Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Dreamy, Creamy, Non-Dairy Dessert

Coconut Lime Rice Pudding Brulee

photograph picture of pseudo recipe for Coconut-Lime Rice Pudding Brulee, vegan

'What's the matter with Samantha Jayne, She won't eat her rice pudding, again?!'
I can't abide rice pudding when it is made with cream, especially served hot, with a skin, and a dollop of strawberry jam. My sister loved it and as a child I went without dessert on those days.

Conversely, the idea of a rice pudding, made with coconut milk, is totally appealing to me. I decided to try and make some as a vegan dessert for IMBB#19. I didn't follow a recipe, I had no idea what I was doing, but it turned out delciously. I am not going to give you detailed instructions, just a general idea you can follow and experiment with yourselves.

I cooked up half a cup of rice in one tin of lite organic coconut milk and then left it to cool over night. The next morning, in a small ramekin, I mixed in some lime zest and added some more, cold, coconut milk because the rice had sucked up all the moisture. I sprinkled the top with raw cane sugar and then scorched it with the previously unused brulee torch I received as a gift for my birthday in June to make a crunchy topping. I decorated it, to serve, with a little coconut and lime slivers.

PS. Although I had no one to test it on, it was so creamy and scrumptious, I could hardly convince even myself it was vegan. But it was, honest, gov!

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A Dreamy, Creamy, Non-Dairy Dessert


  • At 28/9/05 09:42, Blogger Nic said…

    This looks great, Sam. I love bruleed rice pudding and I love sticy rice with coconut. A fusion is only logical!

  • At 28/9/05 10:04, Blogger Shauna said…

    Good lord, that looks fantastic. This might must convince me to buy that blow torch...

  • At 28/9/05 10:11, Blogger Jennifer Maiser said…

    I, on the other hand, love rice pudding in any form. This looks fantastic ... and the picture is great too.

  • At 28/9/05 12:49, Blogger susan said…

    that looks and sounds so yummy! a blow torch has always been on my list of "things to get." i guess now i have to get it to try this recipe!

  • At 28/9/05 13:01, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That looks wonderful. I don't like icky creamy things either, like milk in tea or ice cream. But I love puddings.

    This sounds like a great dessert to serve with Asian foods.

  • At 28/9/05 20:49, Blogger Rose said…

    oh pudding pudding pie! This just sounds delish. The coconut seems homey and yet elegantly set off with the brulee.

    P.S. did you see the kugel article in the NYTimes today? another type of "pudding" i just adore!

  • At 28/9/05 23:46, Blogger Babe_KL said…

    sounds easy peasy

  • At 29/9/05 02:19, Blogger Monkey Gland said…

    I love rice pudding and jam, especially the skin! It is one of those love/hate things. like marmite, the girlfriend can't stand the smell of the stuff, I'd easily consider trading her in for a giant tub.

  • At 29/9/05 07:09, Blogger Sam said…

    Milgwimper - No problem - it is really easy to make. I hope you like it.

    Nic - I didn't think to make sticky rice (is that a special kind of rice), maybe I should try that next.

    Shauna - or request one for your next birthday?

    Jen - to be honest I got up and took the picture before going to work. It's too dark to take pics in the evening now.

    yoony- now i have 'christened' the blow torch that was sitting idly in my cupboard, unused, for several months, I have a feeling I am going to be using it much more often.

    KathyF - I don't like milk in my tea either, but I don't have a problem with cream or icecream. I think its the hot/milk cream products that I have an aversion too. COld cream is always good.

    Augustus - it is really easy - you need to try it.

    Rose - I didn't see the article - I will have to check it out.

    Babe_KL - very easy - not very sophisticated, but satisfying nevertheless.

    MonkeyGland - I hope she doesn't read this blog!

  • At 1/10/05 16:39, Blogger kelli ann & lorie said…

    brilliant! i'm going to have to try it...


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