vegan recipes, my blog has some:

  • At 30/5/06 15:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    u can do it put your becks in to it.u also have the song to go with te it.tnx 4 the great beer


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